New Game Cartoon Network Battle Crashers For Game Consoles

New Game Cartoon Network Battle Crashers For Game Consoles

New Game Cartoon Network Battle Crashers For Game Consoles

From November 2016, game developer Magic Pockets with publishers Game Mill Entertainment and Cartoon Network Games will be releasing a brand new Cartoon Network themed game for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and Nintendo 3DS called Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers.

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is a side-scrolling brawler game with solo and four-player drop-in/drop-out local multiplayer. The game features six different Cartoon Network stars: Finn & Jake (together as one playable character unit), Clarence, Steven, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, and Rigby & Mordecai (also together as one playable character unit). The game has all the crazy humour you would expect and is full of colourful graphics, the game can be played for short period and with your friends.

Each playable character has special abilities relating to the cartoon they originated from, for instance: Steven (from Steven Universe) can make shields around his friends, Rigby and Mordecai (from Regular Show) remove electricity with their electronic gloves from the 80’s, these abilities are particularly useful especially while playing co-op with your friends.

Adventure Time: Finn And Jake Investigations Game To Be Released On PCs And Consoles This Autumn

Adventure Time: Finn And Jake Investigations

It has been announced that a new Adventure Time game for PCs and games consoles is currently in development and will be released this Autumn, the new Adventure Time game is called Adventure Time: Finn And Jake Investigations and it is a 3D action game where you get to play as Finn and Jake who become professional investigators after unearthing the tickertype device, continuing the profession and work of their parents.

The game will involve exploring the Land of Ooo (including the Candy and Fire Kingdoms, Wizard City, and Castle Lemongrab) to interrogate the inhabitants for clues and to solve strange events and puzzles throughout gameplay. The game is being developed for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 and will be published by Little Orbit, the same company that published Adventure Time: The Secret of The Nameless Kingdom.

Matt Scott CEO of Little Orbit made this statement regarding the development of the game.

“We received a lot of fan feedback asking us to bring our next Adventure Time game to next generation consoles in 3D, and we’re thrilled to be delivering that and a lot more. This new game is a complete departure from previous Adventure Time games. We have created an intriguing classic adventure game set in a richly-detailed 3D Land of Ooo where players can check out Land of Ooo locales, talk to characters, sharpen their creative puzzle-solving skills, defeat bad guys and just have fun.”