Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights: From The Official Turner UK Press Release

New Episodes

Ben 10

Starts Monday 1st April, airs Weekdays at 4pm.

Everyone’s favourite 10-year-old is back and better than ever in brand-new episodes of Ben 10! In Aspen, Colorado, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are on a hike to find the Forgeti, but when they realise they’ve stumbled upon Billy Billions own “Winter in July” ski resort, Ben must battle Billy, with assistance from the Forgeti itself. You won’t want to miss new adventures, new friends and new aliens this April.

We Bare Bears

Starts Monday 1st April, airs Weekdays at 4.30pm.

Your favourite bear bros are back! Grizzy, Panda, and Ice Bear are just three outsiders trying to find their way in, and if they can get some ice cream (or fat free frozen yogurt, if possible) on the way there, all the better.

In new episodes the bears go to school, attend a wedding and enter a Mexican wrestling match.

Whatever the situation, it’s obvious that being a bear in the civilized, modern world is not easy.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Starts Monday 8th April, airs Weekdays at 6.45pm.

KO is the newest employee at an amazing shopping center for super-powered heroes, Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He works at Gar’s Bodega, where heroes shop and villains drop. Along with his co-workers the always in control and always cool Enid and the cluelessly macho Radicles, KO is on a quest to become the greatest hero of all time! But he’s got a lot to learn…


Boomerang Africa HD Launched Today 5th March 2019

Boomerang Africa HD Launched Today 5th March 2019

Boomerang Africa HD Launched Today 5th March 2019

Today (5th March), Turner EMEA’s children’s division (soon to be Warner Bros. Global Kids and Young Adults) has launched a High Definition feed of Boomerang Africa, replacing the existing standard definition feed. South African TV blog – TVwithThinus contacted Turner this morning to ask about the new HD feed and has replied that the channel from now on will be available in HD.

The South African PR agency that represents Turner in Africa, Burson Cohn & Wolfe also confirmed that as of today, the channel will be available in HD. Boomerang HD is the third Turner channe in Africa to make the transition to HD in recent months, Cartoon Network HD and TNT HD launched on 18th December 2018. Viewers will now get to enjoy Boomerang’s cartoons in HD including The Tom and Jerry Show, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and Wacky Races.

Regarding Boomerang Africa’s transition to HD, Turner released the following statement to TVwithThinus:

“Continuing its ongoing commitment towards re-imagining television for African audiences, Turner has now made Boomerang available in high definition across Africa. The switch took place on the morning of 5 March, rolling out across the whole continent, effective immediately. Currently, South African viewers can enjoy watching their favourite kids channel, Cartoon Network (DStv 301), in HD, while the whole continent has access to the American blockbuster channel, TNT (DStv 137), in HD, alongside the ‘more to laugh about’ kids channel, Boomerang,”