Cartoon Network Launches Its First Location Based VR Game: We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush

Cartoon Network Launches Its First Location Based VR Game: We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush

Cartoon Network Launches Its First Location Based VR Game: Food Truck Rush

Today (5th September), Cartoon Network has announced that it has launched its first-ever location-based virtual reality game, the new game is based on the Children’s BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and Creative Arts Emmy nominated animated series – We Bare Bears. The new game is called “We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush”, in the game, two or three players take on the roles of Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear and operate a food truck together – much like the We Bare Bears episode – Food Truck. The objective of the game is to cook and serve food to as many customers as possible before running out of time. Cartoon Network Games developed the game in partnership with Luton, UK-based tech company – AiSolve (the developers of WePlayVR) and also Philadelphia-based game studio – PHL Collective.

WePlayVR currently has VR gaming locations in London, Dubai, New Zealand, Seattle and many more. We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush is the first third-party IP to launch on AiSolve’s VR platform. WePlayVR is a free-roaming virtual reality arena featuring a haptic floor that interacts with the game. The VR game launched exclusively at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila, near Seattle, Washington this week and is available to play over the next three months.

Cartoon Network Games has also released two VR games based on Adventure Time in the past – “Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games” and “Adventure Time: I See Ooo”.

From The Cartoon Network USA Press Release: Cartoon Network Enters Location Based VR With We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush

Cartoon Network has launched its first location based virtual reality title in partnership with AiSolve, the developers of WePlayVR, a free-roaming virtual reality arena. Developed by Philadelphia-based game studio PHL Collective, Food Truck Rush is an immersive multi-player, location-based VR experience based on Cartoon Network’s animated series We Bare Bears. The experience was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and spearheaded by their emerging technology group.

Food Truck Rush launched exclusively at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington this week and will be available for fans of all ages to play over the next three months. Food Truck Rush is a 2-3 player party game. Players transform into Panda, Grizz and Ice Bear to operate and manage their very own food truck. The goal: cook up food and serve as many customers as possible before the clock runs out. Players will have to work together inside the WePlayVR arena to complete complex orders and avoid kitchen mishaps.

Food Truck Rush is Cartoon Network’s first location-based VR experience. In October 2015, Cartoon Network was the first kids focused network to enter the VR space with Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games.

The launch of Food Truck Rush marks the first third party IP game partnership for AiSolve’s WePlayVR platform.

We Bare Bears is a BAFTA Award-winning and Emmy-nominated series about three brothers trying to fit in and make friends…which can be kind of hard to do when you’re a bear. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear are fairly savvy about the modern world: they’re masters of the selfie, fans of the food truck, and chasers of Internet fame. Yet, they have a lot to learn about the trendy residents that surround their humble Bay Area cave. Grizzly, the oldest bear, will lead his younger brothers, Panda and Ice Bear, with endless optimism that will only result in disaster, some of the time. We Bare Bears is created by Annie Award-winner Daniel Chong and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

About WePlayVR

WePlayVR is the modular, turn-key location based virtual reality attraction made by UK tech company, AiSolve. Deployed globally at family entertainment centers (FECs) and leisure destinations, WePlayVR is a compact, free-roaming arena featuring puzzle-based adventure games designed specifically for its haptic floor, which provides in-game feedback. WePlayVR arenas are operating on three continents and five countries ranging from London, Dubai, Wellington, New Zealand and Seattle, Washington.

Cartoon Network And Doha Festival City Signs Entertainment Partnership For Special Events

Cartoon Network And Doha Festival City Signs Entertainment Partnership For Special Events

Cartoon Network And Doha Festival City Signs Entertainment Partnership For Special Events

The largest shopping mall complex in Qatar – Doha Festival City has teamed up Cartoon Network and Invent, an in-mall entertainment company to offer its guests immersive interactive experiences, that will allow guests to interact with Cartoon Network’s famous cartoon characters like never before in a series of special events.

Doha Festival City will have three different event installations, the first one will be Ben 10 themed which will include Ben 10 live shows, a Ben 10 Activity Zone and a Ben 10 Augmented Reality Pod which will run from the first day of Eid until 30th August. The second installation will be a The Amazing World of Gumball Activity Zone which will run during Qatar’s back-to-school season from 1st to 14th September. The third and final installation will be an Adventure Time Activity Zone running from 14th to 30th December, this event will run during Qatar’s National Day which will take place on 18th December.

From The Doha Festival City Press Release: Doha Festival City and Cartoon Network sign iconic Entertainment Partnership: Guests can enjoy a range of family entertainment options including live shows, activity zones and augmented reality pods.

Doha Festival City has entered a one-of-a-kind entertainment partnership with Cartoon Network, the leading global entertainment brand and one of the most popular animation networks in region, and Invent, the in-mall entertainment experts.

The partnership, facilitated by Invent, brings new forms of activations and immersive digital experiences that integrate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to Doha, allowing guests to interact with their on-screen heroes like never before.

Three notable installations are set to make their debut at Doha Festival City, featuring iconic characters from the Cartoon Network universe. These include Ben 10 live shows, a Ben 10 Activity Zone and a Ben 10 Augmented Reality Pod from Eid Day 1 – 30th August, during Eid Al Adha From 1st – 14th September, during the Back to School season, The Amazing World of Gumball Activity Zone will enthral kids, while Qatar National Day, from 14th – 30th December, will see them enjoy the Adventure Time Activity Zone.

May Marzooq, Senior Marketing Manager of Doha Festival City Mall said, “This is the first ever exclusive entertainment partnership to be taken on-board here at Doha Festival City and we are delighted to bring to our customers a new age of entertainment. Doha Festival City alongside Cartoon Network, intends to provide the best in-class mall entertainment experience to families and children.”

In addition, the recently launched Festival City Kids Club, will allow members to embark on their own journey of adventures and enjoy a privileged membership experience with a new series of events soon to be announced. Children with memberships will also gain exclusive access and benefits to some activations, enhancing their experience.

About Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion and dining destination has more than 400 carefully selected international and local brands. It is home to some of the most anticipated names, many of which are making their Qatar debut; including Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehls, Smashbox, Dior Beauty Boutique and ACE. The destination is also home to the country’s only IKEA which has been trading since 2013.

Upon completion, there will be over 100 places to dine and relax including restaurants, cafés and casual dining outlets. From well-loved brands such as Nando’s Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang’s and Texas Roadhouse, to unique to Qatar or debuting concepts including Jamie’s Italian, Café Coco, 800 Degrees and Aimee’s Cafe.

As a destination with a world-class Family Entertainment Complex, Doha Festival City is also home to indoor and outdoor attractions unique to Qatar – from the country’s first VOX Cinemas 4D cinema complex with 18 digital screens, to outdoor spaces for exercise and cycling, it is designed to appeal to all ages. Doha Festival City will delight visitors with four unique theme parks that each provide first-of-their-kind experiences – Angry Birds World, Snow Dunes, Juniverse and Virtuocity – created exclusively for Qatar.

As a “Smart Mall”, it offers innovative digital options including free Wi-Fi and digital wayfinding to enhance consumer experience and is easily accessible, offering 8,000 smart parking spaces and VIP valet services.

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TBS’s And Adult Swim’s Final Space Renewed For A Second Season

TBS's And Adult Swim's Final Space Renewed For A Second Season

TBS’s And Adult Swim’s Final Space Renewed For A Second Season

TBS’s latest animated hit – Final Space has been renewed for a second season, the serialised intergalactic space adventure-comedy series has reached more than twenty million viewers on TBS’s linear and digital platforms as well as video-on-demand services in the United States. The animated series follows an astronaut named Gary and his friend – Mooncake, an adorable alien with the powerful ability to destroy planets. On their journey, they make new friends and expand their team, together they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of “Final Space”, the place where the universe ends.

Final Space is created by filmmaker/actor/comedian Olan Rogers and is co-written and executive produced by David Sacks, who previously served as an executive producer on Nickelodeon’s Pig Goat Banana Cricket. The show is now getting international distribution as it will premiere on Turner’s TNT Comedy channel in Germany on 15th May.

The show is produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco and New Form in association with Turner’s in-house studio – Studio T, the show also airs on Cartoon Network USA’s adult-focused nighttime block – Adult Swim. An AR (augmented reality) app has been released based on the series and a VR (Virtual Reality) pilot episode is currently in development. Final Space merchandise are now available to buy on TBS’s website ( and the Facebook Live game – “Cards with Gary” offered an additional interactive experience for fans.