Cartoon Network Africa’s Future Plans For More Local Content And Viewing Ratings Performance

Cartoon Network Africa's Future Plans For More Local Content And Viewing Ratings Performance

Cartoon Network Africa’s Future Plans For More Local Content And Viewing Ratings Performance

South African media news website – The Media Online has interviewed the channel manager of Turner Africa (and France) – Julien Borde, in the interview, Julien talked about the new pop-up channel in Africa – Superhero HQ, new local content and viewing ratings.

Interview Summary With Julien Borde:

The full interview can be viewed on the following link:

Superhero HQ

Regarding the temporary pop-up channel – Superhero HQ (Super-powered by Cartoon Network), Julien said a channel was needed to target both adults and kids, as 51% of CN’s audience are in fact adults and includes adults who watch animation with their children, as TV shows and movies about superheroes are popular at the moment, it was an ideal theme for the pop-up channel. Superhero HQ was set up to air during the school holidays, which is when children’s television broadcasters have a captive audience and Cartoon Network wanted to make use of its animation library, which includes CN’s original programming, content from Warner Bros. Animation and some acquisitions. In order to localise the channel for an African audience, Turner hired South African comedian Mojak Lehoko who created some superhero related comedy sketches for the channel.

Local Content and Localisation

Julien Borde also said that there will be more local content appearing on Cartoon Network Africa very soon, including a second season of the dance show – Pop Up Party and magic show – WOOALA! Pop Up Party season two will feature 15 super-talented kids from different backgrounds in Cape Town going head to head to express themselves through movement and dance. In WOOALA!, Wian, a 23-year-old South African magician, will use everyday objects to perform illusions and magic tricks that will amaze children and their parents.

Cartoon Network Africa also developed its new Creative Lab initiative, which is an opportunity for potential African animated show creators. The winning shorts are currently being produced and will be shown at DISCOP Johannesburg 2019 in November. After some market research, it was revealed that the African market is very interested in anime as a comic form, Cartoon Network Africa has acknowledged the findings and will premiere a new anime series on Cartoon Network Africa on Saturday 27th April – Bakugan: Battle Planet.

Viewing Ratings, VOD, Content Distribution

Turner’s content is distributed to 56 different countries in Africa, because of local differences, Turner has to make sure its content is suitable for each market it broadcasts to. Turner Africa had a successful end to 2018 with the children’s channel multiplex (Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing and Toonami) and TNT reaching new viewing rating highs.

Cartoon Network remains to be the favourite children’s channel in South Africa, dominating the top 15 best performing shows. Cartoon Network’s Ben 10, Apple and Onion and Craig of the Creek are particularly popular in Africa. Boomerang is also growing, its now the second favourite childrens channel in Africa, for kids aged between 4 and 14 years old, it’s also the second most popular channel in French speaking Africa (Boomerang France is received in Francophone Africa). Recently, TNT was the second movie channel within the total African movie channel movie market (source: AGB Nielsen).

In Africa, conventional linear pay-TV is still a popular option for entertainment, however Turner has worked with DStv to provide programming on its Catch Up VOD (Video On-Demand) service and is distributing Boing Africa and Toonami Africa on Cell-C’s live-streaming service – Black. Turner also formed a partnership with South Africa-based streaming service Showmax, the deal included Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Adult Swim programming.

Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

From Monday 4th March at 12am, Cartoon Network Canada will be broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ever since Cartoon Network Canada launched in 2012, it timeshared with Adult Swim – Cartoon Network’s young adult entertainment brand, but from 4th March, the Adult Swim block will be removed from the schedule. The schedule changes puts Cartoon Network Canada in-line with other international versions of Cartoon Network outside the United States that broadcast around the clock. Adult Swim Canada will be signing on for the final time after CN Canada on Sunday 3rd March at 9pm. After the removal of Adult Swim, CN Canada will gain an additional three hours of airtime.

In Canada, Cartoon Network is operated by Corus Entertainment and uses Cartoon Network’s branding and programming under license from Turner Broadcasting System. CN Canada becoming 24/7 is the channel’s biggest development ever since the closure of Corus’s classic animation channel (and was regarded to being Canada’s equivalent to Boomerang) – Teletoon Retro to help increase distribution of Cartoon Network in Canada which happened over three years ago. Corus’s flagship animation channel – Teletoon also has an adult animation block called Teletoon At Night that sometimes airs Adult Swim branded shows, during the daytime, the channel airs a wide selection of shows that usually airs on CN.

According to a recently appeared billboard advertisement that appeared in Toronto, Adult Swim is relaunching in Canada on Monday 1st April, and according to Canadian anime news blog – I Miss Bionix, the billboard was placed by Corus themselves. 1st April is April Fools’ Day and can be a day of mistruths, but misleading advertising in a developed country such as Canada is illegal. It’s not known in what form Adult Swim will return to Canada, it could be a programming block on one of Corus’s other channels or a video on-demand service. In the meantime of Adult Swim’s absence, people in Canada can watch Teletoon At Night.

Summer Camp Island Premieres On The Virgin Media TV Kids Preview Channel In The UK On 1st February

Summer Camp Island Premieres On The Virgin Media TV Kids Preview Channel In The UK On 1st February

Summer Camp Island Premieres On The Virgin Media TV Kids Preview Channel In The UK On 1st February

Before its official debut on Cartoon Network UK, Summer Camp Island will be airing on Virgin Media’s Kids TV Preview channel from 4pm this Friday (1st February) as a sneak peek preview. The show is about two best friends named Oscar and Hedgehog staying at a magical summer camp full of mystery and wonder. On Summer Camp Island, anything can happen and exist, it’s a place of witches, yetis and talking sharks and monsters hiding underneath beds and where everyday items are alive and can talk. The new show is created by British animation director – Julia Pott, known for her episode story-writing on Adventure Time. The show has similarities with another Cartoon Network show – Camp Lazlo for its summer camp premise and has Adventure Time’s essence of fantasy. Many members of Adventure Time’s production team now working on the new show including Adventure Time’s head writer Kent Osborne and writer and artist Cole Sanchez.

Virgin Media is the UK’s only widespread national cable television company, the Virgin Media Kids TV Preview channel usually shows promos of children’s shows on all channels that are available on their pay-TV platform, but Friday this week from 4pm will be an exception as ten episodes from the new series will be airing. The episodes will also be repeated on the same channel on Saturday and Sunday at the same time of 4pm.

Also all ten episodes of Summer Camp Island will be available from Monday 4th February as an On Demand Box Set on Virgin Media’s video on-demand service.

UPDATE: According to a promo now airing on the Virgin TV Kids preview channel, Summer Camp Island will premiere on Cartoon Network UK in March, no exact date or time has been announced yet though.

UPDATE 2: Summer Camp Island Premieres on Cartoon Network UK on Monday 4th March at 5.45pm.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Cartoon Network UK’s website already has a Summer Camp Island game called “Bubble Trouble”, Help Oscar and Hedgehog solve the Bubble Mystery and pop your way to victory.