Unikitty! UK Premiere In London Last Night 28th February 2018

Unikitty! UK Premiere In London Last Night 28th February 2018

Unikitty! UK Premiere In London Last Night 28th February 2018

Cartoon Network UK’s newest show – Unikitty! had its UK premiere last night (28th February) at the Haymarket Odeon Cinema in London in front of an audience of celebrities and also to mention, cats, loads of cats!, some even have unicorn horns, just like the eponymous Lego character from the new show – Unikitty. Celebrities at the special screening include X Factor UK finalist, singer and TV personality – Stacey Solomon, Lydia-Rose Bright from ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex, TV host and Radio DJ – Pips Taylor, YouTube Vlogger and impressionist – Noodlerella (Connie Ella Glynn) and Heart Radio DJ – Kat Shoob. The event was the UK’s first ever “cat premiere”.

Unikitty!, a brand new show, premieres on the Cartoon Network UK television channel on Monday 5th March, with new episodes airing on weekdays at 6.30pm.

Interviews with the cats on the red carpet:

A video about Noodlerella’s experience at the Unikitty! premiere:



Special Report Lego Ninjago Season 7 Hands Of Time UK Premiere

Special Report Lego Ninjago Season 7 Hands Of Time UK Premiere

Special Report Lego Ninjago Season 7 Hands Of Time UK Premiere

Yesterday (01/04/2017), was the UK premiere screening of the seventh season of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu at BAFTA Piccadilly in London. The first two episodes from season seven (also known as the Hands of Time story arc) were shown at the screening, followed by a Q&A session with Lego Ninjago’s creative director, Simon Lucas, presented by TV presenter Nigel Clarke.

Ninjago is the name of Lego’s successful range of ninja-themed toys of which the animated TV series is based on. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu follows the adventures of six ninja: Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Lloyd and Nya. All six ninja are trained in the martial art of Spinjitzu, each having their own special element: Fire (Kai), Lightning (Jay), Ice (Zane), Earth (Cole), Energy (Lloyd) and Water (Nya).

Each season has different story arc (e.g: The Tournament of Elements, Possession and Skybound), season seven focuses on two new (technically old) villians, Acronix and Krux, the original Elemental Masters of Time. Krux has the ability go back in time and pause time, while his younger twin brother, Acronix can go forward in time and slow down time. Forty years ago, both Acronix and Krux were aware of their uniquely powerful abilities and decided to betray the Elemental Alliance and used their powers to control all of Ninjago. Special “Time Blades” had to be forged so Wu and Garmadon can battle the time twins, eventually the blades were used to absorb the twins’ time powers. As a result and knowing that the ability of controling time is very dangerous, both Master Wu and Master Garmadon decided to use the Time Blades to open a vortex, losing the time blades forever. However, both Acronix and Krux decide to go through the vortex themselves, which left the two lost in time, however Krux managed to teleport back to Ninjago and disguised himself for 40 years. In the first two episodes we see the ninja encounter and battle Acronix and the ninja learn more about him and his brother Krux. The Time Twins wish to revert Ninjago back to the past and undo history, will the ninja retrieve the Time Blades and stop them before it’s too late? In later episodes, we will also find out more about Kai and Nya’s backstory and their need to combine their fire and water elements.

After the screening of the first two episodes, there was a Q&A session combined with an on-screen presentation, this was an opportunity for the audience to ask questions about Ninjago. During the presentation, Simon Lucas talked about the concept art from the new season as well as the original prototype drawing from 2009 of which the whole show and toy range was based on. Simon also brought along some of the Lego models which were specially developed for the show for everyone at the screening to take a look at.

Lego Ninjago Concept Art
Ninjago In Development Concept Art From 2009
Lego Sets
Lego sets as featured on the show including Dawn of Iron Doom and the Samurai VXL vehicle.

Simon Lucas is based at Lego’s world headquarters in Billund, Denmark where he oversees the Ninjago toy range and the upcoming Ninjago movie coming to cinemas worldwide later this year, he also liaises with the animation studio Wil Film who animates the TV show. Some interesting facts about Lego were mentioned during the Q&A session including the different types of Lego bricks and the type of people who work at Lego, Lego employs model designers, architects and devoted Lego fans and there is to be believed to be a total of 100,000 unique Lego bricks (including every colour and variant). For Lego Ninjago, there are ten set designers and ten model designers, not everything is built in Lego beforehand for the TV series or released as official Lego sets but it’s very possible to recreate near enough everything, however for the upcoming movie, everything was built with Lego. The movie will focus on Lloyd and his evil father, Lord Garmadon, there will also be an epic showdown of ninja action. The movie is made by Cartoon Network’s sister company, Warner Bros. with animation made by Animal Logic, the same studio that animated The Lego Movie.

Season eight of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is currently in development and The Lego Ninjago Movie will be released in cinemas across the UK in October.

Trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie:

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu season seven premieres on Cartoon Network UK tomorrow (03/04/2017) with new episodes airing weekdays at 4pm.


Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Yesterday (12/03/2016), I attended the UK premiere of the mini-series: Adventure Time: Stakes at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in London, it was a fun and enjoyable experience! Before the screening, everyone had an opportunity to have a photograph with Marceline The Vampire Queen herself :). The screening combined all eight parts of the miniseries into a feature-length movie format.

The miniseries started off with Marceline not wanting to be a vampire anymore because of her troubled past so she asks Princess Bubblegum to remove the vampiric essence from her body. Unfortunately, from the released essence, all of Marceline’s enemies from her vampire hunting past she had previously absorbed have now been resurrected. This leads to Marceline, Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum to battle against The Fool (a vampire with flight powers), The Empress (a vampire with invisibility and hypnosis powers), the Hierophant (vampire with shape-shifting powers) and the Moon (vampire with healing powers) and last but definitely not least, the Vampire King, the strongest of all the vampires.

After the screening, there was a Question and Answer session with Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline), this was an opportunity for kids to ask questions about the show and about herself, from this session, I’ve learnt that she originally auditioned for Princess Bubblegum’s role (voiced by Hynden Walch) also she said there’s still a lot more to Marceline’s backstory that might be revealed in the series at a later date.

Olivia also mentioned that she had creative control over Marceline’s backstory while writing Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook (now available in book retailers), but it is only considered to be canon if the story she’s written eventually gets made into an episode. The Q&A session was chaired by television presenter, Anna Williamson. The Q&A session was followed by a live musical performance from one of the songs from Stakes sang by Olivia herself and a photo and autograph session at the end.

Adventure Time: Stakes airs everyday from tomorrow (Monday 14th March) at 5pm on Cartoon Network UK, make sure you don’t miss it. 🙂