Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Cartoon Network Africa's New Website

Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Note: This is a blog post I should of wrote about in December 2018, but I didn’t due to illness, but at least there’s some additional info that’s relevant today. It might be worthwhile to write about it today, as Cartoon Network Latin America also has a new website.

Cartoon Network Africa’s website ( is now using the brand new website design that will be eventually rolled out to the other versions of Cartoon Network in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The new website is lot more easier to navigate and is responsive to the user’s screen size, which means the website is adaptable for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Each section of the website (Games, Videos, Apps etc), has a top section showcasing new content followed by a grid of relating content, the website’s main page features the most popular games and videos and content relating to Cartoon Network Africa’s current promotions including the new pop-up channel – Superhero HQ and a sponsorship section, at the moment CN Africa is running a promotion for the 3D CGI animated movie – Wonder Park. The new website design made its debut late last year on Cartoon Network’s Czech language website, the version of Cartoon Network that’s received in the Czech Republic is Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe.

Also on Cartoon Network Africa’s website is a promo for a brand new show – Oswaldo which will premiere on 25th March.

Cartoon Network France Buys The Jungle Bunch Season Three Broadcasting Rights

Cartoon Network France Buys The Jungle Bunch Season Three Broadcasting Rights

Cartoon Network France Buys The Jungle Bunch Season Three Broadcasting Rights

Cartoon Network France has signed a pre-sales agreement with PGS Entertainment for the third season of The Jungle Bunch. The animated series is produced by TAT Productions based in Toulouse and Master Films, the show is commissioned by French state-owned broadcaster France Télévisions. The Jungle Bunch follows the adventures of a gang of animals living together in a jungle, including Maurice the Penguin (who thinks he’s a Tiger), Miguel the Gorilla and Fred the Warthog, they work together as heroes to make the jungle a safer place.

The new season was greenlit in January but a broadcast date is yet to be confirmed. Season three of The Jungle Bunch will consist of 52 episodes, each with a runtime of 11 minutes. The Jungle Bunch also had a theatrical movie release in 2017 and a sequel – The Jungle Bunch 2 is currently in development. Previously, The Jungle Bunch has aired on Boomerang in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Central Eastern Europe and Africa.

Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK April 2019 Highlights: From The Official Turner UK Press Release

New Episodes

Ben 10

Starts Monday 1st April, airs Weekdays at 4pm.

Everyone’s favourite 10-year-old is back and better than ever in brand-new episodes of Ben 10! In Aspen, Colorado, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are on a hike to find the Forgeti, but when they realise they’ve stumbled upon Billy Billions own “Winter in July” ski resort, Ben must battle Billy, with assistance from the Forgeti itself. You won’t want to miss new adventures, new friends and new aliens this April.

We Bare Bears

Starts Monday 1st April, airs Weekdays at 4.30pm.

Your favourite bear bros are back! Grizzy, Panda, and Ice Bear are just three outsiders trying to find their way in, and if they can get some ice cream (or fat free frozen yogurt, if possible) on the way there, all the better.

In new episodes the bears go to school, attend a wedding and enter a Mexican wrestling match.

Whatever the situation, it’s obvious that being a bear in the civilized, modern world is not easy.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Starts Monday 8th April, airs Weekdays at 6.45pm.

KO is the newest employee at an amazing shopping center for super-powered heroes, Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He works at Gar’s Bodega, where heroes shop and villains drop. Along with his co-workers the always in control and always cool Enid and the cluelessly macho Radicles, KO is on a quest to become the greatest hero of all time! But he’s got a lot to learn…