Cartoon Network Enterprises To Be Responsible For Warner Bros Licensing And Merchandising In India

Cartoon Network Enterprises To Be Responsible For Warner Bros Licensing And Merchandising In India

Cartoon Network Enterprises To Be Responsible For Warner Bros Licensing And Merchandising In India: Also Including Bangladesh, Pakistan And Sri Lanka

Cartoon Network Enterprises has been appointed as the licensing representative for Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The Cartoon Network licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products includes clothing, accessories, publishing, stationery, toys, gifts as well as branded foods, personal care products and licensed advertising promotions. Cartoon Network Enterprises already has a large licensing portfolio in South Asia, with 76 partners across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with footprints in both retail stores and online. In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Cartoon Network Enterprises will be in charge of a licencing portfolio consisting of films, television series, animated programmes and more. This includes brands including DC Comics Super Heroes Batman, Superman and The Flash, as well as Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter and The Hobbit Trilogy.

Bianca Lee of Warner Bros Consumer Products: Greater China, Southeast Asia and India made this statement regarding the licensing deal:

“Turner has always been our close partner as we support their broadcasting and marketing of animation programs in the region. This extension of our relationship will now include representation of our consumer products licensing business in the region, which is a strategic collaboration that will be mutually beneficial.”

Turner Asia Pacific president Ricky Ow made this statement regarding the deal with Warner Bros.:

“This association embodies the spirit of collaboration within Time Warner and leverages our combined organisation’s strengths. We already operate some of the most loved leading brands in South Asia and this collaboration will benefit from our proven success and the future investments we will make in the region. We are delighted to add WBCP to our portfolio and are very bullish on its growth opportunities.”

Television Is Still The Preferred Type Of Media For Kids, Turner Asia-Pacific Survey Shows

Television Is Still The Preferred Type Of Media For Kids, Turner Asia-Pacific Survey Shows

Television Is Still The Preferred Type Of Media For Kids, Turner Asia-Pacific Survey Shows: Digital Media Is Still Important

During December 2014 and January 2015, Turner Asia-Pacific did a survey to analyse kids’ current media habits and preferences called New Generations 2015. According to the results, children spent on average of five hours day watching TV shows. Also according to the survey, a total of 94% of children would watch television and 93% would go online for entertainment. The survey was for kids aged 4 to 14 only and was undertaken with parental supervision. Over 500 households were used as test samples for the study, with males and females at a 50/50 split.

In terms of digital entertainment, the preferred mobile device was the tablet, followed by the smartphone. Social networking was popular for older kids and younger kids preferred to download mobile games. According to the survey, Friends and classmates were the most influential to attract children to new trends in toys, games, movies and technology.

The survey states that the percentage of parents spending time to watch television with their kids was 75%. Viewing episodes online and general internet surfing was monitored much less by parents. Oggy and the Cockroaches was the most viewed show on Cartoon Network followed by Tom and Jerry, this means kids in the Asia-Pacific region prefer slapstick comedy with no or little dialogue. The internationally successful Adventure Time was the third most watched show on Cartoon Network in the Asia-Pacific region.

Daniel Webb, director of research and planning for Turner International Asia-Pacific, made this statement regarding the research that was carried out:

“This research will be used to help us develop our content, so we make sure that we have the right content in the right places for kids. We look at this research and we absolutely need to create apps. In the detail of the data, we find out what platform we should be developing apps for. Do we need to bother with catch-up TV? Absolutely, because kids are increasingly demanding content, asking where they are.”

In conclusion, kids still prefer the television as their primary source of entertainment, but it is ideal to complement TV content by providing other sources of entertainment or different ways to watch shows in order to keep audiences.

Cartoon Network Anything App Launches In Australia

Cartoon Network Anything App Launches In Australia

Cartoon Network Anything App Launches In Australia: Randomness On The Go!

Cartoon Network has launched the Cartoon Network Anything app in Australia. Cartoon Network Anything is a micro-network version of the Cartoon Network channel in mobile app form, showing show clips (from shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence), mini quizzes and mini-games at random, usually lasting 10 to 15 seconds each. Due to the app’s random nature, there’s an element of surprise to keep the user interested. The app is available free to download on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android smartphones, a version for tablets will be released later in the year. The launch of the Cartoon Network Anything app was successful in the United States and was used to premiere the digital series, Mighty Magiswords.

The new app follows the successful launch of the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app in Australia, the Watch and Play app allows Foxtel subscribers to watch a live stream of Cartoon Network Australia and play games at the same time. The use of mobile apps to retain audiences is part of Turner’s cross platform and multiscreen strategy, as apps and video on-demand services have become a popular source of entertainment while linear television has declined in comparison.

Mark Eyers, chief content officer for Turner’s Kids Networks in Asia Pacific made this statement about the launch of the Cartoon Network Anything app in Australia, especially about the random and fun nature of the new app:

“Cartoon Network Anything is unlike anything we’ve ever designed. The app is a whole new way to engage our audience, constantly maintaining a high level of suspense of ‘what will come next?’ Basically, anything goes!”

Phil Nelson, Turner’s managing director and senior vice president, Southeast Asia Pacific and North Asia discussed the marketing potential for the app, which was a previously hard to reach audience for Cartoon Network:

“The app opens a lot of doors for marketers to up their engagement levels with a hard to reach, digital-native audience. Cartoon Network Anything’s functionality allows customisable and fun content to be integrated perfectly so that users will love swiping seamlessly from video to bespoke content from clients and games”‘cartoon-network-anything’