Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia June 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia June 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia June 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia June 2016 Highlights

All-Star Jam
We Bare Bears + Teen Titans Go!
Saturday 4th June at 10am

Jump into an epic sports-themed weekend with brand new episodes of your favourite rib-tickling comedies, We Bare Bears and Teen Titans Go! Plus special guest appearances from NBA basketball superstars: Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Damien Lillard. Get the ball rolling with We Bare Bears and discover what happens when Panda suffers an injury on the court, and the bros invite Charlie to play as his substitute.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Weekdays at 4.30pm from Monday 30th May

Best friends Gumball and Darwin return with all new exciting escapades, as they continue to come to terms with growing up in the quirky town of Elmore. In one moment, the two convince their peers that the school is haunted, and in the next … they search for the meaning of love! The adventures are always unexpected and hilarious when seen through Gumball’s eyes!

Teen Titans Go!
Everyday at 8am from Saturday 25th June

Kick off the school holidays with brand new episodes of super-powered teen adventure. Tune in for the extended special ‘Two Parter’ to catch the Titans’ day trip to the Hall of Justice to escape the heat and cool off in the pool. Soon after the Titans must save the members of the Justice League from the clutches of the supervillain Darkseid. Yikes, will these hilarious heroes be able to save the day?

Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race
Weekdays at 7.30pm from Monday 6th June

The ridonculously rad race continues Down Under as the eleven teams stay in Australia to compete in a rabbit hunt challenge. The victorious teams hop down to New Zealand to learn and perform a traditional Maori dance in hopes of winning the ultimate grand prize of a million dollars.

Best of Robin Weekend
Saturday 18th June to Sunday 19th June from 10am to 3pm

Imagine life as the leader of a group of teen superheroes? Fly into a marathon weekend of all of Robin’s best action-packed moments. The adventure kicks off with a brand new episode at 10am, where Robin decides to transform himself into a cat so that Starfire will finally love him! Awww, young teen superhero love.

Boomerang Australia June 2016 Highlights

Barbie: Spy Squad (Premiere Movie)
Saturday 25th June at 11.30am & 7.30pm

Barbie and her best friends Teresa and Renee return in this brand new movie special, transforming from hard-working gymnasts to undercover super spies! When their amazing gymnastics skills catch the eye of top-secret spy agency, the girls are soon following clues to a gem-stealing cat burglar. With their high-tech gadgets, glam disguises and cute robo-pets, can they prove that smarts and teamwork can get the mission accomplished?

Angelo Rules (Brand New Season)
Weekdays at 6.50pm from Monday 6th June

ONLY ON: Always ready with a crafty plan to weasel his way out of any sticky situation, Angelo rules the world in these brand new episodes! From spending a night locked in a shopping centre, to sneaking into a theme park to catch a rock band’s rehearsal, trouble is never too far away when Angelo’s involved.

Pokémon XY Kalos Quest (New to Boomerang)
Weekdays at 4.30pm from Monday 20th June

Ash and his new pals begin a spectacular new chapter, continuing their epic quest to join the Kalos League. Serena, Fennekin and Pancham, will take on the Pokémon Showcase world; Clemont will continue to create inventions and hope some of them are a hit; and Bonnie will try to find someone to take care of her big brother! Together the team explore unique regions, investigate puzzling mysteries and encounter new Pokemon.

Sonic Boom (New to Boomerang)
Weekdays at 4.15pm from Monday 20th June

After a risky encounter with the evil Eggman, Sonic decides that being a sidekick is just too dangerous for Tails. But with hijinks and adventure afoot on Bygone Island, who will help him out of trouble? Sonic holds an open audition to find the perfect right-hand guy… but things go topsy turvy when Eggman applies for the job – yikes!

Movie Mysteries
Everyday at 11.30am & 7.30pm from Saturday 25th June

Mischief, mayhem and magic galore, which movie mystery is the spookiest of all? These school holidays, we’re screening our favourite spine-tingling classics twice daily, including Barbie, Garfield and Scooby-Doo. Grab your detective hats and tune in to see Daphne become the star of a vampire film. When production is thrown into chaos by a real vampire, Scooby and the Gang investigate the motive behind this monstrous mayhem!

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe February 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe February 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe February 2016 Highlights

Supernoobs premieres on Monday 8th February and will air at 3.30pm CET and is repeated the next day at 8.05am CET as well as weekends at 11.35am CET.

Lego: Nexo Knights fully premieres on Saturday 20th February and air every weekend at 8.35am CET and will rerun at 6.45pm CET.

Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge (Season 3), will premiere on Monday 22th February at 6.55pm CET and will rerun at 12.45pm CET and weekends at 3.55pm CET.

Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite premieres on Sunday 14th February at 4.50pm CET.

Teen Titans Go Valentine’s Day marathon airs on Sunday 14th February from 7.15am CET to 2.10pm CET, including two new episodes from season two.

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Origins premieres on Saturday 27th February at 12pm CET. Before the Gumball special, there will be a TAWOG minimarathon airing from 9am CET till 12pm CET and the next day from 4.50pm CET till 9pm CET.

New episodes of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race continues till Wednesday 3rd February.

New episodes of Steven Universe (episodes 53 to 70) continue till Thursday 18th February.

Special thanks to Daffyrocks for the information.

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia March 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia March 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia March 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia March 2016 Highlights

Adventure Time – Season 7 Premiere
Weekdays at 6.30pm from Monday 7th March

What time is it? Adventure Time! Tune in to Laughternoons every weekday for a brand new season of super algebraic adventures. This means more fun with the coolest guys in the tooniverse – Finn and Jake – and also a bunch of epic tales, including BMO’s birthday celebration, a mission to catch flying mushrooms and one of the kingdom’s greatest secrets revealed. Mathematical!

Regular Show – Season 7 Premiere

Weekdays at 8am from Monday 28th March

Surreal and hilarious bro-tastic comedy Regular Show returns with a brand new season in time for the school holidays! While Benson threatens to fire Mordecai if Rigby can’t bring him back from a bizarre land of dudes, Party Horse is trying to woo his ex-girlfriend, Margaret is hoping for a big break hosting the local news and the dudes mastermind a massively crazy fake plan in order to surprise Eileen for the first time ever. Phew, the antics never stop!

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Season Premiere

Weekends at 9am from Saturday 12th March

Sound the trumpets and karate kick into this high-tech, fantasy ninj-adventure! When the fate of Ninjago is challenged by villainous evil-doers, it’s up to Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Lloyd to kick butt and save the world. In this brand new season, a supervillain named Nadakhan the Djinn is released and a new age of piracy begins. Eek, do the Ninja have what it takes to stop him?

Uncle Grandpa – New Episodes

Weekdays at 4.30pm from Monday 14th March

Uncle Grandpa – the magical, RV-driving Uncle AND Grandpa – returns with his crew in brand new hilarious adventures! This kooky man will trade Belly Bag for a Bottom Bag, transform a boy into a 300-year-old and gets into a scuffle with a leprechaun!

Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race – New Series

Weekdays at 7.30pm from Monday 7th March

The totally dramatic race returns with a new host and a school of brand new characters! The teams are put to the test, travelling the world and completing outrageous tasks. Will they have the skill and stamina needed to snag the million dollar prize?

Boomerang Australia March 2016 Highlights

Garfield: Rodent’s Rebellion – Premiere Special

Saturday 5th March at 11am

Garfield; the world’s most lovable grumpy cat stars in this paw-fect premiere special, ‘Rodent’s Rebellion’. This time he’s not only complaining about his disdain for Mondays – he’s seeking help from the Pied Piper in order to clear Jon’s name! Criminal mastermind Ratzo leads the rodents in a series of robberies, but when the police discover the hidden loot in the basement, Jon Arbuckle gets the blame. Will Garfield stop ratting around long enough to save the day?

Horrid Henry – New Episodes

Weekdays at 6.25pm from Monday 14th March

Ever get the feeling that life just isn’t fair? Henry gets that feeling … all of the time! He sees life somewhat differently to the rest of us, and from where he stands it’s him against the world. Never fear, this cheeky boy knows exactly what he wants; everything to go his way! Make way for Henry, who’s back doing what he does best – being himself – in these brand new episodes.

Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk

Weekends at 7pm from Monday 7th March – NEW TO BOOMERANG

Based on the hit movie franchise ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, follow the continuing adventures of young dragon trainer Hiccup and his loyal dragon companion, Toothless, on the harsh island of Berk. Our Viking heroes explore wild frontiers and discover new dragon species – all while battling against fierce and fiery enemies!

Easter Marathons

11am daily from Friday 25th March – Monday 28th March

Join us for Egg-cellent Easter adventures with back to back episodes of Wabbit, Tom & Jerry, Mr Bean: the animated series and Be Cool Scooby-Doo! Enjoy fantastic, furry, fun with the whole family this Easter weekend on Boomerang.

Movie Mysteries

11.30am & 7.30pm daily from Tuesday 29th March – Monday 25th April

Grab your detective’s hat, magnifying glass and your powers of deduction for super movie mysteries every day on Boomerang! Watch the mystery unfold when Tom & Jerry stumble upon a glowing dragon egg, Scooby’s dreaded run in with a cursed lake monster and Garfield’s adventure to Italy to find the famed Lasagna Tree!