Turner To Promote Adult Swim’s And TBS’s Final Space At MIPTV 2018 Convention In Cannes, France 9th-12th April

Turner To Promote Adult Swim's And TBS's Final Space At MIPTV 2018 Convention In Cannes, France 9th-12th April

Turner To Promote Adult Swim’s And TBS’s Final Space At MIPTV 2018 Convention In Cannes, France 9th-12th April

Tomorrow (9th April) marks the start of this year’s MIPTV (Marché International des Programmes de Télévision, English: International Television Programmes Market) convention in Cannes, France, a major event in the television content market calendar. The MIPTV convention is an opportunity for broadcasters and content creators to promote their shows and to potentially sell broadcast rights to other broadcasters and subscription streaming services. Turner will be at this year’s convention promoting their general entertainment portfolio, which is mostly U.S. content output from TNT, TBS and Adult Swim. Cartoon Network’s programming is also usually promoted at MIPTV.

One show in particular Turner will be promoting is one of TBS’s and Adult Swim’s newest shows – Final Space. Final Space is an animated comedy about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake; both go on a quest to unlock the mystery of “Final Space,” the place where the entire universe ends. Final Space is created by independent filmmaker, actor, comedian and entrepreneur Olan Rogers and is produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco and New Form, in association with Turner’s Studio T.

Also, Cartoon Network USA’s vice president of Content Acquisitions and Co-Productions – Adina Pitt will be speaking at the convention’s International Emmy Kids Awards Nominee Showcase conference, the conference will take place on 10th April at 10am.


MIPTV also has a sister convention that runs in October called MIPCOM. MIPCOM has a side event called MIPJunior which is a major international children’s media industry convention, which is attended annually by Cartoon Network.


Cartoon Network Latin America Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary All This Month

Cartoon Network Latin America Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary All This Month

Cartoon Network Latin America Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary All This Month

All this month, Cartoon Network Latin America will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary, all the way up until the channel’s actual birthday on 30th April. Cartoon Network Latin America will be opening up their cartoon archive and will be airing numerous animated classics from the channel’s past along with its current hit shows. The channel will be airing their best ever episodes Monday to Friday at 6pm (All Feeds) to 10pm Colombia/Argentina/Chile/Brazil, 11pm Mexico.

At 12am Colombia/Argentina/Chile/Brazil, 1am Mexico, the channel will be airing their all-time favourite shows. There’s weekend marathons too, airing Saturdays at 8am (All Feeds) and on Sundays at 12pm (All Feeds).

On the day before the channel’s anniversary on Sunday 29th April, Cartoon Network Latin America will be having a Top 25 All-Time CN Originals countdown with a selection of the best episodes. The Top 25 All-Time CN Originals countdown will air at 12pm (All Feeds) and 10pm (All Feeds).


Cartoon Network Latin America also made a special CN Anything birthday episode featuring clips of many of its classic shows:

Promo for Cartoon Network Latin America’s 25th Anniversary, the channel has called the special event “Que No Pare La Fiesta” (Spanish)/”A Festa Não Para” (Brazilian Portuguese)/”Don’t Stop The Party”:

On Sunday 15th April, Turner Latin America’s other channels (TNT, TNT Series, Space, TBS, Warner Channel) and also Boomerang will be joining in the party:

Cartoon Network fans can also join in the celebrations by submitting fan art of their favourite cartoon characters on http://www.cnfanart.com or by using the hashtag #25AñosDeCN on social media.

After Cartoon Network Latin America, the next version of Cartoon Network that will celebrate its 25th Anniversary will be Cartoon Network UK (ex pan-European feed) on 17th September this year, after CN UK, its Cartoon Network Southeast Asia’s 25th Anniversary on 6th October 2019. Cartoon Network USA celebrated its 25th birthday on 1st October 2017.




Cartoon Network’s Owners Turner Launches T1 Digital Advertising Sales Division

Cartoon Network's Owners Turner Launches T1 Digital Advertising Sales Division

Cartoon Network’s Owners Turner Launches T1 Digital Advertising Sales Division

Turner has merged their international Digital Advertising Sales operations into one single division called “T1”, the new division will be in-charge of digital and linear advertising sales and CNNIC (CNN International Commercial) operations across Latin America; Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. T1 aims to connect global advertisers that are based outside the United States with Turner’s widely distributed international brands including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN, TNT, TBS, Bleacher Report, Great Big Story and many more. Turner USA also has a similar advertising division called Turner Ignite.

T1 provides creative and data-driven advertising solutions, which includes bespoke advertising campaigns featuring branded content and product placement. These campaigns can be scaled down to a region or country level or even different audience demographics across a variety of digital devices including mobiles and PCs. T1 is a spin-off of CNNIC and is created and led by the President of CNNIC – Rani Raad, with Rob Bradley, Vice President of Digital Commercial Strategy and Digital Advertising Sales of CNNIC overseeing T1’s operations.

From The Turner International (EMEA/APAC/LA) Press Release: Turner International is for the first time providing advertisers with a single way to activate a full suite of global, regional and local campaigns that connect with fans across Turner’s digital properties spanning over 200 countries.

The launch of Turner International Digital Advertising Sales – T1 – consolidates Turner’s international digital advertising capabilities into a single division, complementing existing local digital and linear advertising sales and CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) operations across Latin America, EMEA and APAC. T1’s focus is on connecting global advertisers based outside the US with audiences across Turner’s entertainment, kids, news and sports digital portfolio including Bleacher Report, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN, ELEAGUE, TNT, TBS, Great Big Story, Esporte Interativo as well as COPA90, which Turner has a stake in.

T1 offers brands a rich suite of creative and data-driven advertising solutions – from forging far-reaching strategic partnerships to creating bespoke campaigns that include branded content, native and product placement, as well as pre-roll and display inventory across the Turner International digital portfolio. The unit is designed to work with major brands on a wide range of campaigns that can scale multiple regions, be highly targeted to specific countries, or utilise particular Turner properties to reach defined audience demographics and clusters in brand-safe premium mobile, desktop and social environments.

T1 is borne out of the successful digital strategy devised by CNNIC – the arm of Turner International that monetises all CNN properties outside of the US – to combine data and content solutions to grow partnerships between CNN and international advertisers. Using this blueprint, T1 is created and led by Rani Raad, President of CNNIC.

The unit comprises a specialist team of sales, consultancy and operations experts working closely with Turner International’s leadership, technology, advertising, product and editorial teams to increase monetisation opportunities around digital properties. Overseeing T1 operations is Rob Bradley, Vice President of Digital Commercial Strategy and Digital Advertising Sales for both CNNIC and T1.

Underpinning T1 is a unified advertising technology platform to enable creative campaigns that reach highly defined premium audiences at huge scale. The division also draws on existing Turner solutions such as Launchpad, the social media amplification tool which leverages data across the company’s 750M global social followers to deliver branded content to like-minded groups on social media.

“T1 is the embodiment of the ‘One Turner’ philosophy at the heart of our company as we create new ways to best serve our audiences and commercial partners,” said Rani Raad. “The creation of this division unlocks a vast premium digital portfolio in order to bring new, innovative solutions to the market. Drawing on the multi-platform strategy that has driven growth at CNNIC, we look forward to establishing ground-breaking partnerships with brands who want to be part of the new content frontiers that Turner brands are pushing right across the world.”