Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Opened Today 31st August

Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Opened Today 31st August

Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Opened Today 31st August

The world’s largest indoor theme park opened its doors for the first time in Dubai today (31/08/2016). IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai features a whole dedicated Cartoon Network Zone, featuring Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Ben 10 themed rides, cafes, shops and many more. It’s the ultimate place that Cartoon Network fans can ever dream of visiting.

List of Rides

The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage!

Townsville is in danger! Join The Powerpuff Girls and help fight Mojo Jojo’s evil robot creation that is threatening the city. You’ll take to the skies alongside Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as they try to save the world before bedtime.

Ben 10 5D Hero Time

Join Ben and Rook at Plumber Headquarters for your first day as a Plumber trainee… but with villain Khyber The Huntsman around it’s not going to be an easy introduction. Prepare to be fully immersed in Ben’s world in this epic multi-sensory adventure – get ready to battle evil and experience pulse-racing action!

Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO with Finn & Jake

Soar high over the Cartoon Network Zone as you join Finn and Jake on a journey through the Land of Ooo. Visit the varied and vibrant kingdoms and encounter the Ice King, a host of Princesses and a cast of other extraordinary characters.

The Amazing Ride of Gumball

Visit the town of Elmore where Gumball and Darwin’s school science project has gone out of control and unleashed chaos! Save the day by competing with your friends to zap the objects that have come to life and are threatening to take over the town.


Step into the world of LazyTown for an interactive adventure full of climbing, adventure and other fun and exciting experiences! There’s something for everyone. Learn some dance steps with Stephanie’s Dance School and explore Robbie Rotten’s secret lair!

CN Live Stage Show

See LazyTown take the stage for a wonderful family-friendly show – incorporating music, dancing and acrobatics… it’s not to be missed! With several performances a day there’s lots of opportunities to have fun and practice your superhero moves with Sportacus himself.

Dining & Restaurants

CN Feast

Join your favorite Cartoon Network characters in this family-friendly restaurant where the excitement doesn’t stop for the ultimate interactive dining experience. Situated over two floors, relax and have fun meeting and posing for photos with Cartoon Network stars while you enjoy delicious international-style cuisine in a casual dining environment.

Mr. Smoothy

Hang out with Ben 10 and his buddies in this American-style diner where the smoothies have to be tasted to be believed! Burgers don’t get better than this – you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Richard’s Around the World Café

You don’t have to go far to travel, or so the saying goes… why not take your taste buds on a trip of a lifetime at Richard’s Around the World Café, where the gourmet menu is international in flavor with a twist and the vibe is modern and friendly. Bring your passport for a culinary voyage of the senses!

Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito

Adventuring heroes need sustenance – where better to find it than at Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito? Made with the freshest ingredients, these are burritos, and more, to write home about… No wonder everyone travels across the Land of Ooo for a fabulous Finn & Jake burrito!


Cartoon Network Classics

Indulge your love of CN classic characters with a nostalgic trip down memory lane at the Cartoon Network Classics store – find merchandise related to old-time favorites like Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory… there’s something for everyone, young or young at heart…

Cartoon Network Store

A true emporium of all things Cartoon Network, this is the place for all CN fans to have fun while browsing the world’s best CN merchandise. Where better to meet the CN stars than in this dedicated home of wonderful Cartoon Network accessories, gifts, toys and games? What are you waiting for?

The Amazing World of Gumball – The Store

An IMG Worlds of Adventure must-see, The Amazing Store of Gumball is the place to get your Gumball merchandise.

Lazy Store

The Lazy Store has everything that LazyTown fans will love. Come and check out the LazyTown merchandise that’s sure to get you energised and active!

Ben 10 – Universe

Another flagship store, join Ben 10 at the galaxy’s premier Ben 10 store and choose from a wide range of toys and games to bring the Ben 10 magic home. It doesn’t get better than this for Ben 10 fans, so make the most of your trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure to fulfill all your intergalactic shopping needs.

Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Info Released

Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Info Released

Cartoon Network Zone At IMG Worlds Of Adventure Info Released

The world’s largest temperature-controlled indoor theme park will open its doors on 15th August and details about the Cartoon Network Zone at the theme park has finally been released. IMG World of Adventures in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be home to a whole zone of Cartoon Network related fun with Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Powerpuff Girls themed rides and attractions.

The Cartoon Network Zone will feature a multi-sensory theatre called “Ben 10 5D – Hero Time” where visitors can experience a battle with Ben and Rook and a ride called “The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage” where riders can experience a fight alongside The Powerpuff Girls against Mojo Jojo’s robot. The zone will also feature an Adventure Time World of Ooo scenic ride with Finn and Jake and The Amazing Ride of Gumball (based upon The Amazing World of Gumball).

Johanne Broadfield, VP EMEA at Cartoon Network Enterprises made this statement regarding the development of the new Cartoon Network Zone at IMG:

“After working closely with IMG over the past few years, we’re extremely excited to be getting close to the park’s official opening. Throughout the process, IMG has matched our passion and ambition to bring Cartoon Network’s iconic brands to life; and the attraction is a significant milestone in our strategy to deliver more immersive fan experiences for kids and families .We’re confident that the Cartoon Network zone will build upon the channel’s already strong position in the Middle East and that both the young and the young at heart will be delighted when the park opens its gates this August.”

In terms of Cartoon Network theme park areas in the world, there is also the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park in Bang Saray, Thailand and Cartoon Network Street at Drayton Manor Theme Park near Birmingham, England, UK.

Thanks to The Daily Nick for the information:

Cartoon Network Amazone Opens In Thailand

Hello and welcome to my blog, some people from ToonZone may already know me from the forums, especially on the international threads. I have an inactive blog over at ToonZone and will be transferring some of my blog posts over as they contain some important information that are relevant to this blog.

This week has been significant one for Cartoon Network in the Asia-Pacific region, because of the opening of the Cartoon Network Amazone theme water park just 20 minutes away from Pattaya, Thailand. The water park is made up of six zones: Adventure Zone, Riptide Rapids, Surf Arena, Megawave, Cartoonival and Omniverse Zone and is the first of its kind in world as well as the first Cartoon Network attraction in Asia. The water park opened on Thursday 31st July.

Here are the main zones in further detail as stated on the website:

Adventure Zone (Adventure Time and Johnny Bravo themed)

“Finn says it’s MATHEMATICAL, and you will too as you explore Adventure Zone’s Jake Jump, Rainfall Rainicorn and Banana Spin waterslides. Perfect for the entire family, Adventure Zone is filled with spins, twists, tunnels and turns – and even a daring vertical thrill!”

On the Jake Jump water ride, visitors will experience a mega drop, a vertical burst and weightlessness in a raft.

The Rainfall Rainicorn is a tube slide consisting of tight turns and steep drops which eventually leads into a splash pool.

Banana Spin is a Johnny Bravo themed water tube ride which also has a corkscrew core, a splash landing, a water curtain and a splash pool at the very end.

Riptide Rapids

“The Riptide Rapids river adventure is full of surprises. One minute you’re drifting along in your tube through the jungle, and the next you’re in uncharted Amazon territory. What’s around the next bend in the river? Are you brave enough to find out?”

“Guests of all ages can grab an inner tube at any of the landings along the 335 meter (1,100 foot) long route and ease into the relaxing retreat of this continuous flowing river that winds its way around Cartoon Network Amazone.”

Surf Arena

“Experience the thrill of riding waves in the innovative Surfarena! Grab a friend and a surfboard and test your skill – it’s the ultimate in surfing fun!”


“What could be more relaxing than hanging out in Cartoon Network Amazone’s gigantic wave pool? Bob up and down on the gentle waves or boogie board on the wavy waters. Relax and bask in the sun on the perfect white sand beach, or watch the world go by from your deckchair or shaded cabana.”

“On special occasions, Mega Wave will play host to some of the many live events that Cartoon Network Amazone has to offer. Some will go late into the evening, making it the ideal place to chill out under the gorgeous night sky of Bang Saray.”


“Play all day long with your friends as you explore CARTOONIVAL, an amazing aquatic activity area jam-packed with splashtastic slides, fountains and tubes. There’s more than 150 water features to discover!”

“At CARTOONIVAL you can also hang out with Ben 10, Chowder, The Powerpuff Girls and all your other favorite Cartoon Network friends. This aquatic paradise is strictly “kids-only” and the ultimate Songkran-style water-splashing place to be.”

Omniverse Zone (Ben 10 Themed)

“Thrill-seekers be warned: No one does action and adventure better than Cartoon Network Amazone! Experience some of the fastest water rollercoasters in the world as you hurtle down to a splash landing from a massive 23.4 meter high tower. Or summon all your courage and get your g-force on with our 17 meter vertical free-fall.”

“If that’s not enough to get your heart pumping, The Omniverse’s gravity-defying uphill blasts and downhill water surges will do the trick. Are you ready?”

The Omnitrix is a water rollercoaster with a max height of 23 meters above ground with an extremely long water tube which leads into a giant sphere resembling the Omnitrix. The rollercoaster also features vertical up and down slides and a splash pool at the end. This ride features digital projection and surround sound.

Alien Attack is a 110 meter tube slide with twists and turns which defy gravity and with uphill water blasts. Intergalactic Racers is a multi-lane slide with bumps and twists, who ever reaches BLOXX at the end of the slide first, wins the race. XLR8-TOR (a pun on the word accelerator and named after the Ben 10 alien, XLR8), is a fast water slide and is one of the steepest in Asia.

Gloop Loop is a gravity defying water slide with a gravitational force of 2.5Gs in under two seconds and Humungaslide (named after Ben 10 alien, Humungousaur) is another high water slide.

Here is a video of the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park.

In conclusion, the place looks awesome, it would be nice if Cartoon Network opens a water park in Europe, preferably one in Spain, Portugal or Italy or maybe an indoor one in the UK or somewhere in Northern Europe.