Cartoon Network To Attend Manimation Animation Gathering In Manchester, UK On 12th November

Cartoon Network To Attend Manimation Animation Gathering In Manchester, UK On 12th November

Cartoon Network To Attend Manimation Animation Gathering In Manchester, UK On 12th November

On the day before Manchester Animation Festival 2018 (runs from 13th to 15th November) on Monday 12th November, there will be a one-day UK animation gathering event called Manimation that will be held at the Manchester Technology Centre. Attending the event will be two representatives from Cartoon Network’s owner – Turner: Simon Dean, Creative Director Turner EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Richard Kinning, Director of Creative for Turner Northern Europe (UK and Nordics), both will be available for one-to-one meetings during the event. The event will also be attended by representatives from the BBC (CBBC and CBeebies), Viacom (Milkshake! and Nickelodeon) and children’s content distributors – Cake Entertainment and eOne. For Manimation’s sixth edition, there’s a special focus on inviting experts from creative, advertising and corporate agencies.

The event is organised by the same team behind The Children’s Media Conference, which is one of the most important events for the British children’s media industry, the conference is held in Sheffield every year. Manimation is supported by National Lottery funds awarded to ScreenSkills from the British Film Institute to deliver its Future Film Skills programme. Event visitors will be able to use Children’s Media Conference’s brand new and unique advance booking system – Meeting Mojo, which allows them to create a profile of themselves before meeting other people at the event. Tickets cost £75 (inc. VAT), to find out more about Manimation or to buy a ticket, visit

Cartoon Network At The Children’s Media Conference 2016

Cartoon Network At The Children's Media Conference 2016

Cartoon Network At The Children’s Media Conference 2016

Today (07/07/2016), was the final day of the annual Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, probably the most important annual event in the year where the British children’s media industry gather and discuss their ideas, their work and their plans for the future. Yesterday (06/07/2016), Turner (Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito) along with Viacom (Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons) and Disney (Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior) ran a combined content commissioner event. Turner, Viacom and Disney are the three major players in the UK children’s pay-TV industry.

During Turner’s part of the session, Cecilia Persson, VP of Programming & Content Strategy for Kids Channels at Turner EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) stated that Cartoon Network is looking for more original show ideas from outside the United States, Sarah Fell (Executive Director for Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball) was also there to emphasise the importance of international kids programming. The Amazing World of Gumball was used as a successful example, produced by Cartoon Network but made outside the United States which is Turner’s main and home country.

At present, there is around 20% of non-US content airing on Cartoon Network UK, 40% of Boomerang’s schedule is content from outside the United States, half of which is commissioned. Nearly 100% of the programming on Cartoonito is acquired (not counting the programming from Turner’s sister company, Warner Bros.).

Micro-formatted content is also being commissioned and Mighty Magiswords produced by Cartoon Network Studios is one example, which has evolved from an interactive choose-your-ending fifteen-second animated shorts into a full-blown 11 minute per episode show.

In terms of Turner EMEA’s current operation, the situation of the UK leaving the European Union (which still might not happen) won’t affect their operations in the short-term and they’re still committed to using the UK as a creative base and to take advantage of children’s content/animation industry tax breaks.

Sean Gorman, Director of Cartoon Network UK, took part in an UK/Canada content collaboration session, two countries united by a common language, history and culture, both countries also have a large animation and kids TV production industry.

Children’s Media Conference: Cartoon Network UK Day 2

Children's Media Conference: Cartoon Network UK Day 2

Today (02/07/2015) was the second day of the annual Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, UK. During the day was a session named Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversations with the Commercial Networks. During this session, content teams from the three largest cable and satellite subscription children’s television companies – Turner (Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito), Viacom (Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr) and Disney (Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior) did a presentation. The speakers from the three companies, covered channel development, acquisitions, co-production, programming, production and general channel management. Also the session was an opportunity to announce what they’re looking for in the future and how to do such changes.

The Turner delegation during the session consisted of Patricia Hidalgo SVP, Chief Content & Creative Officer for Turner Europe, Middle East and Africa, Cecilia Persson
VP Acquisitions & Co Productions, International – Turner EMEA and Sarah Fell, Executive Producer for The Amazing World of Gumball. During the Turner section of the session, the current situation of their animation and broadcasting business and their plans for the future were announced.

During the session, Patricia Hidalgo explained that Turner is willing to work with independent producers for new animated show projects but they’re not looking for more of the same, the shows and the characters within them should inspire children. Turner also claimed that a show creator’s passion is more important that just a production showreel and the fact that 450 hours of new content for the recently formatted Boomerang channel isn’t enough; they explained that more shows are required. A striking fact about Boomerang, is that the channel appeals to people over the age of 30 as part of an extended demographic.

Discussed during the session was also short form content in mobile apps, which as been increasingly popular in recent years. Short form content usually refers to YouTube videos, Photos, Tweets, animated GIFs and Vines. Turner stated that they were interested in this form of content. In a somewhat related note, Cartoon Network USA recently released an app called “Cartoon Network Anything” which is based on this principle, their Twitter account also been posting Vines for the new upcoming animated series, We Bare Bears and marketing the show under the Twitter hashtag, #bearstack, a reference to how the main characters in the show walk about.

Even Tom and Jerry made a guest appearance because of the “It Takes Two” session, this session was most about the importance of double acts in animation, Tom and Jerry was a prime example as they have entertained children and adults for generations and are still relevant and popular to this day. Pairings from Cartoon Network’s current generation were used as examples such as Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball and Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

To find out more about the keypoints discussed in each session please follow The Children’s Media Conference on Twitter.