Cartoon Network UK Rebranded Today 21st July 2017

Cartoon Network UK Rebranded Today 21st July 2017

Cartoon Network UK Rebranded Today 21st July 2017

To mark the start of summer school holidays in most parts of the UK today (21/07/2017), Cartoon Network UK has given the channel a new fresh look, the channel is now using the “Dimensional” graphics package which was developed by Bent Design Lab in the United States and has since been rolled out to different versions of Cartoon Network around the world, however unlike other international versions that have a mixed Check It 3.0/4.0 and Dimensional look, the UK rebrand is a full one.

Cartoon Network UK has adapted the rebrand package to their channel, this includes making Later/Next/Now bumpers and all logo animations have been re-textured to include the new branding or replaced with Dimensional’s zoom animation. The Later/Next/Now bumpers now have a different continuity announcer and the on-screen DOG (Digital On-screen Graphic) has moved slightly more to the right this morning.

The bumpers and idents include sliding CGI and stop-motion animations of 2D, 3D and real-life models either representing Cartoon Network’s famous characters or random shapes and objects (anything from squiggly lines, eyeballs and doughnuts) in separate 3D room-like boxes. Some next bumpers also include a 2D character from each show with a different saying, this includes Ice Bear and Panda for We Bare Bears later and next bumpers and Richard Watterson for The Amazing World of Gumball. Some elements from previous Check It branding packages such as fonts and the CMYK colour scheme have been incorporated into Dimensional.

Continuity of Cartoon Network UK’s new presentation:

Cartoon Network UK 2016 PromaxBDA UK Award Nominations

Cartoon Network UK 2016 PromaxBDA UK Award Nominations

Cartoon Network UK 2016 PromaxBDA UK Award Nominations

PromaxDBA have posted their award nominations for the 2016 PromaxBDA UK Awards in November and Cartoon Network UK has been nominated in several categories, ranging from Best Children’s Promo to Sponsorship to Best Use of Digital Media. The PromaxBDA UK Awards is an annual event to celebrate the very best of what the British creative television marketing, promotion, branding & design industry has to offer.

The 2016 PromaxBDA UK awards will take place on Friday 4th November at Here East at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, on the day prior to the awards ceremony (Thursday 3rd November) there will be a conference with creative, marketing and tech experts from different parts of the UK media industry. The purpose of the conference to highlight the latest trends and to look for new innovative ideas that work from a marketing and creative perspective.

List of all of Cartoon Network UK’s 2016 PromaxBDA UK Award nominations:

Best Children’s Promo (originated): One Nomination

Adventure Time Acapella

Best Content Or Long Form: One Nomination

Adventure Time Acapella

Best Direct Response Promo Kids: Three Nominations

Promotion for Cartoon Network Anything
Cartoon Network Christmas Ice King Countdown
Clarks Gloforms – Cartoon Network News

Best Sponsorship Package: Two Nominations

Weetabuddies (Weetabix) sponsors Breakfast Funnies on Cartoon Network
Hexbug Nano sponsors The Comedy Club on Cartoon Network

Best Use Of Digital Media: One Nomination

Adventure Time: An Ooo Experience

Best Use Of Public Relations: One Nomination

Adventure Time: An Ooo Experience

Best Children’s Promo (clip-based): Two Nominations*

Lumpy Space Princess: Smooth Posers
Clarence – Nailed It!*

* Produced by Blacklist Creative Ltd. for Cartoon Network

Other Turner UK Nominations

Turner UK’s general entertainment and movie channels have also been awarded 2016 Promax BDA UK nominations, the nominations for TruTV and TCM are listed below:

Best Entertainment Promo

TruTV: America’s Got Talent- We Will Rock You

Best Sponsorship Package

TCM: What’s on TV sponsors Christmas on TCM

Best Print Based Ad Or Poster

TruTV: RuPaul’s Drag Race: May Contain Nuts

Best of luck to Turner UK on the 4th November!