Teletoon Retro Will Cease Broadcasting On 1st September 2015

Teletoon Retro Will Cease Broadcasting On 1st September 2015

Teletoon Retro Will Cease Broadcasting On 1st September 2015: Good News: Classic Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera Shows Move To Teletoon

Some sad news for classic animation fans in Canada, as Teletoon Retro will cease broadcasting on Tuesday 1st September at 5.59am ET. The channel is Canada’s closest equivalent to Boomerang and has many of Boomerang’s shows such as Looney Tunes, The Bugs & Tweety Show, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, The Smurfs and The Flintstones. The good news is that many of these shows are moving to the main Teletoon channel.

The reason that the channel is closing is because of business restructuring by Corus Entertainment and the fact that they want to focus more on their core channels. Teletoon (Corus Entertainment) runs Cartoon Network Canada and also owns the branding licence to Cartoon Network in Canada with permission from Turner Broadcasting. Teletoon also has the broadcasting rights to Cartoon Network’s shows in the Canadian market. At present, there is no news of a Boomerang channel launching in Canada.

Cartoon Network Premieres On Teletoon Canada This Autumn


Canadian animation channel Teletoon’s “Gotta Gotta See It” campaign started yesterday at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto to promote the channel’s autumn lineup, which includes the return of Cartoon Network shows such as Adventure Time and the premiere of Clarence. Teletoon will also have new episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball and Teen Titans Go! this autumn.

The sixth season of Adventure Time will air on Thursday 4th September at 6 pm. (PT/ET).
Teletoon is offering a free to air period until 30th September and alongside its four week long national advertising campaign.

Supernoobs To Air On Cartoon Network USA


Canadian kids channel Teletoon has commissioned a new animated series called Supernoobs and Cartoon Network USA has brought the rights to air the show.

Supernoobs will be made by DHX Media, It follows a pair of geeky best friends having a difficult time at school and battling enemies who are attempting to destroy the earth.

The show was created by Scott Fellows, who also created Johnny Test. DHX Media will distribute the series internationally outside North America, and like Johnny Test, it will probably air on Cartoon Network’s international feeds, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Steven DeNure, president and COO of DHX Media said:

“We are very happy to be collaborating on a new Scott Fellows project on our animated slate, following the success of Johnny Test. The commitment of Teletoon and Cartoon Network US is testament to his creative talent.”