Cartoon Network USA January 2019 Highlights, Steven Universe’s 5th Season To End With A Hour-Long Finale On 21st January

Cartoon Network USA January 2019 Highlights, Steven Universe's 5th Season To End With A Hour-Long Finale On 21st January

Cartoon Network USA January 2019 Highlights, Steven Universe’s 5th Season To End With A Hour-Long Finale On 21st January

Online animation magazine website – Animation Magazine has published a list of new episodes that are scheduled to air on Cartoon Network USA during the first month of 2019.

Bakugan: Battle Planet, based on the original toyetic anime series – Bakugan will premiere on Cartoon Network USA on Sunday 23rd December at 7pm ET/PT. Cartoon Network fans are able to watch a sneak peek of the new show ahead of the show’s television premiere on the Cartoon Network app. New episodes of Bakugan: Battle Planet will air from Saturday 5th January, airing Saturdays at 7am ET/PT.

New episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged will air weekends at 6.30am ET/PT.

The Steven Universe story-arc – “Diamond Days” continue from Monday 7th January at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT with the episode entitled “Escapism”, the episode features a song of the same name that show creator – Rebecca Sugar originally debuted on the Steven Universe Podcast. The fifth season of Steven Universe will end with an hour-long final special called – “Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind” on Monday 21st January at 7pm ET/PT.

Cartoon Network USA January 2018 Highlights

Saturday 5th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “Rush to Greatness” – Rush puts his new battle upgrades to the test in a battle with Wave Man.

7am ET/PT – Bakugan: Battle Planet – “The Exit / The Lost and the Cost” – The AO compete with The Exit, a rival Brawling team for ViewTube hits, leading to a “winner take all” brawl. Then, a promoter tries to get the AO to join an official league for Bakugan Battling.

Sunday 6th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “Swish” – Namagem attacks Mega Man using a variety of powers, revealing that they both can replicate schematics. However, Namagem can carry more than three at a time! The true beginning of the mysterious villain’s arc begins here.

Monday 7th January

7.30pm ET/PT – Steven Universe – “Escapism” – Steven uses his psychic powers to find help.

Saturday 12th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “Minus Mini” – When Mega Mini is kidnapped by Blasto Woman, Mega Man must track down his missing partner without the full use of his own systems.

7am ET/PT – Bakugan: Battle Planet – “Mr. Moon / What’s Wrong with Dan” – Wynton finds a new Bakugan who proves difficult to control but things get more complicated when Col. Tripp seizes control of Trox. Then, with “Dan” behaving strangely toward the AO Lightning sniffs out the truth, an impostor!

Sunday 13th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “A Cut Above” – Aki and Bert accidentally damage a bonsai tree outside the Lighthouse, sending the Lights’ perfectionist gardener on a slicing-and-dicing spree as Cut Man.

Saturday 19th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “A Bot and His Dog” – Tired of fielding of low stakes house calls, Mega Man gets what he wishes for when Hypno Woman hijacks the local power plant.

7am ET/PT – Bakugan: Battle Planet – “Rubbed the Wrong Way / Babysitting Bedlam” – After a Bakugan field erupts the town kids stampede to get their own Bakugan but when the field is contaminated Lia must save the day. Then, Dan and Wynton meet a boy who leads them into a maze where the boy’s Bakugan has been enslaved.

Sunday 20th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “This Man, This Man Man!” – When Guts Man goes on a ravenous rampage across the city, Mega Man must turn to an unlikely ally, Man Man, a bumbling DIY human analog to our hero.

Monday 21st January

7pm ET/PT – Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind – Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

Saturday 26th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “A Guilded Cage” – Mega Man must stop Namagem and an army of hypnotized Good Guild bots from breaking into Dr. Light’s lab.

7am ET/PT – Bakugan: Battle Planet – “Mask of Power / Story Holes” – Philomena Dusk from AAAnimus Corp. hires Magnus and gives him a control implant to bolster the power of his Bakugan to defeat Dan. Then, a cryptic call leads the AO in search of a missing Bakugan.

Sunday 27th January

6.30am ET/PT – Mega Man: Fully Charged – “To Air Is Robot” – Air Man stakes a claim on the skies above Silicon City, threatening anything that trespasses on his airspace.

Steven Universe Returns To Cartoon Network USA With A New Story Arc: Diamond Days From Monday 17th December

Steven Universe Returns To Cartoon Network USA With A New Story Arc: Diamond Days From Monday 17th December

Steven Universe Returns To Cartoon Network USA With A New Story Arc: Diamond Days From Monday 17th December

On Monday 17th December at 7.30pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network USA, Steven Universe will be returning with a brand new episodes in a new story arc called “Diamond Days”, new episodes will air every Monday at 7.30pm during the holiday season. Cartoon Network USA announced the news today on its social media channels, posting a promotional picture for the story arc. This story arc will be about the Crystal Gems’ encounter with White Diamond – the leader of the Great Diamond Authority which rules over the Gem’s Homeworld. This is why White Diamond has a prominent place on the promo picture, also more info about the Diamonds will be revealed. Also judging from the picture, it seems that Steven will be wearing Pink Diamond’s costume.

A lot has happened in the previous few episodes of Steven Universe, Steven learns that Rose Quartz is actually Pink Diamond, Garnet splits up into Ruby and Sapphire due to the shocking news and part ways, but eventually reunite to get married. However, Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive on Earth and awaken the Cluster. The first episode of “Diamond Days” – “Legs from Here to Homeworld” was already released on Cartoon Network’s app and website back in July, but the episode is finally getting a TV premiere.

In “Legs from Here to Homeworld”, Blue and Yellow Diamond learn that Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are one of the same and consider Steven to be Pink Diamond as he possesses Pink Diamond’s gem, after finding out, both diamonds stopped attacking the Crystal Gems. Steven informs Blue and Yellow Diamond that their last attack on Earth has corrupted the gems on Earth, however Blue and Yellow Diamond are not able to restore gems (at least not permanently). In order to fix the corrupted gems, the diamonds and the Crystal Gems visit White Diamond for help.

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia September 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia September 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia September 2018 Highlights: From The Official Turner Asia-Pacific/Catapult Public Relations Press Release

Cartoon Network Australia September 2018 Highlights

Brand New Special

Ben 10

Airs Saturday 29th September at 5.30am.

This September brings an epic season finale with a 1-hour special of Ben 10.

The stakes are super high as Vilgax warns Ben that the Omnitrix is now a gateway through to where an evil alien empire will invade Earth. Ben and Vilgax must team up to go inside the dangerous Omnitrix and stop this new threat. Ben must trust his instincts and his skills to overcome the voices inside his head if he is to defeat the giant adversary.

Catch the global premiere on Cartoon Network this September.

Brand New Episodes

The Amazing World of Gumball

New episodes air weekends at 10.35am from Saturday 22nd September.

The loveable Gumball has a knack for getting into trouble but this month, it’s Darwin who has ended up in detention. While there, he becomes the target of the notorious Bomb Kid who is determined to make Darwin’s life a misery. However, things seem to backfire when Darwin comes up with a plan of attack with the help of his trusted friend Gumball.

This month we also learn a few family secrets when the gang discover that their dad has been dressing up as a woman to make friends. Intrigued by the information, they make it their mission to find out more.

Catch all the fun with these brand new episodes this September.


New episodes air weekends at 11am from Saturday 22nd September.

Princess Unikitty lives in her perfect kingdom with her little brother Puppycorn. Their lives are as blissful as can be until of course they’re not… As ruler of the kingdom, Unikitty makes it her mission to keep everyone and everything perfect but sometimes even Unikitty, the most positive one of all, struggles and that’s when the fireworks explode!

In these brand new episodes we get to go behind the scenes of the opening night of the prestigious Unikingdom Film Festival. Everyone’s excited to see what the friends made, particularly Richard, who considers himself the ultimate film expert and can’t wait to blow everyone else’s films out of the water with his own. But after playing the critic, will Richard’s film be a masterpiece or a flop? Find out this September on Cartoon Network.

Craig of the Creek

New episodes air from Friday 7th September, airs Fridays at 5pm.

Craig of the Creek follows the precocious Craig as he leads his best friends, J.P. and Kelsey, on their adventures at their neighborhood creek, transforming everyday afternoons into thrilling expeditions through their vivid imaginations.

This month it is up to Craig and his friends to catch the monster that has been wreaking havoc in his grandad’s garden and also solve the mystery of the missing book. Their adventures continue as they travel to find honeysuckle in the creek only to discover a whole new world beyond the trees.

Steven Universe

Airs Friday 7th September at 8pm.

Steven Universe is always trying to save the day with the help of the Crystal Gems but what happens when the Crystal Gems are the ones that need the help? After some shocking revelations about their former leader, Rose Quartz, the group is divided and it is up to Steven to bring the group back together.

Although Steven is not the strongest or the smartest, he will need to muster up all of his belly button power and insight to save the day and keep the guardians of the galaxy together once and for all. Catch all the magic and wonder in this brand new story arc this September.

New Game

Game: Ben 10 Alien Experience

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play from Wednesday 1st August.

Ben 10 Alien Experience jumps straight into the action as an alien whose mission it is to defeat the villains in an exciting augmented reality shooter game. The game now includes 10 Omni-enhanced aliens, 40 levels with more variety of minions and bosses. You can also take and download your own Alien selfie!

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia September 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Australia September 2018 Highlights

Dream Squad Takeover: School Holiday Marathon

Airs daily at 9am from Monday 24th September

These holidays, it’s time to celebrate the greatest girls of Boomerang! Catch the epic Boomerang Dream Squad channel takeover including marathons of your favorite shows such as LEGO Friends, Barbie Dreamtopia, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, The Powerpuff Girls and more!

Watch the greatest female superheroes of all time celebrate girl power, create friendships that last a lifetime and take down dastardly supervillains around the world!

Brand New Episodes

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Airs weekdays at 5.25pm, from Friday 7th September.

Barbie and her fun-loving sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper take you on their wild adventures in a new animated comedy series. From their Dreamhouse in Malibu to escapades around the globe, they navigate life’s ups and downs with plenty of laughs, musical numbers, and just enough sparkle and fantasy that will have every girl believing that anything is possible. Catch the sparkly new episodes this September on Boomerang.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

Airs weekends at 5.15pm from Saturday 8th September

Lazy cat Oggy enjoys living a simple life with eating and watching TV among his favourite hobbies. He would be the happiest cat if only his unwanted roommates would just leave him alone but these tiny cockroaches, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, are determined to make Oggy’s life as difficult as possible. If they are not raiding Oggy’s fridge they are making a huge mess with hilarious consequences. It’s fast, it’s crazy and it’s hilarious… it’s Oggy and the Cockroaches!