Cartoon Network At Asian Animation Summit 2017

Cartoon Network At Asian Animation Summit 2017

Cartoon Network At Asian Animation Summit 2017

Last week (29th November to 1st December) was the 2017 Asian Animation Summit in Brisbane, Australia. The summit was a gathering of Asia-Pacific animation industry leaders, independent studios, distributors, investors and animators who want to pitch their work. Representing Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific at the event were Silas Hickey – Senior Director, Original Production & Development and Mark Eyres – Senior Vice President & Chief Content Officer. Cartoon Network is also a sponsor of the event.

One new animated show from Australia has grabbed Turner’s attention at event – “Wormholes”. Wormholes is a new animated science fiction series for children created by Mike Greaney and developed by Mike Greaney, Marc Gallagher and Pennie Brown, the show is produced by Australian studio – Oh Yeah Wow and the Victoria state government media agency – Film Victoria.

As described on the Wormholes website – Wormholes follows the adventures of Cate Klinger, an energetic go-getter and natural born leader, and Curtis Klinger, her quiet, scientifically minded older brother. Both Cate and Curtis live in Kingsford Bluffs, a small Earth town at the centre point of a huge network of wormholes, which makes it the number one stop-over point for aliens crossing the galaxy!

In each episode, the kids, along with their guardian, a 40,000 year old space crustacean named Shrimps, are embroiled in sci-fi shenanigans: helping settle new alien arrivals, playing with extreme extraterrestrial technology, and following the trail of all of the unexplained events and wormholes that occur in Kingsford Bluffs.

While describing “Wormholes”, Silas Hickey said:

“I’m attracted to its hand-drawn tactility, which is not just a point of difference. It’s something that really resonates with kids because it looks like it has a human touch and exists in real time and space. It’s different, but it has an auteur kind of feel. I think we’ll see a lot more of this.”

Just to be clear, Turner has not announced that they’ve brought the rights to “Wormholes”, although it gives an insight to what type of content they’re looking for, children’s television rivals – Nickelodeon Australia has also expressed an interest in the show.

We Bare Bears Creator Daniel Chong As Guest Speaker At Cartoon Network Imagination Studios Event In Singapore

We Bare Bears Creator Daniel Chong As Guest Speaker At Cartoon Network Imagination Studios Event In Singapore

We Bare Bears Creator Daniel Chong As Guest Speaker At Cartoon Network Imagination Studios Event In Singapore

Daniel Chong, the creator of Cartoon Network Studios’ We Bare Bears will be attending the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios Event in Singapore next month as a guest speaker. At the event, Daniel will talk about his experience and journey as an artist as well as the creative process behind Cartoon Network’s animated comedy – We Bare Bears.

The event in Singapore will consist of two different animation workshops for prospective animators, the event is a partnership between Cartoon Network and the IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore), there will be an adult’s animation industry workshop on 21st April and a children’s workshop on 22nd April, both sessions will run from 10am to 4pm and are free of charge, registration is required. The event will be held at the IMDA’s Pixel Studios in One-North. Daniel Chong will be speaking at both workshops. The animation industry workshop will feature speakers from Turner Asia-Pacific’s creative, programming and interactive teams including Glenn Bartlett, Silas Hickey, Yoshiya Ayugai, Mark Consell and Edward Barnieh as well as Vaibhav Kumaresh and Anand Babu from Vaibhav Studios, animators of Cartoon Network’s animated short series – Lamput.

Topics discussed at the animation industry workshop include an introduction and differences between Cartoon Network and Boomerang, the development and challenges behind animated short-form comedy, how to turn an animated concept into a show pitch, the importance of the interactive element to Cartoon Network’s shows – including games and a talk about Turner Asia-Pacific’s co-productions and what the company is looking for in an animated show.

Attendees will have the opportunity submit their own animation ideas to Cartoon Network. If selected, the idea could be fully funded and produced by Cartoon Network in partnership with IMDA. The animated short will also be screened on Cartoon Network’s channels across Asia.

At the children’s event, there will be a screening of stop-motion animation, a live demonstration of stop-motion animation using the ‘pixilation’ technique, at the end of the session, kids will get to create their own ‘pixilation’ film clip and will get to showcase their work. Children attending the session must be aged between 9 and 13.

Attendees for both workshops must register on the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios microsite on the Cartoon Network Southeast Asia website by the end of Monday 10th April, also StarHub TV subscribers are eligible for a free Cartoon Network goodie bag, make sure to enter in your subscriber NRIC number when registering.

Animation Industry Workshop and Children’s Workshop Terms and Conditions:

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release

Turner’s Cartoon Network has announced the staging of a two-day Imagination Studios workshop in Singapore as part of a global initiative to inspire the next generation of storytellers and creators.

Hosted in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and supported by StarHub, Imagination Studios comprises an industry workshop on Friday, April 21, and a workshop for children on Saturday, April 22. The events will be held at PIXEL Studios, a dedicated facility launched by IMDA last year to spur Singapore’s next generation of digital content creators.

Both events will be fronted by highly talented animator, Daniel Chong – creator and executive producer of Cartoon Network’s hit comedy, We Bare Bears. After building a successful career in Burbank, California, Daniel will speak about his journey as an artist and the process behind creating one of the hottest animated series.

“Imagination Studios will not only help us to provide a platform to those who are interested in animation, but will also look to inspire passion in future animators too. There is a strong pool of talent in Singapore and we are dedicated to working closely with industry leaders such as IMDA and StarHub to offer them new opportunities and direction. To complement Cartoon Network’s global artist and international shorts programmes, this event is also a great way for us to connect with our viewers, and show them how some of the best animated content is made,” said Mark Eyers, Chief Content Officer for Turner’s Kids Networks in Asia Pacific.

“IMDA is excited to partner Turner’s Cartoon Network to give Singapore talent the opportunity to unleash their imagination and creativity, to learn from and be inspired by artists like Daniel Chong. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, no matter how young you are or where you come from. So we hope that workshops like Imagination Studios will help uncover more interesting stories from Singapore and allow them to be enjoyed by a global audience,” added Angeline Poh, Assistant Chief Executive for Content and Innovation, IMDA.

Those attending the industry seminars will hear from a number of animation professionals from Turner and leading studios who will each provide insight into how to conceptualise, refine and pitch an idea. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to submit their own animation idea to Turner which, if selected, could be fully-funded and produced by Cartoon Network in partnership with IMDA, with the potential to be screened across Asia Pacific and beyond.

The workshop on Saturday, April 22, will introduce children to the wonderful world of animation. Through hands-on and group sessions, kids will learn how to create their very own stop-animation video in a fun and active environment. The session will be conducted by Vaibhav Kumarev, director of Vaibhav Studios in India, and creator of the award-winning Cartoon Network original series, Lamput.

Imagination Studios is a global initiative by Cartoon Network that looks to provide a fun and immersive experience to engage children and inspire them to get involved in publishing their own content. For more information, please visit