Turner Italy’s 2018 Successful Viewing Ratings Results

Turner Italy's 2018 Successful Viewing Rating Results

Turner Italy’s 2018 Successful Viewing Ratings Results

Turner Italy has ended year 2018 with successful results for its kids channels.

In the Italian market, Turner has four children’s channels, two that are free-to-air on digital terrestrial and co-owned by RTI Mediaset – Boing and Cartoonito and two are pay-TV channels fully owned by Turner and available on the Sky Italia satellite service – Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

Boing is the market leader in Italy and had a 11.6% share in the 4-14 age demographic during 2018.

In 2018, Cartoonito was first among commercial childrens’ channels that target the 4-7 year demographic with a share of over 9%.

Cartoon Network maintained its leadership status among kids pay-TV channels with a 0.90% viewing share.

In August 2018, Turner Italy launched an mobile app for Boing. The app now available to download for Android and iOS devices saw 1.7 million downloads in the first four months after launch. The Boing app features full episodes, a livestream of the Boing channel, games and other exclusive content.


Marco Berardi The New General Manager Of Turner Italy, Alice Fedele Promoted To Content Director Of Turner Italy

Marco Berardi The New General Manager Of Turner Italy, Alice Fedele Promoted To Content Director Of Turner Italye

Marco Berardi The New General Manager Of Turner Italy, Alice Fedele Promoted To Content Director Of Turner Italy

Marco Berardi has been appointed as the new vice president and general manager of Turner Italy, in his new role, he will oversee all of Turner’s kids channels including Cartoon Network and Boomerang as well as free-to-air digital terrestrial children’s channels Boing and Cartoonito which are co-owned in a joint venture with RTI Mediaset. He will also be in charge of all commercial and editorial activities for Turner in Italy and will report directly to Jaime Ondarza, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Turner Southern Europe and Africa.

Marco became the Finance Director of Turner Southern Europe and Africa in 2014, and in 2015 he became the Chief Operating Officer for Boing Italy. He originally joined the company in 2008 and head of finance and HR for Turner Italy, in 2012 his role expanded to cover France and other French speaking countries in Europe and Africa, later adding Turner UK to his remit.

Alice Fedele has also been promoted to Content Director of Turner Italy and Boing, she will report to Marco Berardi and will be responsible for programming and content acquisition for Turner’s pay and free-to-channels in Italy, she joined the company in 2016 as Programming and Acquisition Manager.





Boing Italy Rebrands Monday 7th March

Boing Italy Rebrands Monday 7th March

Boing Italy Rebrands Monday 7th March

Today (04/03/2016), Turner Broadcasting System Europe and Mediaset announced that Cartoon Network Italy’s FTA (free-to-air) sister channel, Boing will rebrand on Monday 7th March. The new channel rebrand will bring in a soft pastel colour look to the channel and the logo’s font has been given a rounded balloon-like refresh. Boing’s new slogan is “Insieme è meglio” (“Better Together” in English). Boing Italy’s website will also be given a refresh on 7th March.

Silvio Carini, President of Boing Spa (jointly owned by Turner and Mediaset) explains (translated) that the rebrand and the new slogan “Better Together” focuses on children and their desire to be together with the use of their imagination.

During March, Boing Italy will air new episodes of Uncle Grandpa (FTA Premieres) from 21st March and new episodes of Doraemon from rebrand day (7th March), more March highlights information can be found on the link below:


Boing have been airing some rebrand teasers which features Boing’s mascots, Bo and Bobo in a colourful sliced transformation sphere (representing Boing’s logo). Other new rebrand teasers include characters such as Dino (a Dinosaur), Maissa (a corn cob), Katrina (a chicken) and Otto (a robot). The rebrand package (including the teasers) were made by Lumbre, a design agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bo and Bobo Rebrand Teaser:

Dino Rebrand Teaser:

Maissa Rebrand Teaser:

Katrina Rebrand Teaser:

Otto Rebrand Teaser:

Also to promote the rebrand, Bo and Bobo will be travelling around Italy from Monday 7th March to Sunday 3rd April and will be visiting four Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari. During the week, Bo and Bobo will be visiting schools and during the weekends, they’ll be in the city centre greeting people and giving away goodies.