Toontorial Premieres On Cartoon Network Latin America’s YouTube Channel On 20th October

Toontorial Premieres On Cartoon Network Latin America's YouTube Channel On 20th October

Toontorial Premieres On Cartoon Network Latin America’s YouTube Channel On 20th October

This Saturday (20th October) at 10am, Cartoon Network Latin America’s YouTube channel will premiere their newest animated short series – Toontorial. Toontorial features humorous animated tutorials for simple everyday tasks but with ridiculously nonsensical and unnecessary instructions, an given example is finding a cyclops to open a can of beans or how to take care of a pet if it’s a dinosaur, or even how to pack battle-axe in a bag. The brand new animated shorts series is created by Axur Eneas made by Mexico City-based stop-motion animation studio – Cinema Fantasma. Toontorial was originally going to premiere on Cartoon Network Latin America’s YouTube channel on 6th October.

Toontorial was the winning project from Cartoon Network’s pitching competition at Pixelatl 2017 – Pitch Me Evolution. Axur Eneas was inspired by how-to tutorial videos on YouTube and guides on Wikihow and is a parody based on his own experiences of when learning basic tasks. Axur is inspired by animated shows featuring mixed-media for example – Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball or Nickelodeon’s Kablam!, he approached Roy and Arturo Ambriz at Cinema Fantasma to help produce the stop-motion element of his new series. Cinema Fantasma previously produced six stop-motion short films for Cartoon Network Latin America featuring characters from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence, the short films have been used as fillers between shows on the Cartoon Network Latin America television channel.

For the short-form animated series, Axur does script-writing, character design, storyboard, animatics, all the 2d animation, puppet designs and editing on his own, but he made sure that the main character of Toontorial has a simplistic design so he can focus more on the other aspects of production. In addition to the shorts, Cartoon Network Latin America has been uploading Toontorial comic strips on social media.

Earlier this year, Axur and Studio Fantasma finished production on the pilot, which was funded by the $7,500 USD cash prize from the Pitch Me Evolution pitching competition, earlier this year, both signed a contract with Cartoon Network for a 16-episode first season, with new episodes premiering every two weeks, Auxr was surprised by this, as he was only expected to make ten episodes.