Online Gaming YouTube Show Planet 1UP To Air On Cartoon Network Australia From Early 2019

Online Gaming YouTube Show Planet 1UP To Air On Cartoon Network Australia From Early 2019

Online Gaming YouTube Show Planet 1UP To Air On Cartoon Network Australia From Early 2019

Planet 1UP, a daily online gaming, pranks, challenges and review show on YouTube is coming to Cartoon Network and Boomerang in Australia. Planet 1UP is part of Turner Australia’s and Marquee Studios’ (a digital production and talent studio) – Mega Awesome Wow YouTube original content brand. A weekly “supercut” version of the YouTube show will premiere in early 2019. The episodes will feature the show’s host Nate Bramley and co-hosts such as cosplayer – Laura Gilbert.

According to Turner Australia’s general manager (owners and operators of Cartoon Network Australia) – Robi Stanton, YouTube is an important way for people to find new video content, it’s also a step towards “total consumption”, which means enjoying a brand across different forms of entertainment, whether its watching a full episode on YouTube, on the TV or playing a game, in statement, she said:

“There’s no denying that YouTube is an important way for people to discover new video content – and we need to maintain a presence on it to maximise our reach outside of the TV ecosystem. It’s also a great way for us to engage with our audience and fans. We talk about ‘total consumption’ a lot at Turner. What that means is that if you love a show like We Bare Bears, you perhaps saw a clip on YouTube. You’ll watch full episodes on the Cartoon Network channel or through our Watch and Play app, play a game, buy branded products and so on. A really hardcore fan might even share fan art on social media and visit a Cartoon Network theme park.”

The addition to Planet 1UP to Cartoon Network’s and Boomerang’s schedule will help the YouTube channel’s viewership, meanwhile, Cartoon Network and Boomerang gets an extra show in return. Robi Stanton also mentions that CN have been working with local YouTubers such as Wengie (voice of Bliss in the Australian variant of The Powerpuff Girls), Georgia Productions and CKN Toys. With the use of Mega Awesome Wow channels, Turner can create local content for Australian children and offer advertisers new opportunities on digital platforms.

The show’s host – Nate Bramley has been with the show ever since its first episode, he explains how he got involved in the YouTube show and talks about the show’s exciting future on television:

“I was a high school science teacher who was also obsessed with gaming. I had a friend working on a social project that I volunteered to help with. I came across the opportunity to host Planet 1UP and the rest, as they say, is history. We have been exclusively working on YouTube, Twitch and other mediums and we’re now excited to bring it to TV.”

Robi Stanton, CN Australia’s general manager further explains CN’s reasoning for bringing Planet 1UP to the television channel, she also explains that YouTube enables CN to share local content and CN wants to create content based on popular entertainment topics kids are currently talking about, she also explains that CN has always been at the forefront of digital entertainment:

“Planet 1UP is devoted to all things fun and funny. We already know that kids love the hosts Nate and Laura. Now an even wider group can laugh along with them on Cartoon Network. Planet 1UP has evolved to be more than gaming. We’ve created hilarious and memorable content, following online trends and working with influencers. Our aim is to create content that reflects what kids are talking about in the playground. YouTube, along with other social media platforms, allows us to add local flavour to our content. In terms of launch dates, Cartoon Network Australia has had a presence on YouTube since 2012 and we’ve racked up almost half-a-billion views. Planet 1UP has been gathering pace since its official launch in early 2018 and video views continue to grow. Our channels across all social media have developed significantly since we launched them and we will continue to test new ideas, refine, develop, respond to trends and listen to what our fans want. Cartoon Network is known for its many digital firsts. For example, it was the first kids network to launch a website and stream cartoons on the web. It also regularly experiments with new technologies like VR, AR and audio recognition.”

Turner Australia has conducted some research about the effectiveness of ad likeability, brand recall and purchase intent across different media platforms including TV and websites (including short-video websites). Purchase intent by kids aged between 4 to 14 years old increased when an advert was shown on TV only, compared to YouTube only, but purchasing intent increased when ads are shown on both TV and on YouTube.

Cartoon Network Watch And Play App Now Available For Sky TV Customers In New Zealand

Cartoon Network Watch And Play App Now Available For Sky TV Customers In New Zealand

Cartoon Network Watch And Play App Now Available For Sky Customers In New Zealand

Cartoon Network’s Watch and Play app is now available for Sky TV subscribers in New Zealand. Kids are now able to access their favourite Cartoon Network shows, games and videos anywhere at anytime. Sky TV customers can access the app’s features by logging in with their Sky account details. The app offers a safe environment for children and also offers age appropriate animated content straight from Cartoon Network’s animation library. Cartoon Network’s Watch and Play app is already available and accessible to Foxtel (Australia), Globe (Philippines) and True Visions (Thailand) subscribers. Also, Sky New Zealand customers are now able to access Nickelodeon’s Nick Play app, which also offers child-friendly content on the go.

Cartoon Network shows available on the Watch and Play app include: Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Mighty Magiswords, Steven Universe, Clarence and many more. The app also features personalised video mix playlist functionality and a live stream of the Cartoon Network TV channel.

From The Sky New Zealand Press Release: Sky Teams Up With Nickelodeon And Cartoon Network To Bring More Family Content To Customers With Two New Fun Apps Free iOS And Android Apps Offer Kiwis Access To Nickelodeon Content Anywhere, Anytime

SKY is thrilled to support the launch of NICK PLAY and CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY Apps in New Zealand, allowing Kiwi kids access to their favourite games, videos, animations and shows anywhere at any time.

Anyone with an internet connection can now head to their devices’ App store to download both the NICK PLAY and CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY Apps for free.

Kiwi kids, whose parents are SKY domestic customers, can then access loads of extra content from their favourite Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows simply by entering their SKY My Account details.

“We know hundreds of thousands of Kiwi kids are avid fans of both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network,” said SKY’s Director of Entertainment Content, Travis Dunbar. “So now, not only do they have the ability to access additional content via the Apps, but can also catch up on their favourite shows on the go just because they are SKY customers. As a parent myself it’s great to see the launch of both the NICK PLAY and CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY Apps in this market as they offer a safe place for kids to enjoy some of the best children’s content SKY has to offer when they’re away from home,” he said.

“SKY customers will love the extra content available on the CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY App,” said Robi Stanton, General Manager of Turner Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Territories. “Together with SKY, Cartoon Network is committed to providing our fans in New Zealand new ways to connect with the world’s best animation. The app offers a truly unique and enjoyable second-screen brand experience for kids to enjoy – and for parents to trust.”

Ben Cox, Vice President and General Manager of Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand said, “Nickelodeon has a long history of bringing the best shows and content to our Kiwi viewers and together with SKY, we’re now offering them more than ever before. The free NICK PLAY App provides our audiences with a safe environment to catch their favourite show from The Thundermans, to SpongeBob SquarePants and more. Our dedication to constantly innovate across all of our platforms means that we can provide viewers with a different experience every time they connect with our brand,” Cox concluded.

These engaging Apps for a new generation of multi-taskers allow our youngest viewers to watch their favourite episodes and shows, and play games, in a simple and safe layout, from anywhere in New Zealand.

SKY domestic customers who sign in by simply entering their SKY My Account login and password will have access to hundreds of hours of catch-up TV on the NICK PLAY App and access to full episodes of catch-up TV, along with the ability to stream Cartoon Network channel live, on the CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY App.

Ben 10 Now Airing On 9Go! In Australia And TVNZ 2 In New Zealand

Ben 10 Now Airing On 9Go! In Australia And TVNZ 2 In New Zealand

Ben 10 Now Airing On 9Go! In Australia And TVNZ 2 In New Zealand

One of Cartoon Network’s new shows is now airing on free-to-air television in Australia and New Zealand. From Saturday 15th April, Ben 10 has been airing as part of 9Go!’s Kids WB programming block in Australia. In New Zealand, the new Ben 10 series premiered on Wednesday 12th April on state-owned broadcaster TVNZ 2. Ben 10 is airing on weekdays on both 9Go! and TVNZ 2. The free-to-air broadcasting rights for Ben 10 expands on the current SVOD deal with Stan in Australia as well as pay-tv providers Foxtel and Fetch in Australia and Sky in New Zealand, which distribute the Cartoon Network Australia TV channel to their subscribers. Viewers can also watch episodes of Ben 10 through the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.

Several broadcasters from different parts of the world have already brought the FTA broadcasting rights for Ben 10, including CITV in the UK, Gulli in France and GMA in the Philippines. Alongside the new Powerpuff Girls series, both shows have generated a lot of interest amongst national FTA broadcasters who are looking for new content to expand upon their current children’s programming offering.

Cartoon Network won “2017 Action Toy of the Year” for its new Ben 10 Rust Bucket RV toy at the annual Toy Fair Gala Dinner in Melbourne last month. The new Ben 10 toy range is predicted to be a huge favourite for boys this year.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release: Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Is Everywhere This April: Ben 10’s Launch This Month On FTA Channels Extends Cartoon’s Intergalactic Reach

Ben 10, Cartoon Network’s biggest ever franchise, is extending its reach across multiple platforms and into more Australian and New Zealand homes this month with new free-to-air partnerships.

New agreements with 9Go! and TVNZ2 complement its existing distribution on pay-TV and SVOD platforms including Foxtel, Stan, Fetch and Sky New Zealand. Ben 10 is also available through the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.

Robi Stanton, Turner’s General Manager for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific, said:

“Ben 10 has always been big, but these deals catapult the series to new heights. It returned to screens in this region in late 2016 and reminded us of the show’s fun and adventure. With these distribution deals now in place, Ben Tennyson, along with his sister Gwen and Grandpa Max, is all set to entertain even more kids and families than ever before.”

The series kicked off with a feature in Kids WB on April 15 and is currently airing on weekdays from April 17 on 9Go! in Australia, and on weekdays from April 12 on TVNZ 2 in New Zealand.

Ahead of its June debut, expectations are high for the launch of the full collection of Ben 10 toys. Cartoon Network won “2017 Action Toy of the Year” with its new Rust Bucket toy at the
annual Toy Fair Gala Dinner in Melbourne last month. The range is predicted to be a huge favourite this year for boys.