Cartoon Network USA March 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network USA March 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network USA March 2019 Highlights: International Woman’s Day Celebrations

Animation website and publication – Animation Magazine has published Cartoon Network USA’s highlights for March 2019. March is Girl Power Month on Cartoon Network with the premiere of the brand new show DC Super Hero Girls and also brand new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls premiering on Sundays at 4.30pm ET/PT from Sunday 17th March, also the very first Powerpuff Girl – Bliss will be returning in another new episode called “Lights Out” on Sunday 24th March. In “Lights Out”, a new gadget brings a little more power to Townsville than the superhero sisters anticipated.

DC Super Hero Girls will premiere on International Woman’s Day on Friday 8th March at 6pm ET/PT, starting off with the one-hour special “#SweetJustice” (DC Super Hero Girls episode titles follow a social media hashtag format). The new show features the superheroic teens – Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Zatanna and the Green Lantern protecting the city of Metropolis while still having normal lives. On the day of the premiere and from 6am, Cartoon Network will be celebrating International Woman’s Day with an all-day marathon of new and classic episodes of Cartoon Network shows featuring strong female characters. CN will also be showcasing 60 episodes featuring the channel’s well known female cartoon characters onto the Cartoon Network app.

More information about DC Super Hero Girls on the link below:

CN’s International Woman’s Day event will also apply to CN’s international feeds who will be running similar events. In the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, fans will enjoy exclusive YouTube content featuring the best Powerpuff Girls moments. In Italy, The Powerpuff Girls are teaming up with cosmetics company – L’Oreal for “A Beautiful Day” – an annual mother-daughter day at the L’Oreal Academy in Rome on Saturday 9th March. In the APAC (Asia Pacific) region on International Woman’s Day, CN will be launching their local version of the Empowerpuff campaign, a campaign that casts a spotlight on trailblazing individuals, plus an all-day marathon of The Powerpuff Girls. CN Latin America will also be airing an all-day The Powerpuff Girls marathon on the 8th March.

In the United States, fashion designer Christian Cowan will be launching his Powerpuff Girls clothing collection on 8th March in Los Angeles. The special collaboration will help raise funds for non-profit – She’s The First. The non-profit organisation helps young woman through the use of education, mentorship and leadership. More information about The Powerpuff Girls and Christian Cowan collaboration on the link below:

Also in March on Cartoon Network USA are new episodes of Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans Go! and We Bare Bears every Monday at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm ET/PT respectively. New episodes of Total DramaRama will air on Saturdays at 9am ET/PT. New episodes of Ben 10 will also air on Saturdays at 12pm ET/PT. New episodes of Bakugan: Battle Planet airs on Saturdays at 7am ET/PT. New episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged air every Sunday at 6.30am ET/PT, also between Monday 11th to Friday 15th March, new episodes will air at 12.30pm ET/PT.

Victor and Valentino will make its debut on the penultimate day of March (Saturday 30th March) with four episodes airing from 9.30am ET/PT. More information about Victor and Valentino on the following link:

Cartoon Network March 2019 Programming Highlights According To Animation Magazine:

DC Super Hero Girls

Friday, March 8 at 6pm (ET/PT) “#SweetJustice”
When six ordinary girls meet and discover that they each have extraordinary powers, they decide to join forces to take on one of Metropolis’s most sinister villains.

Sunday, March 17 at 4pm (ET/PT) “#AdventuresInBunnysitting”
Zee asks Kara to look after her two magical bunnies, which quickly start to multiply, wreaking havoc all across Metropolis.

Sunday, March 24 at 4pm (ET/PT) “#HateTriangle”
When Hal’s ex-girlfriend shows up at the Metropolis High homecoming game and goes love-ballistic as the villain Star Sapphire, Jessica begins to second-guess her own nonviolent tactics.

Sunday, March 31 at 4pm (ET/PT) “#BurritoBucket”
Babs loves her job at a fast food restaurant, but her boss would love any excuse to fire her. When a bank robbery breaks out across the street from work, Babs is torn between her role as a superhero and dutiful Burrito Bucket employee.

The Powerpuff Girls

Sunday, March 17 at 4.30pm (ET/PT) “Oh, Daisy!”
Buttercup is not a fan of Bubbles’ newly created digital assistant.

“Brain Freeze”
When a mysterious new ice cream flavor takes Townsville by storm, the girls suspect there might be foul play.

Sunday, March 24 at 4.30pm (ET/PT) “Lights Out!”
When Bliss brings a new tech product to town, it’s more powerful than imagined.

When the girls tell Barry he’s a hero, he takes it too far.

Sunday, March 31 at 4.30pm (ET/PT) “The Fog”

A new villain arrives in Townsville and gives the old villains an enticing offer.

“The Spoon”

A crash landing sends Townsville over the edge.

Craig of the Creek

Monday, March 4 at 5pm (ET/PT) “The Mystery of the Timekeeper”
When the Time Keeper goes missing, Craig and his friends take up the task of helping kids get home in time for dinner.

Monday, March 11 at 5pm (ET/PT) “Alone Quest”
Craig has an “emergency” leaving Kelsey alone at the Stump.

Monday, March 18 at 5pm (ET/PT) “Memories of Bobby”
When a pillar of the Creek community leaves, our trio mourns their loss by remembering the good times.

“Jacob of the Creek”
A terrible haircut forces Craig to go undercover at the Creek.

Monday, March 25 at 5pm (ET/PT) “Return of the Honeysuckle Badgers”
Craig discovers that the Honeysuckle Rangers have snuck into his side of the Creek to steal his most prized possession.

“Fort Williams”
When Craig can’t go to the Creek, he and his mom decide to build the biggest blanket fort in the world!

Teen Titans Go!

Monday, March 4 at 6pm (ET/PT) “I Used To Be A Peoples”
Robin feels the other Titans are spending too much time together so he encourages them to spend some time alone.

Monday, March 11 at 6pm (ET/PT) “The Metric System vs. Freedom”
Robin teaches the other Titans about the difference between the Imperial System and the Metric System.

Monday, March 18 at 6pm (ET/PT) “The Chaff”
In an effort to get Teen Titan Go! canceled, Control Freak shows off some deleted scenes.

Monday, March 25 at 6pm (ET/PT) “Them Soviet Boys”
In order to quickly get through their chores and karate lessons, the Titans learn how to montage.

We Bare Bears

Monday, March 4 at 7pm (ET/PT) “Bubble”
Panda becomes a germophobe and decides to live the rest of his life in a bubble.

Monday, March 11 at 7pm (ET/PT) “Baby Orphan Ninja Bears”
The Baby Bears venture into the sewers and meet a ninja-like martial arts master.

Monday, March 18 at 7pm (ET/PT) “Fire!”
Grizz’s quick thinking prevents a potential wildfire, but the praise he receives from doing so quickly goes to his head.

Monday, March 25 at 7pm (ET/PT) “Snake Babies”
Charlie adopts baby snakes despite the Bears thinking he’s not ready for parenthood.

Total DramaRama

Saturday, March 2 at 9am (ET/PT) “Snow Way Out”
Owen wants everyone to love his new snowsuit and envy him, but it’s just not working out that way.

Saturday, March 9 at 9am (ET/PT) “Stay Goth, Poodle Girl”
Gwen accidentally brings a pink stuffed pony she loves to daycare and spends the day denying it’s hers.

Saturday, March 16 at 9am (ET/PT) “Gum and Gummer”
Beth gets her gum stuck in Leshawna’s hair and has to get it out – without Leshawna finding out it’s there.

Saturday, March 23 at 9am (ET/PT) “Invasion of the Booger Snatchers”
Harold believes that the picture day photographer is somehow turning the kids into well behaved zombies.

Saturday, March 30 at 9am (ET/PT) “Wristy Business”
Beth and Leshawna try to one-up each other with fake injuries as they compete for the attention and sympathy of the other kids at daycare.

“Melter Skelter”
When Chef tells Beth he won’t buy the new super amazing toy she wants because they already have plenty to play with, she goes on a mission to get rid of their toys.

Victor and Valentino

Saturday, March 30 at 9.30am (ET/PT) “Folk Art Foes”
When Vic accidentally unleashes the lord of mischief from an ancient relic, Victor and Valentino have to work together to trap it back inside.

“Dead Ringer”
When Vic doesn’t pick Val for his soccer team, Val vows to win with his own squad. But when his team doesn’t match up, he resorts to supernatural means to win.

“Brotherly Love”
After breaking Chata’s plant, Vic and Val must accomplish the seemingly easy task of replacing it; this proves difficult when their squabbling puts Monte Macabre in jeopardy.

“Chata’s Quinta Quinceañera”
Vic and Val want to go to a friend’s pool party on the same day as their grandma’s quinceañera, so they use a magical flute that allows them to teleport and attend both at the same time.

Ben 10

Saturday, March 2 at 12pm (ET/PT) “Rath of Con”
Ben can’t get into a cat cosplay competition, Top Tail, without a costume of his own; but when he goes Rath, a new cat-like alien with an attitude, Ben’s newfound wild side quickly becomes much more than he bargained for.

“Poles Apart”
A trip to the South Pole goes upside down when Team Tennyson lands on the North Pole instead, but Ben quickly discovers the culprits, magnetically-powered scientists who want to hold the world ransom by reversing the Earth’s poles!

Saturday, March 9 at 12pm (ET/PT) “Show Don’t Tell”
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max arrive at a Native American national park to witness an ancient Stonehenge-like rock formation. But when the sorcerer Hex arrives, Ben must battle against a beast Hex magically made out of huge rocks!

“Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!”
During medieval times, Team Tennyson must fight to remember that they’re not in the past at all, but actually at a Renaissance-esque faire, where “King Zombozo” has hypnotized its guests into thinking they live in the past!

Saturday, March 16 at 12pm (ET/PT) “Bridge Out”
After an overpass collapses on the highway, Team Tennyson is in a traffic jam along with Simon Sez and family. But when Ben and Simon team up to tackle the gridlock together, Simon only makes matters much, much worse.

“Beach Heads”
After traveling to Tampa Beach, Florida, Team Tennyson hopes to get some much-needed rest & relaxation, but the tempests without a temper, the Weatherheads, have other plans that Ben must thwart: to build a new beach base!

Saturday, March 23 at 12pm (ET/PT) “Charm School’s Out”
During a family cookout at a forest campsite, Charmcaster users her magic to switch places with Gwen, but when Ben catches “Charmcaster” sneaking about, he attacks, unaware it’s actually his cursed cousin!

“Billy Bajillions”
In Aspen, Colorado, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are on a hike to find the Forgeti, but when they realize they’ve stumbled upon Billy Billions own “Winter in July” ski resort, Ben must battle Billy, with an assist from the Forgeti itself.

Bakugan: Battle Planet

Saturday, March 2 at 7am (ET/PT) “All Jungled Up/Outer Demons”
AO experience mind altering effects of the nearby Core Cell and come face to face with the Bakuzon monster Tiko. Then, the AO find the doorway out of Vestroia only to learn they have entered a mirror world of their own imagining.

Saturday, March 9 at 7am (ET/PT) “Matter of the Mind/Core Cell”
Drago leads the Bakugan against the threat of Tiko to protect a powerful energy source.. Then, AO defend the Core Cell from an attack by Tiko and in a last ditch effort to save it Dan manages to evolve Drago into his L2 form.

Saturday, March 16 at 7am (ET/PT) “Subterranean Homesick Blues/Honey Struck”
AO return home to learn that no time has passed but they soon discover their knowledge of brawling has gotten years advanced. Then, after Strata is sent packing the AO discover that they have picked up a hitchhiker a Panda-like Bakugan.

Saturday, March 23 at 7am (ET/PT) “Shun Shine/Ronin Son”
AO want to evolve their Bakugan like Dan did with Drago but only Shun finds a way by tapping into the energy of the Mind Core Cell. Then, Shun’s cousin claims Hydorous as his intellectual property the AO must battle to keep their friend.

Saturday, March 30 at 7am (ET/PT) “Framing Device/Bad Actors”
Confronted by China, Riot Lia learns to evolve Pegatrix after realizing the true meaning behind her filming obsession. Then, Dan tries to lie about evolving Drago and gets exposed while the team face off against Duran Dane and his Bakugan.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Sunday, March 3 at 6.30am (ET/PT) “All Good in the Wood”
When Suna and Ashley’s science project turns into a hungry blob monster, Mega Man must team up with Wood Man to shut down the experiment gone wrong before it devours the city!

Sunday, March 10 at 6.30am (ET/PT) “Fire Man in the Wood”
While hiking on a dormant volcano, Aki sets out to retrieve Ashley’s lost camera and, as Mega Man, to stop Fire Man from setting off an eruption!

Monday, March 11 at 12.30pm (ET/PT) “A Split End”
After replicating Cut Man’s powers, Mega Man goes on a perfectionist spree, putting him on a collision course with Cut Man himself, whose latest stint as a hairdresser hasn’t helped him overcome his own compulsions.

Tuesday, March 12 at 12.30pm (ET/PT) “All Play and No Work”
Mega Man must resist the influence of a prankster bot named Chaotique, whose devil may care ideology appeals to the overworked superhero, until his friends pay the price for his dalliances.

Wednesday, March 13 at 12.30pm (ET/PT) “More More More!”
In order to out-muscle Guts Man, Mega Man copies the big bot’s schematics, and his insatiable appetite!

Thursday, March 14 at 12.30pm (ET/PT) “Blast Resort”
Mega Man must assist Blasto Woman in a heist to stop a powerful EMP emitter from falling into the wrong hands.

Friday, March 15 at 12.30pm (ET/PT) “Too Much Is Never Enough”
Envious of Namagem’s ability to wield more than three powers at a time, Mega Man tries taking all of his replicated schematics on board, with grave side effects.

Sunday, March 24 at 6.30am (ET/PT) “The Bluster Bunch”
A trail of tornadic destruction leads Mega Man, Suna, and Rush through a series of encounters with Air Man’s quirky siblings.

Sunday, March 31 at 6.30am (ET/PT) “It’s Chemistry, Man”
Chemistry Man lays siege to Silicon Central when he discovers that his replacement, Miss CHO, has been presented with a teaching award.

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New Shows

Summer Camp Island

Premieres on Monday 10th December, airs weekdays at 7.20pm.
Two half-hours worth of new episodes every day.
New episodes end on Friday 14th December.

Transformers: Cyberverse

Premieres on Saturday 8th December at 8.30pm, also airs on Sunday 9th December at 8.30pm.

Christmas Programming Stunt: Teen Titans Go! vs Santa Claus

Airs from Saturday 1st December, airs weekends at 10.15am.
Airs daily at 10.15am from Monday 24th December.
Programming stunt ends Wednesday 26th December.

Programming Stunt: Welcome to the Cartoon Network Family

Airs from Monday 31st December, airs daily at 3.55pm.
Programming stunt ends Sunday 6th January 2019.

New Episodes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

New episodes airs from Monday 17th December, airs weekdays at 1.05pm.
New episodes end Thursday 3rd January 2019.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

New episodes continue until Monday 10th December, airs weekdays at 5.25pm.

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

New episodes continue until Friday 7th December, airs weekdays at 1.05pm.

Winter Marathons

Airs from Thursday 27th December, airs daily at 10.15am.
Only airs on weekends from Saturday 12th January 2019 at 10.15am.
Winter Marathons end on Sunday 10th February 2019.

Toony Tube Programming Block

Toony Tube will continue to air on weekends at 8.20am.
Toony Tube ends on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

Boomerang Central Eastern Europe December 2018 Highlights

New Episodes

Wacky Races

New episodes from season two, airs from Monday 3rd December, airs daily at 7.40pm.
New episodes end Saturday 22nd December.

The Happos Family

New episodes air from Monday 10th December, airs daily at 1.50pm.
New episodes end Tuesday 25th December.

New Looney Tunes

New episodes continue until Friday 14th December, airs daily at 4.40pm.

Ben 10

Airs Saturday 1st December at 7.15pm.

Christmas Special: Oddbods: The Festive Menace

Airs Monday 17th December at 2pm.

Team Scooby: Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Marathons

Airs from Saturday 1st December, airs weekends at 8.15am.
Marathons end Sunday 16th December.

Wintertime with Tom and Jerry Programming Stunt

Special programming with The Tom and Jerry Show and Tom and Jerry movies.

Airs from Saturday 22nd December, airs daily at 9.05am.
Programming stunt ends Tuesday 1st January 2019.

Lunchtime Marathons

Three hour marathons of a different show every month. This month, episodes of Bunnicula will air.

Airs from Saturday 1st December, airs daily at 12.40pm.
Marathons end Friday 21st December.

Special thanks to Toonsphere (Prartoon) for the press release:

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa October 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa October 2018 Highlights

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Cartoon Network Africa October 2018 Highlights

Brand New Show

Craig Of The Creek

Premieres Monday 15th October, airs Monday to Friday at 3.40pm.

Grab your toilet-paper sword and follow best friends Craig, JP, and Kelsey as they explore the untamed suburban wilderness known as the Creek – a kid utopia where tribes of children rule over tree forts and bike ramps, making up an entire kid society. It’s a boundless, kid-run world full of colorful characters that fosters new imaginative adventures every day.
“When my house is not a home, the creek is still the creek. There’s always space out here to call my own, any day of the week”. Make sure to tune in to Cartoon Network for this exciting new adventure!

Holiday Stunt

Holidays, Ahoy!

Premieres Monday 1st October, airs Monday to Friday at 7.40am.

We have a great idea for how you can celebrate weekday mornings without school these holidays! Drag yourself out of bed, keep the blanket on if you must, and turn on Cartoon Network to experience the best way ever to wake up. During the holiday week, the first week of October, we have put together a special stunt on weekday mornings where every day we will focus on one of your favourite shows, like: Teen Titans Go!, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball. Even our newcomer, Craig of the Creek, will get a special morning for the holidays!

Brand New Episodes

The Powerpuff Girls

New episodes air from Monday 8th October, airs Mondays to Fridays at 5.55pm.

The power of three!

The Powerpuff Girls are back in new adventures this October on Cartoon Network. The lives of these three super-cute, super-fierce girls sure get interesting while trying to balance teenage drama while still saving the world before bedtime! The all-new episodes include quests to cure jungle temples, arctic missions, first dates and big, priceless loves. Whatever is in that chemical X, we want some! Tune in to Cartoon Network for some kickass girl power this October!

Special thanks to Entertainment Inside Us for the info:

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa October 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Africa October 2018 Highlights

Brand New Season

The Happos Family

New episodes from season two air from Monday 1st October, airs Monday 1st October to Monday 8th October at 9.35am.

The Happos are finally back!

The Happos Family season 2 is finally landing on the channel… with a wonderful splash! After the gates to the safari park close to all visitors, it’s time for the Happo’s fun-fueled happoness adventures to begin – the wallowing, lazy hippos are long gone. For example, see how Fixit makes Bella a nice pair of red dancing shoes – which go haywire on their own! There is never a dull moment with these guys, so we’ve decided to bring their crazy, zany, Happo adventures along to our school holiday celebrations, pairing them with their other crazy, zany Boomerang friends in our special

New Episodes

Wacky Races

New episodes air on Saturday 20th October and also Wednesday 31st October from 4.40pm.

Legendary races!

Our Wacky racers are back at it again! This lap around they are facing some extraordinary contestants, bring- ing the game up to a whole new level! It’s a truly epic line-up they have before them, starting off against the God of the Underworld and his helpers, Pluto and Ceberus. The race then takes them to Victorian England with steam-powered automotive vehicles, over to the underwater city of Atlantis, and at some point, Thor, the God of Thunders, tags along as well… Make sure to tune in to Boomerang for some true, wacky racing, this October!

Holiday Programming Stunt

Bunnicula Bunnanza

Airs from Monday 22nd October, airs Monday to Friday at 3.40pm.

A vegan bun to go!

Mina and her three pets, the cautious cat Chester, the happy-go lucky dog Harold and the vegetarian vampire rabbit Bunnicula, are back for more not-so-bloody stories on Boomerang! Sweet Bunnicula sure is good at ‘accidentally’ getting himself into a mess, like ‘accidentally’ wiping people’s minds, ‘accidentally’ draining ancient plants, or ‘accidentally’ turning into chocolate … amongst other things! Since this gang of friends is BIG on Halloween, they’ll be throwing a BIG Halloween party stunt on the channel together with Scooby-Doo and his friends, where they will all be celebrating the spooky holidays in a BIG way. You don’t want to miss out on this!

Special thanks to Entertainment Inside Us for the info: