Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

Cartoon Network Canada Becomes A 24 Hours Service From Monday 4th March

From Monday 4th March at 12am, Cartoon Network Canada will be broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ever since Cartoon Network Canada launched in 2012, it timeshared with Adult Swim – Cartoon Network’s young adult entertainment brand, but from 4th March, the Adult Swim block will be removed from the schedule. The schedule changes puts Cartoon Network Canada in-line with other international versions of Cartoon Network outside the United States that broadcast around the clock. Adult Swim Canada will be signing on for the final time after CN Canada on Sunday 3rd March at 9pm. After the removal of Adult Swim, CN Canada will gain an additional three hours of airtime.

In Canada, Cartoon Network is operated by Corus Entertainment and uses Cartoon Network’s branding and programming under license from Turner Broadcasting System. CN Canada becoming 24/7 is the channel’s biggest development ever since the closure of Corus’s classic animation channel (and was regarded to being Canada’s equivalent to Boomerang) – Teletoon Retro to help increase distribution of Cartoon Network in Canada which happened over three years ago. Corus’s flagship animation channel – Teletoon also has an adult animation block called Teletoon At Night that sometimes airs Adult Swim branded shows, during the daytime, the channel airs a wide selection of shows that usually airs on CN.

According to a recently appeared billboard advertisement that appeared in Toronto, Adult Swim is relaunching in Canada on Monday 1st April, and according to Canadian anime news blog – I Miss Bionix, the billboard was placed by Corus themselves. 1st April is April Fools’ Day and can be a day of mistruths, but misleading advertising in a developed country such as Canada is illegal. It’s not known in what form Adult Swim will return to Canada, it could be a programming block on one of Corus’s other channels or a video on-demand service. In the meantime of Adult Swim’s absence, people in Canada can watch Teletoon At Night.

Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil March 2019 Highlights

Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil March 2019 Highlights

Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil March 2019 Highlights

New Episodes


New episodes of Bunnicula airs every Tuesdays at 6pm.

Paranormal adventures await you! Upon moving to the mysterious Orlock Apartments building in New Orleans, 13-year-old Mina discovers Bunnicula locked away in a chamber way down in the basement. Mina falls instantly in love with Bunnicula, and adopts him as a pet, not knowing he has supernatural abilities. The mischievous rabbit is met with open arms by her lovable, laid-back dog, Harold, and abject fear by her paranoid cat, Chester. But Bunnicula loves Mina and will do anything to protect her from all the crazy supernatural animals and monsters he attracts.


New episodes of Zuzubalandia air every Friday at 6pm.

Join Zuzu and her friends in their delicious kingdom! Zuzubalandia is a kingdom where everything is made of food. The neighborhoods are made of fruits, candies, vegetables, sushi, cheese and other delicious things. The main character is a bee called Zuzu. She dreams about being a famous singer – although she has a terrible voice! Very close to the kingdom lives a witch who’s under a spell and hates food. She wants to destroy Zuzubalandia to make it stop growing and invading her land. Zuzu and her friends have the mission to keep the witch from succeeding in her evil plans.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

New episodes of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs airs every Thursday at 6.15pm.

Let’s see what Flint is up to this time! We already know Flint Lockwood, a high school student who suffers from NFD: non-fish-related dreams. He strives to be a serious inventor… and maybe one day have his inventions change the world instead of blowing up in his face. Joining the cause is Sam Sparks -new girl in town and aspiring meteorologist. In March, Flint and Sam come together for all-new comedic adventures that you can’t miss!

Boomerang Carnaval Block (Boomerang Brazil Only)

A special Boomerang block celebrating Carnaval (known as Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day in other countries), airs from Friday 1st March to Saturday 9th March at 2pm.

The block will include episodes of Zuzubalandia, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Monica’s Gang and much more.

Highlights For Boomerang Latin America Sub-feeds In .docx Format

Pan Feed (In English):

Pan Feed (In Spanish):

Mexico (In Spanish):

Argentina (In Spanish):

Highlights For Boomerang Brazil In .docx Format (In Portuguese)

Cartoon Network Brazil’s New Young Adult Programming Block: CN Off-Air

Cartoon Network Brazil's New Young Adult Programming Block: CN Off-Air

Cartoon Network Latin America’s New Young Adult Programming Block: CN Off-Air

Starting from today (Monday 5th November), Cartoon Network Latin America will be airing a brand new programming block aimed at young adults – CN Off-Air. According to Adriana Alcântara, senior director of content and national production for Cartoon Network Brazil, the channel has high ratings in 18-24 year old demographic, many of the young adults who watch the channel also grew up watching the channel and continue to enjoy the channel’s output.

The programming block features 100% Brazilian-originated animated shorts mixed-in with scheduled programming and will air from 10pm every Monday. During the block, Cartoon Network will be showcasing colourless lined animated shorts featuring the characters from classic Cartoon Network shows such as Dexter’s Laboratory and more recent shows such as Adventure Time. Animated shorts include A liga da procrastinação (The Procrastination League) featuring Uncle Grandpa; Regular Show’s Mordecai and Rigby; and Richard Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball and Promessas de vilões (Promises of Villains) which features the villains from various Cartoon Network shows.