Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff The World Art Series

Cartoon Network's Powerpuff The World Art Series

Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff The World Art Series

Cartoon Network has asked artists from all over the world to express themselves as a Powerpuff Girl in the form of an art piece. Twenty-five artists have contributed to the special art series by picturing themselves in a variety of art styles to display their inner superhero and to show their personal interpretation of what it means to be a Powerpuff Girl.

All artwork can be seen on the Powerpuff The World website: People using social media (Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr) can also participate by sharing their Powerpuff Girls artwork using the #PowerpuffTheWorld hashtag. People who contribute artwork using social media will have a chance to win Powerpuff Girls themed bags from the luxury fashion house – Moschino.

To see the special art collection and to find out more about each art piece, please follow the link below:

The Powerpuff Girls is among one of the first original series that was produced for Cartoon Network, the show is about three super cute but super fierce superheroines – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, collectively known as The Powerpuff Girls and it’s their duty to save their hometown – Townsville and the world before bedtime. Cartoon Network revived the show in 2016 and has achieved high ratings on free-to-air channels in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, broadcasting rights for the rebooted series has been picked up by various channels in different countries.

Also, earlier this year in April, Cartoon Network Africa ran a Powerpuff Girls art exhibition in Cape Town in South Africa, “The Powerpuff Girls Art Factory” exhibition featured Powerpuff Girls styled character designs produced by some of the best illustrators in South Africa.

From The Turner USA Press Release: Cartoon Network Presents: Powerpuff The World Art Series

What is Powerpuff the World?

A collection of art showcasing 25 artists from across the globe who have used their unique artistic styles and diverse perspectives to show the world what makes them powerful.

The Art Collection

From Japan to Brazil to Russia to South Korea, these talented artists have created their own authentic interpretations of what it means to be a Powerpuff Girl. View the collection here!

Express Your Power #PowerpuffTheWorld Submissions

You can participate by submitting art that interprets what inspires you to find your inner superhero by using #PowerpuffTheWorld via social media.

Powerpuff the World Artist Video Coming Soon

Watch an artist explain the meaning behind her Powerpuff the World creation. Coming soon to Cartoon Network social channels: YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.