Cartoon Network Southeast Asia: It’s Raining Cats And Dogs Programming Block

It's Raining Cats And Dogs

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs: A Programming Block For Those Wet Days

Starting from tomorrow (18/07/2015) is a new programming block called It’s Raining Cats And Dogs on Cartoon Network Southeast Asia, featuring Cartoon Network’s most famous cat and dog cartoon characters. The daily mini-marathon block will feature episodes from some of the following shows: Scooby-Doo, Courage The Cowardly Dog, The Amazing World of Gumball, Rat-a-tat, Oggy and the Cockroaches and Tom and Jerry. The title for the block is based on the English idiom for heavy rain which is “It’s Raining Cats And Dogs” but in Cartoon Network’s case it’s taken literally.

The mini-marathon will first air from 10am (Singapore and Malaysia Time) and 9am (Thailand Time).

Adventure Time Art Fair School Tour In Manila, Philippines

Adventure Time Art Fair

Cartoon Network and Top Draw Animation have teamed up to do an Adventure Time Art Fair school tour in Manila, Philippines which will start from tomorrow (16/07/2015). The Adventure Time Art Fair school tour will visit ten schools in Manila’s metropolitan area. The art fair will feature workshop and carnival elements. Animators and creative directors from Top Draw Animation, known for animating Monster Beach and the new upcoming Cartoon Network series, Exchange Student Zero will be hosting the event. One of the animators at the event will be Francis “Kiko” Lerma known for his work on Warner Bros. Animation’s Teen Titans and is currently working on Exchange Student Zero. The purpose of the event is to teach children about art by using the artwork and character designs from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time as a prime example.

Apart from the workshops, there will be an opportunity to learn about various arts and crafts and children will get to draw their very own Adventure Time character. Everyone who attends the art fair will get to take home instructions for drawing Finn and Jake, and exclusive goodies from Cartoon Network.

Francis “Kiko” Lerma is looking forward to the event and looking forward to teaching students about art, this is what he said:

We are really looking forward to meeting the students and teaching them about art. And with Cartoon Network’s huge fan-base in Manila, we’re sure to have a fun time drawing the zany characters at the Adventure Time Art Fair.

Gregory Ho, VP of Corporate Communication and Marketing at Turner Asia Pacific made this statement about the Adventure Time Art Fair:

“We want to encourage kids to tap into their huge well of creativity and the Adventure Time Art Fair is the perfect place for them to express their artistic talent. We’d like to thank all the schools that have agreed to participate in the event, and for allowing us to help supplement the curriculum with a big dose of fun”

Exchange Student Zero will premiere on Cartoon Network Southeast Asia in September.

Cartoon Network’s Commissioned TV Movie, Monster Beach, Wins Astra Award For Most Outstanding Children’s Programme

Monster Beach

Cartoon Network’s first Australian commissioned animated TV movie, Monster Beach, has won an Astra Award in The Most Outstanding Children’s Programme category, the 2015 Astra Awards ceremony was held in Pyrmont, Sydney on 12th March. Monster Beach premiered last Hallowe’en on Cartoon Network Australia and then around the Asia-Pacific region, the animated movie will air in Europe later this year.

The original movie was created by Australian animation studio Bogan Entertainment Solutions (BES) with animation also produced by Top Draw Animation in the Philippines. Monster Beach follows two siblings who visit their uncle on a secluded island for the summer, only to find the island in danger and the locals are surf-crazed monsters.

Turner International Asia Pacific chief content officer for kids content, Mark Eyers, made this statement regarding the success of Monster Beach:

“The success of Monster Beach is a result of a collaboration between Cartoon Network’s executive production team in Hong Kong and BES in Melbourne. It is a great example of how an international network can partner with Australia’s top talent to create locally-produced content that can reach audiences across the world”

The director of Monster Beach, Patrick Crawley, made this statement in regards of the development and success of the movie:

“Taking a project from the kitchen table through to international release has been an amazing experience. As has partnering with those whose belief in the concepts and the potential of Australian animation has been unswerving in its support. Working with Cartoon Network has meant we’ve had the opportunity to link some of the best Australian writing, design and animation talent with their contemporaries from around the world to deliver an outstanding project”

Adventure Time also received a 2015 Astra Awards nomination for Most Outstanding Children’s Program, but it lost to Monster Beach.