Cartoon Network Books Has Released Two New Mighty Magiswords Books

Cartoon Network Books Has Released Two New Mighty Magiswords Books

Cartoon Network Books Has Released Two New Mighty Magiswords Books

On Tuesday this week (13/03/2018), Cartoon Network Books (an imprint of Penguin Kids) has released two new books based on Cartoon Network’s comedy-action animated series – Mighty Magiswords. The two new books are called “The Far-from-Complete Compendium of Magiswords” written by Brandon T. Snider and “The Sword That Wasn’t There” also written by Brandon T. Snider and illustrated by Shane L. Johnson. The two new books are now available to buy at book stores and online retailers in the United States.

The Far-from-Complete Compendium of Magiswords is the ultimate source of information for any novice Magisword seeker, there’s facts and strange info about each crazy magical sword in the animated series. The book will help young Magiswords seekers to wisely choose their swords in any situation, the correct sword can resolve any situation with great effect, but choosing the wrong sword would make them look foolish.

The book, The Sword That Wasn’t There is a Choose-Your-Magisword adventure story book, where readers can pick their own sword and path in the story. In the book, Warriors For Hire siblings – Prohyas and Vambre are off on adventure to obtain another Magisword, but there’s one problem, there’s a rumour that the sword is invisible, so how can know that the sword actually exists? Throughout the story, the reader will have to make decisions to help guide Prohyas and Vambre by choosing a Magisword, each decision can change the story in a number of wacky ways!

On 24th July 2018, Cartoon Network Books will be releasing another Mighty Magiswords book – called the “Ultimate Foe-down Activity Book” written by Hannah S. Campbell. The Ultimate Foe-down Activity Book, is a sticker activity book, where the reader can help Prohyas and Vambre take on their enemies such as Witch Way (Morbidia and Gateaux), Hoppus the Rabbit and Nohyas (Prohyas’ evil doppleganger). The book is filled with puzzles, quizzes, games and two sheets of stickers, which is more than enough for hours of foe-vanquishing fun!.

Cartoon Network Books Imprint By Penguin

Adventure Time Mad Libs

Cartoon Network is launching a book imprint (or sub-brand) with Penguin Young Readers Group in summer 2015.

Under the brand of Cartoon Network Books, the imprint will publish Mad Libs, novels and chapter books, activity and doodle formats, nonfiction handbooks, gift sets and kits. The 2015 launch will also feature books based on Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence, the upcoming We Bare Bears, and the return of The Powerpuff Girls in 2016. Penguin has already published books for Cartoon Network for Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Francesco Sedita, the president and publisher of Grosset and Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group made this statement:

“We’ve seen tremendous success and growth with our Cartoon Network publishing program, so it was a natural next step to truly hold hands with Cartoon Network on a dedicated imprint. There’s just so much creativity and fun that happens when we all sit down together. And our mission is clear: To make awesome books for every child—every type of reader. That is most important to the both of us.”

Pete Yoder, the VP of consumer products for North America at Cartoon Network Enterprises made this statement regarding the deal:

“Publishing plays a vitally important role in the success of our consumer products programs, and Penguin has been a valuable partner in creating engaging books that capture the fun and humor of our characters and shows,” said . “This dedicated imprint and expanded partnership will allow us to continue to tell great stories with our brands within the pages of our books.”