Cartoon Network Latin America Generic Feed To Split In June, Sonic Boom To Air On CN LA Feeds From 5th June

Cartoon Network Latin America

Today (05/05/2015) according to ANMTV and Notitoon, it was confirmed that the Cartoon Network Latin America Generic Pan sub-feed will be split in June, the two feeds will be known as “Generic Feed 1” and “Generic Feed 2”. Generic Feed 1 aka “Cartoon Network Colombia” will be the north feed dominated countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, Generic Feed 2 aka “Cartoon Network Chile” will be for southern Latin American countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. The announcement of a possible feed split was announced by Cartoon Network Latin America Vice President, Paul Zuccarino, back in January, but today it was officially confirmed that it will now happen.

In other news, Sonic Boom, the new 3D CGI animated show based on the Sonic The Hedgehog video games will premiere on CN LA sub-feeds on Friday 5th June at 4.30pm Mexico/4.45pm Argentina and 2:30pm Columbia/Venezuela.

Cartoon Network Argentina HD And Cartoon Network Latin America Pan-Regional 2 Feed

On 20th August, a newly appeared HD feed for the Argentina variant of Cartoon Network Latin America is currently being tested on the Intelsat 11 satellite, it is not currently known when the HD channel will be added to a TV provider.

Also another SD feed appeared on the Intelsat 11 satellite on another Turner owned transponder, called Cartoon Network Latin America Pan-Regional 2, this means there will be two pan-feeds in the Latin America, but it’s not currently known when the second pan-feed will be added to a TV provider which will likely replace the Pan-Regional 1 feed in some parts of Latin America.

Thanks to Mariana on ToonZone and ANMTV for the information.

CN Argentina HD Satellite Record:

CN Latin America Pan-Regional 2 Satellite record:

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