Over The Garden Wall: Preview

Last week at Comic-Con in San Diego, Cartoon Network USA revealed a preview of the highly anticipated mini-series “Over The Garden Wall”. This is Cartoon Network’s first attempt at a mini-series, only ten episodes (at present) will be made, which means fast plot development over a small amount of episodes, instead of having a prolonged story arc or a separate story for each episode. The mini-series features two main characters, Wirt and Greg, who are trying to leave a mysterious land and go back home, with help from an elderly woodsman and a bluebird named Beatrice. Elijah Wood is the voice actor for Wirt, Collin Dean voices Greg and Melanie Lynskey voices Beatrice.

Over the Garden Wall is created by Patrick McHale, who was a storyboard artist on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and is a creative director for Adventure Time. The original short of Over The Garden Wall received an award,  The Bruce Corwin Award for Best Animation in the Short Film department at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, it was also given an honourable mention at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and was previously screened at the 2013 LA Shorts Fest.

Over The Garden Wall will premiere on Cartoon Network USA in Autumn/Fall 2014, there is presently no news of whether it will broadcast on Cartoon Network’s international feeds.