Cartoon Network Portugal September 2014 Highlights

Here the highlights for Cartoon Network Portugal for this September:

Numb Chucks premieres on 15th September at 5.50pm on Mondays to Fridays and at 12.45pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Uncle Grandpa: new episodes from 6th September at 11.35am and 8.20pm. (Saturdays and Sundays).

The Amazing World of Gumball : new episodes from 13th September, double episodes at 10:05 on Saturdays and Sundays, also at 8pm on Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays, at 8.45, with 4 episodes.

Adventure Time: new episodes from 27th September at 10:50 am on Saturdays and Sundays, airing at 8.40pm (Mondays to Thursdays) with double episodes.

Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Cartoon Network Africa's New Website
Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Earlier today, Cartoon Network Africa’s new website went live, it’s based on Cartoon Network Portugal’s new website which was originally based on the CN Latin America website. The design will roll-out across all Cartoon Network websites within the EMEA area. Both website addresses for the African pan-feed ( and now redirect to

I don’t know the real meaning behind the “hq” in the web address, but according to people in the Cartoon Network online community, it just means “headquarters”, as in Cartoon Network is the main place (i.e. headquarters) for cartoons.