Cartoon Network Employees Say Farewell To Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Employees Say Farewell To Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Employees Say Farewell To Adventure Time

A bunch of Cartoon Network’s employees have been saying their final goodbyes to Adventure Time on Turner’s blog, after ten seasons, it has become one of Cartoon Network’s most successful shows and its longest running series.

Matthew Lehosit (director of Cartoon Network marketing), Jess Silberstein (marketing manager for Cartoon Network Home Entertainment Marketing), Sven Gordon (creative director at Cartoon Network), Mario Piedra (creative director for Cartoon Network Digital), Candice House (creative director for Cartoon Network), Maria Layus (senior writer producer for Cartoon Network Latin America) and Conrad Montgomery (Cartoon Network’s senior director of current series) share their memories and thoughts of the much beloved series.

Together they talk about the show’s characters, the complexities of their personalities, their emotions and their strengths and weaknesses; the show’s lessons about life and growing up; the show’s world-building; the show’s story-writing; how the show became a springboard for many Cartoon Network show creators and the cultural impact the show has had on a generation of kids who grew up with the series.

Don’t miss the show’s finale – Adventure Time: The Ultimate Adventure (aka Come Along With Me), the finale will air on Cartoon Network USA on Monday 3rd September at 6pm ET/PT. The finale will follow an all-day Adventure Time marathon starting from 6.15am ET/PT featuring episodes chosen by viewers on social media. The finale will be repeated again immediately after the first airing at 7pm ET/PT.

Le Cube’s Action Packed Promo For Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Cartoon Network Latin America OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Le Cube Promo

Le Cube’s Action Packed Promo For Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Argentinian design and animation studio – Le Cube has produced an animated one minute long promo for OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, specially made for Cartoon Network Latin America. Cartoon Network Studios’ OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – created by Ian Jones-Quartey is influenced by anime and video games from the late 1980’s and 1990’s such as Double Dragon and Sonic The Hedgehog. The promo makes use of the 2D 16-bit pixel video game art style from the era and also anime-inspired action sequences. The promo also features the show’s main characters – K.O., Enid, Rad, Mr. Gar, Carol and Lord Boxman.

Le Cube is a design studio client of Cartoon Network Latin America and has produced animated promos for The Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon Network Latin America’s classic animation channel Tooncast and also for Cartoon Network Latin America’s 25th Anniversary.

Ralph Karam, Le Cube’s Creative Director, commented on the production of the specially commissioned promo:

“Using the studio’s (Le Cube) to trademark mix of different art and animation styles, we were able to translate what we felt Ian Jones-Quartey, the show’s creator, wanted to convey to the audience.”

“From the nostalgic elements to the use of action movie worthy cameras and shots, we at the studio and everybody at CN LA hope it’s clear that the film is a product of the connection we all feel with the series concept.”

“It was a big (but awesome) challenge to blend all the techniques, like pixel art elements in 2D animation scenes but the team, along with CN LA, really believe that it pays off by giving the film a very unique look and feel, seamlessly mixing all the references we already loved.”

Promo Credits


Advertiser:Cartoon Network Latin America

TV Show:OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Producer:Andrés Reid

Marketing Manager: Brendan Rogan

Creative Producer: María Layus

Senior Creative Director: Hernán La Greca


Music Company: Cachorro Loco

Composer: Facundo Capece


Sound Company: Cachorro Loco

Sound Designer: Facundo Capece / Lola Rietcher


Animation Company: Le Cube

Director: Ralph Karam

Executive Producer: Juan Manuel Freire / Gustavo Karam

Producer: Fernanda Soma!