Cartoon Network Latin America Launches “Cartoon Network Go” On-Demand Service

Turner Broadcasting System Latin America has launched mobile on-demand services for Cartoon Network, TNT and Space.

The new mobile services were unveiled at the Jornadas Internacionales pay-TV conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week, and it will allow viewers to watch on-demand content.

The new VOD services are called TNT GO, Space GO and Cartoon Network GO and will be available on a wide range of supported devices.

The service will initially be a VOD only service; gradually adding the live streaming options for each country. Turner’s VOD services will run on computers, tablets and Android and iOS smartphones, the amount of supported devices may increase in the next few months.

Whit Ricardson, executive VP for sales, distribution and marketing for Turner in Latin America made this statement:

“We are sure the TV everywhere experience will transform the consumption habits of our audience, which is why we have developed the GO platforms, our TV everywhere product is now strong and able to improve the entertainment experience of our users.”

During 2015, Turner plans to expand the service to all its platforms and countries, as it’s currently available in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.