Steven Universe Panels At Momocon 2017

Steven Universe Panels At Momocon 2017

Steven Universe Panels At Momocon 2017

Last weekend (25/05/2017 – 28/05/2017), was the Momocon 2017 Animation, Video Games and Comics convention in Cartoon Network’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. At the convention, there was a Steven Universe panel featuring the voice talent behind the main characters in Steven Universe, including Zach Callison (Steven), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Jennifer Paz (Lapis Lazuli), Shelby Rabara (Peridot), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) and Grace Rolek (Connie). The special event was an opportunity for Steven Universe fans to ask questions about the show and about the voice performers’ experiences while working on the show.

Lots of enthusiastic Steven Universe fans at the convention even cosplayed as their favourite characters from the show. Popular YouTube channel – The Roundtable, who often produce plot theory videos about Steven Universe had their very own panel at the convention, the panel was led by Roundtable member – Kevin Williams (aka AwestruckVox).

The Roundtable presents Steven Universe Panel Live Recording:

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At the convention, there was also another Steven Universe panel called “Pearl’s Secret Panel Career”, featuring Deedee Magno Hall, Zach Callison and Cartoon Network USA’s Director of Social Media – Duane Munn, the panel was hosted by Cartoon Network Games QA Tester and Cartoon Network social media freelancer – McKenzie Atwood. The panel’s topic was about memes (specifically Steven Universe and Cartoon Network related memes) and their use on social media.

Pearl’s Secret Panel Career Live Recording:

As final note, please don’t miss the Steven Universe one-hour special event: Wanted airing tonight (29/05/2017) on Cartoon Network USA at 7pm ET/PT.

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

New York Comic Con 2016 was full of different Cartoon Network events, such as panels, signings and a costume competition, so here’s a summary of the events that happened on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October.

Regular Show Panel

The first Cartoon Network panel was for Regular Show, this panel was a significant one as it will be the last ever panel for the show at a convention. JG Quintel (the show’s creator and voice of Mordecai) was joined with William Salyers (voice of Rigby), Roger Craig Smith (voice of Thomas/Nikolai and additional voices) and Janie Haddad (voice of Margaret).

During the session there was a live script reading and an Q&A segment. The panel was asked questions from the audience – like what items they would take into space (relating to the Regular Show: In Space story arc) and what was their favourite episode.

Steven Universe Panel

At the Steven Universe panel, the show’s creator – Rebecca Sugar was joined with Jennifer Paz (Voice of Lapis Lazuli), Shelby Rabara (Voice of Peridot), Tom Scharpling (voice of Greg), AJ Michalka (Stevonnie) and Charlyne Yi (Voice of Ruby). There was a Q&A session and also a exclusive performance of a song in an upcoming episode. Many fans were dressed up as their favourite characters from the show. Rebecca Sugar also did a book signing for her book based on an episode of the show – “The Answer”, this was an opportunity to meet and greet the show’s creator and to get a copy of the book signed.

The Powerpuff Girls Panel and Costume Ball

The last panel at New York Comic Con 2016 was for The Powerpuff Girls, Amanda Leighton (voice of Blossom), Kristen Li (voice of Bubbles), Natalie Palamides (voice of Buttercup) were joined with Haley Mancini (show writer and voice of Princess Morbucks).

The other event at New York Comic Con 2016 was a costume ball and prizes were given away for people with the best cartoon character costumes, the contest was judged by Kyle A. Carrozza (Creator of Mighty Magiswords), Jeremy Shada (Voice of Finn, Adventure Time), Charlyne Yi (Voice of Ruby, Steven Universe and Voice of Chloe, We Bare Bears) and Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe). The winner was someone dressed as Yellow Diamond – a main villain in Steven Universe.

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