Cartoon Network USA Mighty Magiswords Renewed For A Second Season

Cartoon Network USA Mighty Magiswords Renewed For A Second Season

Cartoon Network USA Mighty Magiswords Renewed For A Second Season

Today (09/02/2017), Cartoon Network USA’s press office has announced that Mighty Magiswords has been renewed for a second season. Usually, when Cartoon Network shows get full international distribution they tend to get a second season (excluding Over The Garden Wall which was a mini-series). Cartoon Network has put a lot of effort into the digital element of the show, including apps and websites, so a season renewal was the next logical step.

Mighty Magiswords follows two brother and sister warriors named Prohyas and Vambre, they use different magical swords with unusual but useful abilities to help out the people of Lyvsheria.

Cartoon Network Games launched their Magimobile companion app in the United States last November, the app allows players to have their very own virtual collection of Magiswords as featured in the show, players can gain swords by completing various quests, by watching video clips or by watching the show on the TV by using the app’s audio recognition technology.

The MagiMobile app is ranked as a top five app overall on iTunes, with 2 million downloads and 20 million swords collected.

Next week (16/02/2017), Cartoon Network Games will be releasing a brand new Mighty Magiswords game called “Surely You Quest”, which is a RPG battling game. Players will be able to use their swords obtained using the Magimobile app within the game. The new game will be available for iOS, Android and Fire devices and will be available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Preview of Mighty Magiswords: Surely You Quest

Mighty Magiswords is one of Cartoon Network’s most watched shows on VOD (Video On-Demand). The show was also Cartoon Network’s most popular show in October last year and it was the number one new animated show among kids aged 6-11 during the fourth quarter of 2016 and also with Cartoon Network’s targeted boy demographic.

New episodes of Mighty Magiswords are currently airing every Friday at 6.15pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network USA.