Boing Italy Launches My Boing Video Mobile App

Boing Italy Launches My Boing Video Mobile App

Boing Italy Launches My Boing Video Mobile App

Cartoon Network Italy’s sister channel – Boing has launched a brand new mobile app this week (launched Monday 28th November). The new mobile app is called “My Boing”, the app allows Boing viewers to upload funny and creative videos and the best videos will appear on the TV channel. The app also provides users some ideas on what they could create, the ideas feature the channel’s mascots: Bo, Bobo, Dino, Maissa, Katrina and Otto. More information about the app can be read on the My Boing microsite (

My Boing is available for free on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad iOS 8.2 or later) and Google Play for Android devices (Android 4.0 or later):

Google Play (Android):

iTunes App Store (iOS for iPhone and iPad):

Boing is a free-to-air children’s channel in Italy featuring a variety of cartoons from Cartoon Network’s animation library and acquired animated and live-action shows. The channel is operated by Boing S.p.A, a joint venture of Turner Broadcasting System Europe and Mediaset. Boing is available on digital terrestrial television in Italy on channel 40.

New Mobile Game: Adventure Time Rockstars Of Ooo

Adventure Time Rockstars Of Ooo

New Mobile Game: Adventure Time Rockstars Of Ooo: Rock Along With Finn And Jake!

Today, (06/08/2015), Cartoon Network Games have released a new mobile game for Android and iOS called Adventure Time: Rockstars of Ooo. With this new mobile game, players can tap to the beat to sing and play with the characters of Adventure Time such as Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and Fionna. The game even features memorable moments from the animated show and also features exclusive and original music, with thirty different levels and varying difficulty.

From The Turner UK Press Release

Cartoon Network is calling all rockstars and Adventure Time fanatics to get ready for a new musical adventure!

Adventure Time Rockstars of Ooo is the brand-new and randomly-unique musical rhythm game inspired by our hit animated series. It encourages players to tap to the beat to sing and play with beloved characters from the show and relive some of their favourite moments – including BMO Noire, Fionna and Cake, Wizard Battle, Henchmen and Belly of the Beast!

Featuring all-new songs composed exclusively for Rockstars of Ooo, along with multiple gameplay scenarios and difficulty levels to experience and conquer! Can you keep up with the beat and ace all 30 levels?

Created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Adventure Time season six is currently airing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. UK viewers can tune in to catch Adventure Time every day at 5pm on Cartoon Network.

Game Preview:

The game is available on Google Play (£1.54 UK) for Android, Apple App Store (£1.49 UK) for iOS (iPhone) and the Amazon App Store (£1.29 UK) for Kindle Fire and Android.

Google Play App Store:
Apple App Store:
Amazon App Store:

Cartoon Network App Replaces Watch Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network App Replaces Watch Cartoon Network

Today (09/07/2015), Cartoon Network USA has announced that they have replaced their existing video on demand and live streaming service and app known as Watch Cartoon Network with a new app and service that is simply called “Cartoon Network App”. This replacement app will be Cartoon Network’s flagship app. In total, all of Cartoon Network’s apps have amounted to 40 million downloads across all Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. To summarise, the new app is a hybrid of an Video On-Demand service and a customisable linear TV service which can be achieved by making your own playlist. The new app is in-line with Turner’s new multi-screen and multi-device strategy.

The New Cartoon Network App In More Detail

The Mix

The Mix is the main feature of the new Cartoon Network app, its a playlist of episodes and clips that is created by kids by picking their favorite shows. For instance, fans of a particular show (Adventure Time, Steven Universe etc.) will be given content relating to that show as well as suggestions for related shows. The purpose of “The Mix” is the ability to create their own viewing schedule by creating a playlist, much like a linear TV channel. Kids can also “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” shows, in a similar way to the recommendation system on TiVo devices.

The On-Demand Library

Kids using the app will have access to a library to more than 1,000 episodes and clips for free. A much greater library of full episodes can be accessed by logging into the service via their pay-TV provider.

Chris Waldron, VP of Cartoon Network Digital made a statement regarding the new app and need for customisation for their main 6 to 11 year old demographic.

“In focus groups, Cartoon Network learned that unlike previous groups of six- to 11-year-olds, kids who are currently in the network’s sweet spot “assume personalization”. They assume now that the app is going to listen to them, and it’s going to do what they say, and over time react to their preferences. The other thing that TV is better at is helping people discover new shows with minimal effort. The whole industry is trying to figure out how to get people to watch new shows. When it’s an actual choice, when you press a button, there is some friction to that. There is some, ‘That show looks good, I’ve heard about it, but I don’t want to watch it right now.’ But TV leads into other shows that let you sample a lot of stuff. So we set out to redesign this app and say, How can we take the best of VOD, and the best of linear, and what can we build that takes that even further?”

See It First

The app will also be used to introduce new shows that could potentially air on the actual Cartoon Network channel. New episodes of popular shows will often premiere on the app a week before they premiere on the channel itself in the new “See It First” section. The new “See It First” section will release a new episode of Teen Titans Go! each week before the actual premiere later in July. At launch, the app will include an exclusive short from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Mighty Magiswords, and Cartoon Network’s new show, We Bare Bears. The app will also premiere shorts from Cartoon Network’s shorts development programme.

Christina Miller, president and GM of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang used Mighty Magiswords as an example on how a successful show on a mobile app could potentially be aired on TV and vice-versa.

“As (Magiswords) becomes more popular, it has the opportunity to go from screen to screen to screen. So in some cases, it might start there, but go to TV. Or it might start on TV and end up in CN Anything. So we’re becoming more and more agnostic.”

Preview of the new Cartoon Network App:

Available to download now for iOS and Android devices: