Gumball VIP Interactive Quiz Returns To Cartoon Network UK On 1st April

Gumball VIP Interactive Quiz Returns To Cartoon Network UK On 1st April

Gumball VIP Interactive Quiz Returns To Cartoon Network UK On 1st April

Gumball VIP – Cartoon Network UK’s interactive The Amazing World of Gumball quiz programming event will be returning to the channel on Monday 1st April. After a successful launch in October 2017, the Gumball VIP app has been rolled out to other parts of Europe, including Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Romania as well as Singapore, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Along with CN UK, Cartoon Network Australia (and New Zealand) will also be having another Gumball VIP programming event in April.

The Gumball VIP app uses audio recognition technology, by using audio recognition, the app detects the episode of The Amazing World of Gumball the viewer is currently watching. The app will work with episodes marked with the “VIP” logo and “VIP” episodes will air every day at 5pm from 1st April. After the app has successfully detected the episode, the app will then fetch questions relating to the episode to test the viewer’s knowledge. The mobile app is free to download for Android and iOS devices.

The more you watch, the more stars you can collect to unlock exclusive rewards including: two brand new games, a 360 tour of Elmore, a sneak peek of a new episode, exclusive wallpapers, a Gumball Soundbox, a Character Creator and the exclusive Gumball Dash ‘n’ Dodge game to put your skills to practice. With each new code you can enter a different prize draw to win Gumball travel bags and even a Nintendo Switch.

Parental permission is required to enter the competition, competition closes 30th April 2019.

More info about Gumball VIP can be found on the official Cartoon Network UK website via the link below, also make sure to watch the tutorial video:

Mobile App Download Links:

iTunes App Store (iOS):

Google Play (Android):

Cartoon Network Games To Launch Cartoon Network Arcade Mobile App On 11th March

Cartoon Network Games To Launch Cartoon Network Arcade Mobile App On 11th March

Cartoon Network Games To Launch Cartoon Network Arcade Mobile App On 11th March

On Monday 11th March, Cartoon Network Games will be launching a brand new gaming experience for Cartoon Network fans in the United States, a new mobile app called “Cartoon Network Arcade”. As the name of the app suggests, the app will offer arcade style quick-play games and will feature the largest library of games based on Cartoon Network’s extensive universe of animated shows ever produced. The app will be available to download for iOS and Android devices on the iTunes App Store and Google Play respectfully.

Fans playing on the app can collect over 60 digital characters, plus even more coming soon. Lego has already signed up as an app launch sponsor, on the app, Lego will be promoting their Lego Ninjago and Lego City product ranges, Lego will also award fans with an exclusive figure to help start building their collection.

In addition to general gameplay, the Cartoon Network Arcade app also enhances the viewing experience when watching Cartoon Network’s shows, just by watching, fans will be able to grow a collection of digital figures including characters from Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go! and also the upcoming animated series – Victor and Valentino. The app utilises ACR (automatic content recognition) technology so it recognises the show and episode currently being played.

In the future, Cartoon Network Arcade will provide opportunities for fans to take part in special activities based around different shows, unique figure collection on-air events and even vote for which games or figures they want to see next. The app is considered to be the best place to discover all things Cartoon Network and for the channel to connect with its fans. After launch, new games and figures will be added regularly to the app. From launch, fans will be able to enjoy arcade games based on The Amazing World of Gumball, Apple and Onion, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Craig of the Creek, The Powerpuff Girls, Summer Camp Island, Teen Titans Go! and Unikitty!

From The Official Cartoon Network Games Press Release: Cartoon Network Presses Play on All-New Gaming App: Largest Library of Mobile Games Available in Cartoon Network Arcade: The LEGO Group Gets in the Game as Launch Sponsor

Cartoon Network hits go on the ultimate gaming destination designed for quick gameplay appropriate for fans of all ages. Cartoon Network Arcade will feature the largest library of games ever based on CN’s universe of award-winning animated series in one app. Beginning Monday, March 11, Cartoon Network Arcade will be free to download in the United States via the App Store and Google Play.

Fans can play all-new games, collect over 60 digital characters and more with the app. The LEGO Group has signed on as the launch sponsor via their LEGO® NINJAGO® and LEGO City brands. As part of the program, the LEGO Group will award fans with an exclusive figure to jumpstart collection building and deepen engagement.

Cartoon Network Arcade extends gameplay into an active viewing experience for fans. While watching favorite Cartoon Network shows, fans can also collect a growing assortment of digital figures. Using ACR technology, the app recognizes the episode and lets players discover one of a number of characters from beloved series including Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go! to the upcoming Victor and Valentino to add to collections.

Additionally, Cartoon Network Arcade will provide opportunities for fans to participate in special immersive activities based around different shows, quest for unique figure collections tied to on-air events and even vote for which games or figures they want to see next. The app promises to be the best means for fans to discover and connect to all things Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network Arcade will continue to grow with a steady stream of new content including new games, collectible figures and other engagement touchpoints. The games offered will include such titles as:

The Amazing World of Gumball – Gumball’s Block Party

Climb as high as you can to stay ahead of the collapsing blocks. Collect and play 5 Gumball characters.

Apple and Onion – Bottle Catch

Toss bottles back and forth between Apple and Onion to build up speed, then launch them into the air to collect coins.

Adventure Time- Rainicorn’s Flying Colors

Match rows of cards to clear the board. Unlock 32 unique Adventure Time characters.

Ben 10 – Brains vs Bugs

Run, jump and climb as Grey Matter races after the Bugg Brothers.

Ben 10 – Xingo Mayhem

Xingo is on the loose! Play as Humungousaur, Rath or Slapback to juggle the cartoon villain’s barrage of falling objects.

Craig of the Creek – Bounceback

Help Craig overcome the challenge of the Sewer Kids in this bouncy block breaker.

Craig of the Creek – Camp Cardboard

Tap to accumulate resources and help Craig build the best cardboard fort ever.

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes – Go Go KO!

Run and dodge with K.O. through an endless stream of Jethros, then turn into T.K.O. to bust up some robots.

The Powerpuff Girls – Rainbow Wreckers

Help the Powerpuff Girls blast through Allegro’s rainbows in this quick reflex color-matching game.

Steven Universe – Shattered Dreams

Jump and slide your way through Steven’s worst nightmares in this fast-paced endless runner.

Summer Camp Island – Contagious Cuteness

Start a magical chain reaction. How long can you keep the cuteness going?

Teen Titans Go! – Smashy Piñata

It’s Beast Boy’s birthday! Keep hitting the pinata in the air to see how much candy you can get.

Teen Titans Go! – Teen Titans GOAL!

Tap to kick the ball, score goals, and defeat the soccer trolls. Rack up coins to unlock all 5 Titans!

Unikitty! – Royal Highness

Time your jumps just right to stack jellybeans all the way into space. Collect and play all of Unikitty’s friends.

We Bare Bears – Stack Tracks

Keep the bear stack on the right track by rotating tiles in the path and using power-ups from their friends.

Minecraft Steven Universe Mashup Pack Released Today 26th February

Minecraft Steven Universe Mashup Pack Released Today 26th February

Minecraft Steven Universe Mashup Pack Released Today 26th February

Cartoon Network and Mojang – the creators of the highly popular creative and exploration sandbox game – Minecraft have collaborated again once more to produce a special mashup pack based on Cartoon Network’s cult hit – Steven Universe. For the first time, Steven Universe and Minecraft fans are able to explore “Steven’s universe”, visit Steven’s house, go to downtown Beach City or even visit the Kindergarten or even go on an intrepid adventure to Homeworld, with Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination.

The Steven Universe pack features 48 character skins featuring all the main and secondary characters from the show, including the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Connie and Steven himself), also the townspeople of Beach City, various gem fusions and all four diamonds.

From today (26th February), the Minecraft Steven Universe Mashup Pack is now available to buy on the Minecraft Marketplace and can be downloaded for Minecraft on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Samsung Gear VR, Fire OS, Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Cartoon Network previously collaborated with Mojang for a special Minecraft themed episode of Adventure Time called “Diamonds and Lemons” as well as the Adventure Time mashup pack which is also available on the Minecraft Marketplace.