Cartoon Network USA Halloween 2018 Colouring Book Bumpers Mashup

Cartoon Network USA Halloween 2018 Colouring Book Bumpers Mashup

Cartoon Network USA Halloween Colouring Book Bumpers Mashup

After a slight graphics refresh on Monday this week (10th September), Cartoon Network USA is continuing the Colouring Book theme with another colouring-in mashup, but this time it’s for an ident that will air during Halloween. Cartoon Network USA are inviting fans to take part in the mashup and colour-in individual frames for two Halloween themed bumpers/idents. Fans can take part in the mashup and find out more by visiting, submissions for the Halloween mashup will close on Tuesday 25th September.

The first ident features Susie – the meanest witch on Summer Camp Island in the woods, she’s brewing up a concoction in her cauldron, with ghost-like Cartoon Network characters escaping from it, the ident features Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Grizz from We Bare Bears, Oscar from Summer Camp Island, Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball and K.O. from OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. In the background behind Susie, we can see the strongest witch on Summer Camp Island – Alice flying past.

The second ident features a head transformation animation, it starts off with Summer Camp Island’s Oscar as a mummy being unbandaged, followed by Panda from We Bare Bears as a Jack-o’-lantern and then Raven from Teen Titans Go! releasing bats from her cape.

Cartoon Network USA’s Brand New Colouring Book Presentation Graphics

Cartoon Network USA's Brand New Colouring Book Presentation Graphics

Cartoon Network USA’s Brand New Colouring Book Presentation Graphics

On Monday this week (10th September), Cartoon Network USA debuted some new graphics on its channel, including brand new next bumpers. What’s special about these Next bumpers is that they were coloured in by fans from all across the United States on Cartoon Network’s mashup website (, fans were invited to colour in a frame from an ident in the form of a colouring book featuring a montage of Cartoon Network’s most well known cartoon characters including Apple and Onion, Puppycorn and Unikitty from Unikitty!; Garnet from Steven Universe; Susie and Hedgehog from Summer Camp Island; K.O. from OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes; Diamondhead from Ben 10; Craig, Kelsey and JP from Craig of the Creek; Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear from We Bare Bears; Ice King and Finn from Adventure Time; Cyborg from Teen Titans Go! and Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball. Despite the changes, the channel’s general Dimensional graphics presentation hasn’t changed.

The “colouring book” ident was then divided up and integrated as part of Cartoon Network USA’s television presentation in the form of Next Bumpers, with different segments shown depending on what show is airing next.

Cartoon Network USA are now airing lineup promos, featuring what shows are airing during schedule timeslots, the line-up bumpers are simplistic but to the point, each column features a number representing a time the show airs, and also a head of a well known character from each show with a colouring-in animation.

In addition to the new ident and next bumpers, Cartoon Network USA also collaborated with Atlanta, USA based design studio – Awesome Incorporated (the same company behind Cartoon Network’s Check It 2.0. 2011 rebrand), to produce an animated Colouring Book ident for one of Cartoon Network USA’s latest shows – Total Dramarama. Students helped to colour in each frame in the new ident.

In related news, Cartoon Network USA are airing new episodes of Ben 10 every weekday this week at 5.30pm ET/PT!.

Cartoon Network Mid April 2017 News In Brief

Cartoon Network Mid April 2017 News In Brief

Cartoon Network Mid April 2017 News In Brief

Cartoon Network Poland Relaunches Anti-Bullying Campaign For 2017

Cartoon Network Poland has relaunched its anti-bullying campaign – Klub Kumpli for 2017, the campaign is based on Cartoon Network USA’s Stop Bullying Speak Up and Cartoon Network UK’s Buddy Network’s campaigns. The Klub Kumpli campaign was initially launched in Poland in 2015. The initiative encourages kids and young people to be more friendly and aims to raise awareness and empowers them to take action against bullying. Polish national football team player – Jakub Błaszczykowski will be the campaign’s ambassador for this year.

Cartoon Network Africa’s April Fool’s Prank: The Biggest Event In The Universe

Cartoon Network Africa’s viewers were pranked on April Fool’s Day (01/04/2017) with a series of overly dramatic bumpers and promos for a fake television event entitled “The Biggest Event In The Universe”, viewers were expected to see something awesome and incredible at 11.45am, but instead, a clip of Gumball slamming a window on Darwin repeatedly for thirty seconds was aired. Cartoon Network Africa also pranked its viewers with a series of funny next bumpers.

Cartoon Network UK’s New Easter Idents

Cartoon Network UK is now airing a new series of nice looking idents for Easter 2017, the idents feature characters from Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls in a multicoloured moving grid among some patterned Easter eggs. People have commented that the presentation in the idents looks similar to Cartoon Network USA’s current Dimensional branding and is an indicator of a possible rebrand but Cartoon Network UK’s current Check It 4.0. look isn’t even a year old yet.

However, Cartoon Network Italy, Cartoon Network Portugal, Cartoon Network France and Cartoon Network Turkey has already started to air a few elements from the Dimensional graphics package. Versions of Cartoon Network outside the United States tend to have their own identity and creative ideas, often building upon Cartoon Network USA’s presentation.