Samurai Jack Reruns Return To Adult Swim USA From Saturday 14th January

Samurai Jack Reruns Return To Adult Swim USA From Saturday 14th January

Samurai Jack Reruns Return To Adult Swim USA From Saturday 14th January

A Cartoon Network original – Samurai Jack will be returning to American television on Adult Swim on Saturday 14th January at 8.30pm ET/PT straight after a brand new episode of Dragon Ball Super. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the four-time Emmy-award winning animated series follows a young samurai named “Jack” from feudal Japan who ends up in a dystopian future ruled by an evil shape-shifting demon named Aku.

Genndy Tartakovsky also created Dexter’s Laboratory, which was among the first shows produced by Cartoon Network. To celebrate the return of Samurai Jack as well as a upcoming fifth season which will air later this year, Adult Swim will be rerunning episodes from the first four seasons to remind viewers of the story so far.

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2016

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2016

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2016

This week (13/06/2016 – 18/06/2016) is the Annecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France. The Annecy Animation Festival is the largest convention dedicated to animation in the world, for both major and independent producers of animation. As usual, Cartoon Network is there to promote their current and upcoming animated programming.

The creator of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky is at the animation festival to give a “work-in-progress” presentation of the returning series. People attending the session will get to see the progress already made on the new series. Samurai Jack originally aired on Cartoon Network between 2001 and 2004 and will be making a return to Adult Swim USA later this year. The new series will continue from where the story ended.

Cartoon Network as a whole will have a session at the festival showcasing action-animation on Thursday 16th June under the title “It’s Hero Time”. The session will have representatives from Cartoon Network USA and Cartoon Network EMEA, including Haley Mancini (staff writer on the new Powerpuff Girls) and animator Kyle Carrozza, the creator of Mighty Magiswords, which is now becoming a fully-fledged animated series. Both Mancini and Carrozza will discuss the creative process behind scriptwriting for The Powerpuff Girls and the development behind Mighty Magiswords. Following the talk, there will be a special sneak peek of the Ben 10 reboot which is currently in production. In terms of management, Patricia Hidalgo (Chief Content and Creative Officer of Kids EMEA and International Kids Strategy) and Tramm Wigzell (Vice-President of Multi-Platform Development at Cartoon Network Studios) will also be speakers.

Before the main event on Thursday, Cartoon Network will be hosting a smaller acquisitions MIFA event tomorrow (15/06/2016), with Adina Pitt, USA Content Acquisitions and Co-Productions and Cecilia Persson, Vice President of Programming and Content Strategy Kids EMEA, Acquisitions and Co-productions International.

Sister animation studio, Warner Animation Group unveiled their upcoming animated feature “Storks” at the festival today, Brad Lewis, the film’s producer will also be having a signing session tomorrow (15/06/2016). Storks is an action-packed, funny and heartfelt new animated adventure about finding your family in the most unlikely way.

Regular Show: The Movie is also being showcased with daily screenings during the length of the festival:

Yesterday, Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich hosted a panel at Annecy, Robot Chicken is one of Adult Swim’s most popular shows.

Patricia Hidalgo, SVP, Chief Content & Creative Officer, EMEA Kids & International Kids Strategy at Cartoon Network, commented:

“Anyone who has watched Cartoon Network, knows that our hero characters are a little unconventional – and that’s what makes them so aspirational to our audiences and the perfect team to be bringing along to a modern and innovative environment like Annecy Animation Festival, We’re excited to share some of the trade secrets behind the creation of these heroes.”

Tramm Wigzell, VP Multi-Platform at Cartoon Network Studios added:

“We have some of the best creative minds in animation working at Cartoon Network Studios and we’re always on the lookout for creators with unique ideas. It’s key to us to work with talent that understand the importance of creating content across multi-platforms for this generation of kids. We’re looking forward to meeting the talent at Annecy and discussing these shows and how we are developing content in a different way.”

Mark Eyers, SVP & Chief Content Officer for Turner Kids Networks in Asia Pacific remarked:

“Cartoon Network’s characters always inspire viewers because they demonstrate that anyone can be a hero. For years, Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls have had exactly that effect right across the world, and that’s why we are expecting such big things from these all-new re-imaginations. Along with colleagues in the US and Europe attending Annecy, we cannot wait to identify even more fun and engaging ideas as part of our successful original development initiatives.”

Samurai Jack To Return On Adult Swim USA In 2016

Jack Is Back: Samurai Jack To Return On Adult Swim USA In 2016

Samurai Jack To Return On Adult Swim USA In 2016

If you grew up watching Cartoon Network in the early-to-mid noughties you’ve may have of heard of Genndy Tartakovsky’s action-packed animated show, Samurai Jack. The show is returning in 2016 but not on Cartoon Network USA but rather on Adult Swim as part of the Toonami programming block, this may be because of multiple reasons, first of all, it’s an action show so it suits the action block perfectly, second, the show has a much more adult feel and third, the show’s original audience are now adults.

Creator and executive producer Genndy Tartakovsky has returned to Cartoon Network Studios to get production of the new series off the ground after it was greenlighted. Next year, we’ll get to see more amazing adventures with Jack and the story will continue from where the series left off.

Short Teaser Trailer for Samurai Jack’s return:

Adult Swim is excited to announce that JACK IS BACK. Creator and executive producer Genndy Tartakovsky continues the…

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