Cartoon Network USA Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race To Premiere On Monday 7th September

Cartoon Network USA Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race

Cartoon Network USA Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race To Premiere Monday 7th September: Total Drama Travels Around The World!

Cartoon Network USA will premiere a new animated installment of the Total Drama franchise called Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race on Monday 7th September at 5pm ET/PT. Unlike previous seasons of Total Drama; The Ridonculous Race will feature 18 contestant pairs in a race around the world. Each pair will face difficult challenges in each country and will need to stay together until the end as there is a $1 million prize for the winning pair. Like previous seasons, the show will feature contestants with diverse personalities and will be a parody of a reality TV series, but this time, The Ridonculous Race is loosely based and was inspired by the popular show, The Amazing Race which has the same theme.

Episodes of The Ridonculous Race can be accessed on the Cartoon Network App the morning before the official premiere on the Cartoon Network TV channel.

Good Luck Contestants!

Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race is produced by Fresh TV in Canada and is distributed by CAKE Entertainment.

Grojband To Premiere On Cartoon Network Portugal On 6th July


On 6th July at 3.45pm, Cartoon Network Portugal will premiere a new show – Grojband, it will air at the same time Monday to Friday. Grojband is an animated show about a boy named Corey and his three friends: Laney, Kin and Kon that form an indie band in his garage, hoping to achieve their dreams as international rockstars (with a little lyrical help from Corey’s sister’s diary). The show is developed by Fresh TV, the same company that’s behind the Total Drama franchise. The show has already aired on Cartoon Network USA, Boomerang USA and Cartoon Network Africa.