Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing And Cartoonito Italy July And August 2015 Highlights

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Here are the highlights for Cartoon Network, Boomerang And Cartoonito Italy in July and August 2015:

Cartoon Network

New Show

Numb Chucks: 13th July Monday to Friday at 6.10pm: An animated show about two woodchucks named Dilweed and Fungus that want to master the martial art of Kung-Fu to become vigilantes.

Special Programming Blocks/Stunts

Titan’s Universe From Monday 6th July at 10am: Marathon of Teen Titans Go! and Steven Universe episodes.


Special Programming Blocks/Stunts

Bugs Bunny (E…State Con Bugs) From Sunday 5th July everyday at 9.00am.
Io ci metto il muso (Against Abandoning Animals) initiative reintroduced for the Summer, this will be the 4th year the initiative has been running.

New Season

Doraemon Season 3 From Monday 27th July everyday at 1pm.

New Episodes

Super 4 from Monday 3rd August from Monday to Friday at 3.30pm.


Special Programming Blocks/Stunts

Month of Friendship (International Day of Friendship) From Saturday 4th July every weekend at 5pm.

Come With Me: From Monday 3rd August at 10am, featuring episodes of Justin Time and Toot and Puddle.

New Show

Pocoyo: From Monday 20th July, every day at 12pm, a show about Pocoyo, a four year old boy and his friends, an Elephant named Elly and a Duck named Pato.

New Episodes

Super 4: From Sunday 12th July every day at 3.50pm
Fireman Sam: From Thursday 2nd July every Thursday at 7.30pm


New Show

Dr. Dimensionpants: From Saturday 1st August every weekend at 11.40am, a show about a boy that finds a pair of “Dimensionpants” that gives him superhero powers.

Special Programming Blocks/Stunts

Boing celebrates the International Day of Friendship (Thursday 30th July) with a special stunt specifically made for the end of June and July called “Il Mio Amico Spacca”. From Monday 29th June, Monday to Friday at 11am, the special programming stunt will feature new episodes of Adventure Time and Regular Show.

New Season

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 from Monday 27th July, Monday to Thursday at 2.10pm.

Cartoon Network Latin America July 2015 Highlights

Cartoon Network Latin America

The following are the highlights for Cartoon Network Latin America feeds during July:

Over The Garden Wall, the new mini-series will start airing from the 6th July and will air Monday to Friday, at 6pm Colombia, 8pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

Copa Toon: A special progamming block featuring episodes of Sendokai Champions, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa and Regular Show on the 4th July, at 10am Colombia, 12pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

New episodes of Teen Titans Go! (Twice weekly), Steven Universe, Cuentos Espantosos para Niños Caprichosos (Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids), Sonic Boom, Dr. Dimensionpants and Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Ben 10 Marathons on 18th July at 9am Colombia and on 8th August at 11am Argentina/Chile.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: 6th July, 4pm Colombia, 6pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

The Lorax: 17th July, 4pm Colombia, 6pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

Happy Feet 2: 24th July, 6pm Colombia, 8pm Argentina/Chile, 9pm Mexico.

Cartoon Network Latin America Pan-Regional Feeds News Update

News to be aware of: Cartoon Network Latin America Pan-Regional Feed will split into two pan-regional feeds, Cartoon Network “Colombia” and Cartoon Network “Chile” on 1st June.

Schedule changes for June:

Show Premieres block: Mondays from 6pm in Chile, and 4pm in Colombia.
Pokémon airing at 3pm Chile and 1pm Colombia, Monday through Friday.
Dragon Ball Z Kai will air Monday to Saturday from 10pm Chile, 8pm Colombia.
Power Rangers Dino Charge will be broadcast every Saturday from 6th June, 2.30pm Chile, Colombia 12.30pm.
Sonic Boom will air every Friday from 5th June, Chile 2.30pm, 12.30pm Colombia, repeated Saturday at Chile 2pm, Colombia 12pm.
Dr. Dimensionpants will air every Wednesday from 3rd June at 5.30pm Chile, 3.30pm Colombia.
Cartoon Cinema will now be on at 6pm Chile, 4pm Colombia, airing Tuesday to Saturday.