Cartoon Network News In Brief Early November 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early November 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early November 2016

Cartoon Network Canada Now Using Dimensional Rebrand Graphics

According to a Teen Titans Go! promo airing on Cartoon Network Canada, the channel has started to use elements from Cartoon Network USA’s 2016 Dimensional rebrand package, including the promo endboards and the zoom out logo animation featuring 2D, 3D and stopmotion cartoon characters.

The Powerpuff Girls Reboot Free-To-Air UK Premiere On CITV On Monday 7th November

Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls will start airing on UK free-to-air kids channel CITV (Children’s ITV) from Monday 7th November at 5pm. The original series also aired on the CITV programming block on main network ITV. The new Powerpuff Girls series on CITV will air alongside Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Boomerang’s Be Cool, Scooby-Doo. CITV now holds the free TV rights over the show, while Cartoon Network UK will continue to air the newer episodes and with more frequent airings on pay-television.

The Powerpuff Girls will also premiere on Disney Channel Germany in 2017, at present Disney Channel Germany is airing We Bare Bears.

Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Book Signed By Kent Osborne Competition

Cartoon Network UK is currently running an Adventure Time book competition, five lucky winners will win a copy of Adventure Time: Finn and Jake’s Official Guide signed by Kent Osbourne, the head story writer for Adventure Time. Like the Instagram post below and follow the Cartoon Network UK account on Instagram to enter. Competition closes Sunday 6th November 2016, UK Residents only, Entrants must be aged 13 and older.

Terms and Conditions:

The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears Pair-Up On Cartoon Network Southeast Asia And Cartoon Network Australia

Cartoon Network Southeast Asia (Philippines sub-feed) and Cartoon Network Australia are pairing up The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears in a three week long programming special of a total of thirty new episodes (15 episodes for each show) airing every weekday from Monday 7th November. The girls and the bear brothers have a lot in common, Grizzly and Blossom are natural leaders, both Panda and Bubbles have a soft heart and Ice Bear and Buttercup are strong.

On each weekday during the three weeks, a new episode of both We Bare Bears and The Powerpuff Girls will air back-to-back from 6pm on Cartoon Network Australia. Cartoon Network Southeast Asia viewers outside the Philippines will receive the Pair-Up programming special from Monday 14th November.

Cartoon Network And Troika Develops Dimensional Rebrand Style Guide

Cartoon Network And Troika Develops Dimensional Rebrand Style Guide

Cartoon Network And Troika Develops Dimensional Rebrand Style Guide

Yesterday (09/06/2016), it was announced that Turner Broadcasting System and Hollywood-based branding and marketing innovation agency Troika have partnered up to develop a style guide for the new Cartoon Network rebrand (known as Check It 4.5 by CN fans, officially called “Dimensional”) to inform international versions of Cartoon Network how the new branding should be implemented.

The style guide is a set of rules on how the animations and on-screen graphics should be displayed on-screen to maintain an international consistency of branding. Also, Troika have designed a dynamic insert and promo system that provides brand consistency, this system will be applied to promos made by the international Cartoon Network creative teams.

Jacob Escobedo, Vice President of Design/Creative for Cartoon Network stated that developing a style guide based on the new branding was a difficult process and he was impressed by Troika’s work:

“We asked Troika to do the impossible. I’m surprised, actually, that they didn’t throw us out of their office when we dumped all of our design fragments and bits in their lap and asked them to piece it all together into a comprehensible system. They handled the challenge like pros, transforming our on-air packaging into a dynamic and cohesive environment. All of this while feeding us amazing cookies.”

Larry Morris, Creative Director On-Air for Cartoon Network stated:

“We had a lot of design fundamentals already in place, but we really needed a system that made sense and allowed us to have fun. We basically had a floor full of thousands of video Legos, and we needed a manual for putting them all together. The last thing you are thinking of at the end of the day is ‘Gee, I’d really like to work a one thousand piece puzzle right now.’ What Troika allowed us to do was build onto a modular system and grow the Cartoon Design brand towards a unified look.”

Creative Director of Troika, Seton Kim stated:

“I’m extremely proud of the work we accomplished with Cartoon Network. Susan, Larry, Jacob, and their entire team are incredibly talented and a pure joy to work with. Not only was it an opportunity to work with a beloved brand, it made me look like a hero to my kids! We look forward to collaborating with Cartoon Network again in the future.”

Cartoon Network’s credits for the work include:

Susan Shipsky – Vice President, Production
Jacob Escobedo – Vice President, Design/Creative
Larry Morris – Creative Director, On-Air

Troika’s credits for the work include:

Amy Palmer – Account Director
Seton Kim – Creative Director
Julia Torchine – Producer
Jeni Wamberg – Art Director
XinXue Wang – Designer
Liz Vogtsberger – Writer/Strategist

Troika was also the branding company that developed Turner’s new logo and branding which was introduced last year:

Bent Design Lab developed the Dimensional rebrand package, which made its debut on Cartoon Network USA on Monday 30th May.

Cartoon Network USA Check It 4.5 Rebrand Behind The Scenes

Cartoon Network USA Check It 4.5 Rebrand Behind The Scenes

Cartoon Network USA Check It 4.5 Rebrand Behind The Scenes

Bent Design Lab, the design studio that developed Cartoon Network USA’s 2016 graphical refresh this summer (currently referred to as Check It 4.5 by Cartoon Network fans, officially called “Dimensional”), have uploaded a behind the scenes video showing how they developed the new graphics package.

The graphics package contains a series of 80 short animations also featuring characters from Cartoon Network’s current shows. The animations were produced in either 2D, 3D CGI or stop-motion. Various props and scenes were made with different materials for animations produced using the stop-motion technique.

Bent Design Lab, based in Portland, Oregon, USA, gathered the talent of several animators and artists from around the world to produce the new branding.

Cartoon Network ID – Behind the Scenes from Bent Design Lab on Vimeo.

Bent Design Lab also a video demonstrating the new graphics which are now used by Cartoon Network USA for both their on-air and social media presences.

Cartoon Network ID Re-Brand from Bent Design Lab on Vimeo.