The Amazing World Of Gumball Season 3 On Cartoon Network Latin America In September

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball season 3 will premiere on Cartoon Network’s Latin American feeds on 1st September (8:30pm in Eastern Brazil), there will be a new episode every Monday. Cartoon Network UK and Ireland is also due to air season 3 of The Amazing World of Gumball in September.

Thanks to Mariana from ToonZone and for the information.

Jorel’s Brother Promo On Cartoon Network Latin America

Today has been an important day for Cartoon Network’s Latin American feeds, not only it was the Check 3.0 re-brand, it’s also the premiere of Clarence and a promo for a new show called Jorel’s Brother also aired. The Jorel’s Brother promo was significant, not just because it’s a new show that’s coming soon, but it’s the first show Cartoon Network have made in Brazil and Latin America.

Jorel’s Brother or “O Irmão do Jorel” (as it’s known in Portuguese) is about a nine-year-old kid, who’s the youngest child of an eccentric family and is harassed at school. Juliano Enrico, the creator of the show stated that the characters are loosely based on his family. The main character’s name hasn’t been revealed and is only known as “Jorel’s brother”.

Juliano Enrico pitched Jorel’s Brother to Cartoon Network back in 2009 and won a $20,000 prize and a pilot episode was made. Development on the animated show started after it was announced in 2012.

UPDATE: Jorel’s Brother will premiere on the Brazil variant of CN LA on 22nd September.


Special thanks to CN Vinhetas for the promo and Mariana from ToonZone for the information.

Cartoon Network Latin America Will Rebrand To Check It 3.0 On 4th August

According to Cartoon Network Brazil’s Twitter account, Cartoon Network feeds in the Latin American region will re-brand to Check It 3.0 on 4th August.

Here is a picture of Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show renovating the channel using Check It 3.0 coloured paint with the message “We are renovating” in Portuguese, I think this time they won’t screw this job up, imagine what Benson would have to say.

The tweet translates as “Expect surprises from 4th August”, which is hinting the re-brand. I’m guessing that the rebrand will be very similar to CN USA, as the Latin American feeds are controlled from Techwood Drive in Atlanta, the graphics will be adapted for the Latin American market by Artifact Design, which is also based in Atlanta.

Cartoon Network Portugal, France and UK have already re-branded in Europe as well as Cartoon Network in the Asia-Pacific region.

Promo for the CN Latin America re-brand: