Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network still has future plans for its Adventure Time property despite the fact the show has ended this year, at least in terms of product and service licensing. According to an interview with Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) vice-president – Johanne Broadfield on licensing news website –, the show remains to be one of Cartoon Network’s priority franchises. Adventure Time was a genre defining series and attracted a diverse fanbase of kids, adults and celebrities and for many of its license holders, it was their most successful IP license ever. The interview was published on’s website on the final day of the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 event in London (9th to 11th October).

In the interview, Johanne Broadfield said: “The brand is now making the natural transition into the evergreen space and whilst the future will be different, it will be no less exciting. We fully intend to take all those hugely enthusiastic fans, licensees and retailers on the journey with us and pick up more along the way.”

Although the show has ended, the show has an everlasting popularity due to the sustained level of success throughout its eight year run as an animated series, many kids literally grew up with Finn and Jake, as both characters matured during the series.

Adventure Time was the first IP utilised by Cartoon Network for its first VR app – “I See Ooo” which launched in 2016, a Jake the Dog themed VR viewer was also released. Adventure Time already has loads of games available for mobile devices and games consoles, including the recently launched Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion which was released in July this year as well as Bloons Adventure Time TD. Adventure Time will continue to be present in the form of physical installations at theme parks in the Middle East such as IMG Worlds of Adventure and also the Cartoon Network Wave cruise liner which will set sail on its maiden voyage in Asia very soon.

Adventure Time won’t be leaving television screens any time soon as it will continue to air on Cartoon Network (at least in the EMEA region) and on free-to-air children’s channels across Europe. The show will continue to live on in Cartoon Network’s extensive back catalogue of episodes and specials and there still be new Adventure Time merchandise coming soon to retailers.

Johanne Broadfield concludes – “There is so much more to come, and as any fan knows well, the fun will never end for Adventure Time.”

Read the full interview on the link below:

Brand Licensing Europe 2018: Cartoon Network’s Future Plans For Ben 10 In 2019

Brand Licensing Europe 2018: Cartoon Network's Future Plans For Ben 10 In 2019

Brand Licensing Europe 2018: Cartoon Network’s Future Plans For Ben 10 In 2019

Today (9th October), is the opening day of Brand Licensing Europe 2018 (9th October to 11th October) at the Olympia exhibition centre in London, UK. The convention is an opportunity for major brands across Europe to promote and license their properties to manufacturers so they can produce themed merchandise where fans of that particular brand would be interested in buying. Today, Cartoon Network has announced their future plans of the Ben 10 franchise.

In 2019, season three of Ben 10 will premiere, the new season will feature new aliens, vehicles and villains, Ben Tennyson will also visit Europe for the first time with episodes based in London and Paris as a response to the show’s success in the EMEA region.

According to market research data from NPD, Ben 10 is currently ranked as a top 10 action figure in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Ben 10 is one of Cartoon Network’s most successful licensed brands. The merchandise roll-out for the 2016 reboot version of the series started in July 2017.

Commenting on the success of Ben 10’s revival in Europe, Jo Broadfield, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA said:

“(It’s because of) our complete commitment to developing and evolving the world of Ben 10 in a way that attracts each new generation of kids. Our partners have done an amazing job of capturing all the elements kids love from the show and translated them into innovative, engaging products that give kids the chance to live up to their dream of becoming Ben.”

Ben 10 has reached the 1 billion views mark on Cartoon Network’s main YouTube channels as well as dedicated Ben 10 YouTube channels across the EMEA region since 2016. This year, Cartoon Network has been focusing on gaming, such as the Ben 10 Omnitrix Glitch microsite which teaches kids computer coding. To help promote the Ben 10 brand, Cartoon Network has also signed up social media influencers (with also include Ben 10 toy unboxing videos), retailer displays, themed entertainment and costume character meet and greet events.