New Mobile App: Boomerang Pet Photo Booth

Boomerang Pet Photo Booth

New Mobile App: Boomerang Pet Photo Booth: Cartoonify Your Pet And There’s Even A Chance To See Your Pet On TV!

On Thursday this week (27/08/2015), Boomerang UK (and the rest of Europe) have launched their new mobile app available for Android and iOS called Boomerang Pet Photo Booth. The new app allows Boomerang viewers to upload pictures of their pets and place various cartoon objects in the photo such as Scooby-Doo’s collar or even Bugs Bunny’s teeth. There’s even a chance to see your creation on the Boomerang TV channel similar to the Pet Of The Week feature during advertisement breaks.

From The Boomerang UK Press Release:

Boomerang is calling all pet lovers to snap photos of their animal best friends and customise their shots with fun props, including a mix of stickers featuring iconic characters on Boomerang, from Scooby Doo to Garfield and Bugs Bunny.

Boomerang Pet Photo Booth is a content creation app that encourages kids and parents to upload images of their household pet which they can then edit and manipulate with exciting visual content from Boomerang. They can place a Scooby Doo collar on their pet dog or even give their rabbit Bug Bunny’s signature toothy smile, the options are endless! Users who don’t have a pet at home can still have fun with this app too; they have the choice of selecting their favourite Boomerang animal character, which they can customise with fun props and stickers.

Finally, the Boomerang Pet Photo Booth app also allows users to make their pet a big-screen star! Users must simply take a video clip or photo of their pet and submit it via the Boomerang website for a chance to see their pet on TV.

Boomerang Pet Photo Booth launches Thursday 27th August, for more information visit:

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