Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network still has future plans for its Adventure Time property despite the fact the show has ended this year, at least in terms of product and service licensing. According to an interview with Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) vice-president – Johanne Broadfield on licensing news website –, the show remains to be one of Cartoon Network’s priority franchises. Adventure Time was a genre defining series and attracted a diverse fanbase of kids, adults and celebrities and for many of its license holders, it was their most successful IP license ever. The interview was published on’s website on the final day of the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 event in London (9th to 11th October).

In the interview, Johanne Broadfield said: “The brand is now making the natural transition into the evergreen space and whilst the future will be different, it will be no less exciting. We fully intend to take all those hugely enthusiastic fans, licensees and retailers on the journey with us and pick up more along the way.”

Although the show has ended, the show has an everlasting popularity due to the sustained level of success throughout its eight year run as an animated series, many kids literally grew up with Finn and Jake, as both characters matured during the series.

Adventure Time was the first IP utilised by Cartoon Network for its first VR app – “I See Ooo” which launched in 2016, a Jake the Dog themed VR viewer was also released. Adventure Time already has loads of games available for mobile devices and games consoles, including the recently launched Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion which was released in July this year as well as Bloons Adventure Time TD. Adventure Time will continue to be present in the form of physical installations at theme parks in the Middle East such as IMG Worlds of Adventure and also the Cartoon Network Wave cruise liner which will set sail on its maiden voyage in Asia very soon.

Adventure Time won’t be leaving television screens any time soon as it will continue to air on Cartoon Network (at least in the EMEA region) and on free-to-air children’s channels across Europe. The show will continue to live on in Cartoon Network’s extensive back catalogue of episodes and specials and there still be new Adventure Time merchandise coming soon to retailers.

Johanne Broadfield concludes – “There is so much more to come, and as any fan knows well, the fun will never end for Adventure Time.”

Read the full interview on the link below:

Cartoon Network This Week Episode 29 Adventure Time Final Voice Session

Cartoon Network This Week Episode 29 Adventure Time Final Voice Session

Cartoon Network This Week Episode 29 Adventure Time Final Voice Session

This week’s episode of Cartoon Network This Week is all about the final voice acting session of Adventure Time, the show’s after party and a look at the show from the perspective of the show’s cast. Be warned, this episode will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t already done so (if possible), watch the Adventure Time finale on the Cartoon Network app in the United States, international audiences will have to wait until the finale airs in their respective countries.

The episode starts off with Willow Smith singing the Adventure Time theme for the final episode – Come Along With Me, she also voices Beth – The Pup Princess. Then Sam shows the waving snail on to of Finn and Jake’s treehouse in the final episode of Adventure Time, as last week’s episode of Cartoon Network This Week was all about the snail that features in every episode of Adventure Time. In the episode, Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn), John DiMaggio (voice of Jake), Olivia Olsen (voice of Marceline) look back through the history of the series, they were amazed about the amount of support from the show’s fans and look back to the first Adventure Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con, while at the convention they were impressed by the costumes of Adventure Time cosplayers. This was followed by the actual voice acting session with Kent Osborne (Adventure Time’s Head of Story), Tom Kenny (voice of Ice King and Gunter the Penguin), John DiMaggio and Jeremy Shada.

After the voice acting segment, is the after party, the centerpiece of the party was an cake featuring all the main characters from Adventure Time, production crew and voice acting talent of both past and present were invited to the final celebration, the show’s supervising director throughout the whole course of the series – Kelly Crews makes a speech about the show’s voice talent. John DiMaggio describes Jake’s voice as his own voice but with a hug around it, the show’s creator – Pendleton Ward gives him a hug. The voice of Tree Trunks – Polly Lou Livingston joined in the party via video call. Cartoon Network’s executive of current series – Conrad Montgomery describes the show as “always adventurous, always interesting” and has said that working on the show made him a better person, this segment ends with Pendleton Ward saying thanks to everyone.

The episode concludes with Sam, on behalf of the whole Cartoon Network team, he says “How do we feel about the end of Adventure Time?”, this was followed by a clip of Lemongrab saying (or rather, yelling) his infamous catchphrase – UNACCEPTABLE!. Adventure Time maybe over (at least in the form of a show), but the fun will never end.

The Cartoon Network App is free and unlocked this weekend (no pay-TV login details required), if you live the United States, why not check out the finale of Adventure Time – Come Along With Me.

How to cope with the end of Adventure Time:

New Adventure Time comics: BOOM! Studios will be releasing “Adventure Time: Season 11” in comic-book form in the United States in October 2018, although this may not be considered canon (it’s still 100% authorised by Cartoon Network), but it will offer some extra closure of what could of happened with Finn, Jake and friends after the events of the finale.

Also check out the new Adventure Time console game: Adventure Time: The Pirates of the Enchiridion, play the Bloons Adventure Time TD game or make your own adventure with the Adventure Time: Minecraft pack:

Finally, check out Cartoon Network’s new show – Summer Camp Island, many people who work on the new show (including the show’s creator – Julia Pott), also worked on Adventure Time.

The show’s over (although not yet in the UK), but here’s some of my personal real-life memories from the series:

Adventure Time Stakes: UK Premiere:

Adventure Time: An Ooo Experience (UK Tour):

MCM Comic-Con London (May 2018):

Bloons Adventure Time TD A New Mobile Game Launching On iOS And Android On 30th August

Bloons Adventure Time TD A New Mobile Game Launching On iOS And Android On 30th August

Bloons Adventure Time TD A New Mobile Game Launching On iOS And Android On 30th August

Cartoon Network Games and Ninja Kiwi – the game studio behind the popular Bloons TD (Tower Defence) game series will be releasing an Adventure Time crossover version of Bloons TD. The new game will be released on Thursday 30th August 2018 on iOS (iTunes App Store) and Android (Google Play) smartphone and tablets. Like other games in the Bloons TD series, Bloons Adventure Time TD is a tower defence strategy game, in the game, Balloons (referred to as “Bloons”) invade the Land of Ooo and Finn, Jake and friends must save the land from the troublesome Bloons. The game will also feature an original story and the voice acting performances by the cast of the Adventure Time television series. Adventure Time’s main characters – Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Ice King feature in the game, plus many more, also brand-new Bloons TD monkey heroes such as Captain Cassie, C4 Charlie and Sai the Shadow.

Players will be able to travel to the different kingdoms of the Land of Ooo, go on 15 different adventures and explore 50 maps. Players will be also able to use over 200 Bloon-shredding weapons and items, both from the worlds of Adventure Time and Bloons TD. The game also features over 50 allies like BMO, Lumpy Space Princess and the COBRA to help send the Bloons flying.

The new game will be free to download but will have in-app purchases and is now available for pre-registration on Google Play.

Google Play (Android):

iTunes App Store (iOS):

From The Cartoon Network USA Press Release: Cartoon Network and Ninja Kiwi will release Bloons Adventure Time TD for iOS and Android on Aug. 30, 2018

Cartoon Network and independent developer Ninja Kiwi have revealed that Bloons Adventure Time TD will launch on Aug. 30, 2018, on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the App Store and Google Play, respectively. This new tower defense strategy game, inspired by Cartoon Network’s beloved Adventure Time franchise and Ninja Kiwi’s popular Bloons TD series, will be free to download with in-app purchases and is available for pre-registration now on Google Play.

Bloons Adventure Time TD delivers an action-packed crossover experience featuring a Bloon invasion of the Land of Ooo in an original story starring the voice cast of Adventure Time! Recruit your favorite Adventure Time characters, including Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Ice King and more, as well as brand-new Bloons TD monkey heroes like Captain Cassie, C4 Charlie and Sai the Shadow.

Travel from kingdom to kingdom through over 15 adventures and 50 maps. Equip your heroes with over 200 Bloon-shredding weapons and items from the imaginative worlds of Adventure Time and Bloons TD. Unleash the powers of over 50 allies like BMO, Lumpy Space Princess and the COBRA to perfect your defenses and send the Bloons flying!

Bloons Adventure Time TD is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.