Cartoon Network’s And Dove Self-Esteem Project’s New Ad Campaign “I’m Fine”

Cartoon Network's And Dove Self-Esteem Project's New Ad Campaign

Cartoon Network And Dove Self Esteem Project Announces New Ad Campaign “I’m Fine”

Building on the current Steven Universe themed self-esteem and body confidence campaign from Cartoon Network and the Dove Self-Esteem Project, both Cartoon Network and Dove have teamed up again for another advertising campaign called “I’m Fine”. The new campaign explores the issues of beauty and self-esteem and how teenage girls really feel in the inside, but on the outside they just say “I’m fine” or simply shrug it off because they struggle to express their feelings, this means the people who are closest to them don’t know how they really feel. The purpose of the campaign is to let parents be aware of the self-esteem issues their children may be facing on a daily basis.

The new series of adverts are part live-action and part animated and are produced by advertising and marketing agency – Ogilvy UK, directed by Andrew Lang from production house – Sweetshop and animated by Frankie Swan at Picasso Pictures, all three are based in London, UK.

Each of the four ad spots tells the inner thoughts and feelings of four girls from the United States, Brazil, Mexico and France. The four girls were specifically chosen because of their own personal stories and insights in life.

In the United States (English) ad, Nesida, who lives in New York arrived back home from school and her parents ask how her day was, this is followed by an animated sequence expressing her inner troublesome thoughts of not fitting in at school, but she doesn’t say her inner thoughts and just says “I’m fine” to her mother.

The Mexico ad (Latin American Spanish), features a young girl named Karla from Mexico City she uses gymnastics and mathematics to express herself. The French and Brazilian Portuguese language ads will be released in the following weeks.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project, associated with Unilever’s personal care brand – Dove, exists in 140 countries around the world and is committed to reaching 40 million young people by 2020. The project is the biggest self-esteem education programme of its kind in the world, so far, Dove and Cartoon Network have already committed to help 20 million kids build their self-esteem.

New Steven Universe Dove Self-Esteem Project Video We Deserve To Shine

New Steven Universe Dove Self-Esteem Project Video We Deserve To Shine

New Steven Universe Dove Self-Esteem Project Video We Deserve To Shine

Cartoon Network USA has released their latest video for their ongoing self-esteem campaign with Dove – the “Dove Self-Esteem Project”, which aims to help people with body confidence and self-esteem issues, the campaign makes use of characters from Steven Universe to help convey the campaign’s message. In the latest video, the Crystal Gems (Steven, Ruby, Sapphire, Ruby and Sapphire’s fused form – Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Connie and Stevonnie) sing a song celebrating all body shapes called “We Deserve To Shine”.

“We Deserve To Shine” Lyrics:

We’re small but we’re strong
We’re cool but we’re kind, and
We deserve to shine!

We’re gritty and tough!
We’re smooth and refined, and
We deserve to shine!

We’ll figure it out
There’s plenty of time
For every body and every mind!
And every facet
to finally find that
We deserve to shine!

We deserve to shine!

Along with this positive body image campaign, the show is often praised by the LGBT community for its positive portrayal of same-sex relationships. This week, Rebecca Sugar – the show’s creator came out as non-binary, which means no association to neither gender, she expressed her identity in a somewhat cryptic way, as the gems in the show were developed to be also non-binary.

Cartoon Network At Cannes Lions Festival 2018

Cartoon Network At Cannes Lions Festival 2018

Cartoon Network At Cannes Lions Festival 2018

Last month (18th to 22nd June), was the 2018 edition of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France, the event, first held in 1954 is referred to as “The Oscars of Advertising” and is the world’s biggest festival celebrating the use of creativity in marketing, entertainment, design and technology. Cannes is one of the world’s main locations for the media industry, especially for the whole of Europe, with major events such as the annual Cannes Film Festival, MIPCOM, MIPTV and MIPJunior. Cartoon Network’s owners – Turner were at the festival and had a main stage session at the Palais des Festivals convention centre with content sessions being held at CNN’s Palais Beach location and the Turner House building on the Croisette (the main beachside boulevard in Cannes).

Cartoon Network held two events at Cannes Lions – “Self-Esteem for a New Generation with Cartoon Network” and “Content or Discontent? Progressive Programming – The Key to Unstereotype The Future”.

“Self-Esteem for a New Generation with Cartoon Network” was an event organised in conjunction with Unilever, the owner of personal care brand – Dove. Dove and Cartoon Network signed a worldwide two-year deal to educate young people on body confidence with the use of one of Cartoon Network’s cult hit animated properties – Steven Universe, all six animated shorts produced for the initiative are directed by Steven Universe creator – Rebecca Sugar. Panelists at the event included: Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Jill King (Senior Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships at Cartoon Network), Sophie Galvani (Global Vice President, Unilever), Dr. Phillipa Diedrichs (Professor of Psychology at the University of the South of England), and Moj Mahdara (CEO of Bodycon Media). The session was moderated by Sheena Adams (Deputy Editor of Destiny Magazine). The Crystal Gems – Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst were at the event.

“Content or Discontent? Progressive Programming – The Key to Unstereotype The Future” was a panel session where Aline Santos (Global Marketing and Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Unilever) and Christina Miller (President of Cartoon Network) discussed the topic of unstereotyping featuring panelists including Storm Reid (Actress, ‘A Wrinkle In Time’), and Simon Fuller (Film/TV Producer, including “American Idol”).

Turner’s cinematic storytelling company – Great Big Story won a Silver Lion award in the “Film Online Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image” category for a documentary produced for consumer goods company – Procter & Gamble.

A full list of Turner related Cannes Lions events can be accessed via the link below: