Cartoon Network USA’s And Adult Swim USA’s April Fools’ 2018 Pranks

Cartoon Network USA's And Adult Swim USA's April Fools' 2018 Pranks

Cartoon Network USA’s And Adult Swim USA’s April Fools’ 2018 Pranks

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day (1st April) and Cartoon Network USA fooled its viewers by letting Richard Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball interrupt normal programming by being the Easter Bunny and dropping Easter Eggs, he then suddenly presses himself against the screen as he’s chased by a swarm of bees.

Adult Swim USA surprised its viewers on April Fools’ Day by broadcasting a message telling Rick and Morty fans to visit their website, while on the site, fans came across a bizarre spoof Rick and Morty short special with little do with the show except for the use of its characters. The animated short is called “Bushworld Adventures” and its set in Australia, in an alternative universe. The animated short was written and directed by Michael Cusack, a YouTuber known for his psychedelic cartoon style.

Toonami USA’s 2018 April Fools’ Joke Japanese Audio And The First Episode (Subbed) Of FLCL Alternative

Toonami USA's 2018 April Fools' Joke Japanese Audio And The First Episode (Subbed) Of FLCL Alternative

Toonami USA’s 2018 April Fools’ Joke Japanese Audio And The First Episode (Subbed) Of FLCL Alternative

Adult Swim’s USA’s Toonami anime block turned Japanese at midnight on April Fools’ Day with all episodes and presentation being aired in the Japanese language with exception to English subtitles, even Adult Swim’s logo was shown in Japanese text. This was an unexpected and refreshing change and it was a chance for U.S. anime fans to hear Toonami’s shows in its original language on television. The block was running as normal with a full English soundtrack until midnight (1st April 12am) ET/PT, that was when everything suddenly changed, even block hosts TOM and SARA were talking in Japanese.

Also another unexpected surprise was the first episode for one of the two new upcoming seasons of the revived FLCL anime series, FLCL Alternative. The episode aired with Japanese audio but it had subtitles in English. The block carried on until 6am, which is when Cartoon Network USA’s daytime schedule starts.

FLCL Alternative will premiere on Toonami in September, where as the other new FLCL series – FLCL Progressive will premiere in June.

UPDATE: Adult Swim will be re-running the original FLCL series on Saturday 14th April from 11.30pm ET/PT.

Cartoon Network Australia Pranks Viewers On April Fools’ Day With Classic Cartoon Network Original Shows

Cartoon Network Australia Pranks Viewers On April Fools' Day With Classic Cartoon Network Original Shows

Cartoon Network Australia Pranks Viewers On April Fools’ Day With Classic Cartoon Network Original Shows

For April Fools’ Day 2018 (1st April), Cartoon Network Australia (and also its sister Asian version Cartoon Network Southeast Asia) had a blast back to the past, by airing four classic shows from Cartoon Network’s library in a retro four-hour long block. The block aired from 12pm to 4pm (12.30pm to 4pm HKT on Cartoon Network Southeast Asia) and featured episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Codename: Kids Next Door and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Dexter’s Laboratory follows the life of boy-genius – Dexter. Dexter has a secret laboratory where he conducts experiments and builds machines that no-one can even ever imagine, but unfortunately his sister – Dee Dee always destroys his experiments which leads to mishaps and consequences. Dexter’s Laboratory fully premiered in 1996 after airing two successful pilot episodes which were developed as part of Cartoon Network’s/Hanna-Barbera’s World Premiere Toons/What A Cartoon animated pilots development programme.

Ed, Edd n Eddy is Cartoon Network’s longest running animated series and is about the three titular characters – Ed, Edd n Eddy, Eddy is always coming up with schemes to make money so his friends can buy jawbreakers, Edd (or “Double-D”) is the most intelligent but also the most socially-awkward out of the three and there’s Ed, he’s not very clever, but his good-naturedness and humour certainly makes up for his lack of intellect.

Codename: Kids Next Door is about a secret organisation hidden away in a treehouse headquarters ran by five young friends. Together and through the use of their contraptions, they stop adults from forcing things on them that they don’t particularly like or want to do.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is about two children, one named Billy a dimwitted but carefree boy and the other is his friend Mandy, a cynical, manipulative and rude girl, they befriend the Grim Reaper after beating him at a limbo game to save Billy’s pet hamster, forcing Grim to an eternity of servitude and friendship. Together, the trio get involved in supernatural situations on a daily basis.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific/Catapult Public Relations Press Release: Cartoon Network Goes Retro For The Ultimate April Fools Stunt

SURPRISE! Don’t adjust that dial! We interrupt your regular programming of Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, Teen Titans Go!, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, even more Teen Titans Go! to bring you A BLAST FROM CARTOON NETWORKS PAST!

To celebrate April Fools, Cartoon Network will go back to the beginning, introducing a new generation of viewers to retro shows that were all the rage in 1996 – 2002! Get ready to be stunned by the antics featured in hit classics Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed Edd n Eddy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Codename: Kids Next Door! Starting from 12pm-4pm on April 1, 2018, we are bringing back some of the best retro shows the channel has ever seen – but airing them now.

The line-up features shows that premiered between 1996 – 2002 and includes the below shows:

Dexter’s Laboratory – Dexter is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family and he is one of the world’s greatest inventors, having created countless weird and amazing machines and experiments. He is always working on new inventions and creations every day, but his sister Dee Dee is always breaking into his lab and destroying his work making for disastrous consequences.

Ed, Edd n Eddy – Like any boys trying to survive their adolescence, Ed, Edd and Eddy are as clueless about girls as everything else. Eddy may not be the brains of the trio, but he’s the “idea guy,” always scheming and dragging his buddies along. Ed, Edd n Eddy go on summertime adventures involving part-time jobs, treehouses and of course, girls. Ed, Edd n Eddy is the longest running Cartoon Network Original series.

Codename: Kids Next Door – A mysterious treehouse hidden from adults is the headquarters for five friends known as Kids Next Door. These 10-year-olds take on adults to get out of going to the dentist or summer camp by using “2×4 Technology.” They build and design elaborate contraptions using anything they can get their hands on: bubble gum, old wood, and spare tires. Each kid has a specialty and works with the team to win silly battles with adults.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy – Billy and Mandy are a mismatched pair of youngsters who befriend the Grim Reaper after winning a limbo contest against him. Since the Grim Reaper lost, he has to be their friend, and the three go on adventures together. Between school, family and visitors from the spirit world, Billy and Mandy sometimes need help to clean up the messes they get themselves into, and that’s where Hos Delgado comes in. Hos and the Grim Reaper are not friends, and with Mandy’s bossy nature and Billy’s curious attitude funny escapades ensue.