Adult Swim UK Launches #wrongbutright Campaign

Adult Swim UK Launches #wrongbutright Campaign

Adult Swim UK Launches #wrongbutright Campaign

Turner Broadcasting System Europe’s young adult entertainment brand, Adult Swim is launching its first European online marketing campaign to promote its shows which are now available on Spotify Video, the campaign is called #wrongbutright and will feature clips from Adult Swim’s shows (including Rick and Morty, The Venture Bros., Robot Chicken and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!). The campaign will feature on IGN, MTV’s website and Twitch and also on social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

From The Turner UK Press Release

Adult Swim, home to some of the greatest original adult animation and live action comedy, kicks off its first EMEA above the line marketing campaign across the UK, Sweden and Germany. The targeted mobile video campaign, titled #wrongbutright, uses clips from the channel’s eclectic, surreal comedy shows to drive to Adult Swim’s content on Spotify.

The mobile led campaign will aim to reach Adult Swim’s 18-34 year old millennial audience through a mix of video and pre-roll advertising across platforms such as IGN, MTV and Twitch and targeted run of site adverts on key gaming and entertainment sites. The creative includes clips from Adult Swim favourites, Rick and Morty, Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken and Tim and Eric, showcasing the broad array of comedy satire and animation available on Adult Swim.

The wider campaign will be supported strongly by Adult Swim’s UK social media platforms across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat. Campaign GIFs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be uploaded daily to engage the audience and encourage them to share. Themed YouTube playlists will also be uploaded daily such as an “Introduction to AdultSwim #wrongbutright content” where consumers can click on the “wrong or right” option to be taken to a relevant clip.

Humphrey Black, Vice President, Media Distribution, Turner Broadcasting EMEA said:

“The comedy on Adult Swim is edgy and laugh out loud funny. It’s the type of comedy that can make you question whether it’s wrong to laugh – but that’s what makes it right! Our targeted #wrongbutright mobile video campaign is a perfect way to reach that 18-34 year old millennial audience, providing them with mobile entertainment on the go. It is funny, easily sharable and a great way to drive them to the Spotify video service where they can find loads more Adult Swim shows.”

Adult Swim content is available on Spotify as part of a landmark deal between Turner and the digital platform to grow the brand’s presence across Europe. As part of the partnership, full episodes from the network’s catalogue of fan favourites, including Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, and rising stars such as Black Jesus, Rick and Morty and Mr Pickles are available.

Adult Swim is the #1 network among adults 18-34 and 18-49 on basic cable in the US. Adult Swim shows and clips are available via Spotify in the UK, Germany, and Sweden, with new content being added each month.

Adult Swim currently airs every Thursday night on FOX UK and Ireland, available on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk TV, BT TV and Plusnet TV.

Turner Partners With Hasbro To Launch Play-Doh Town Advertising Campaign

Turner Partners With Hasbro To Launch Play-Doh Town Advertising Campaign

Turner Partners With Hasbro To Launch Play-Doh Town Advertising Campaign

Hasbro has partnered with Turner Broadcasting System Europe to run an advertising campaign for its Play-Doh Town toy product range of playsets, vehicles and figures on Cartoon Network UK, Boomerang UK and Cartoonito UK. Specially made sponsorship bumpers for Play-Doh Town have been made using Play-Doh, matching Boomerang’s and Cartoonito’s branding identity. Also, a microsite on Boomerang UK’s website has been specially setup for a Play-Doh Town competition, where kids are able to create their own Play-Doh stories and win Play-Doh Town prizes. The campaign also includes cross website advertising on Cartoon Network UK’s, Boomerang UK’s and Cartoonito UK’s websites.

The winners of the Play-Doh Town story competition will get to see their creations on air on Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito in May and June.

From the Turner UK Press Release:

PLAY-DOH, Hasbro’s ultimate children’s staple brand, is getting creative with Turner’s leading kids’ TV channels Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito in a new PLAY-DOH Town sponsorship deal which includes TV, digital and social media activity.

To celebrate PLAY-DOH’s 60th birthday this year, Hasbro launched PLAY-DOH Town, a new system of play that inspires creative storytelling through Town-themed playsets, vehicles and figures. To help support this fresh new concept, the popular kids’ channels Cartoon Network, Boomerang and preschool channel Cartoonito have joined forces with Hasbro and the media agency OMD to launch a sponsorship campaign to showcase PLAY-DOH Town’s amazing product range.

Commenting on the campaign, Craig Wilkins, Hasbro Marketing Director, says:

“This year we launched PLAY-DOH Town to celebrate the PLAY-DOH brands 60th anniversary. PLAY-DOH Town brings creative play together with figures and playsets, allowing children to open their imaginations and tell their own unique stories with the playset in a different way every time. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Turner across their leading kids’ channels Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito to support the launch of our brand new PLAY-DOH Town range.”

Turner have re-imagined the Boomerang and Cartoonito channel environments by creating brand new 10 second channel interstitials made entirely out of PLAY-DOH and featuring PLAY-DOH Town products. Additionally, both channels will run 30 second on air competition spots – showcasing the vast range of PLAY-DOH Town playsets available. The competition aims to encourage kids to visit the Boomerang microsite ( and create their very own PLAY-DOH Town story.

Zara Peters, Sponsorship and Promotions Director, Turner Broadcasting System Europe, says:

“We’re excited to be working with the incredibly fun and timeless Hasbro brand to support their PLAY-DOH Town 2016 campaign across our kids’ channels, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito. Hasbro is all about offering kids the “World’s Best Play Experiences” and encouraging them to be creative – something that Turner recognises and values. We’re thrilled to partner with PLAY-DOH Town to inspire hands-on creativity amongst kids – and we can’t wait to see their creations!”

The winners of the PLAY-DOH Town story competition will have the opportunity to see their creations on air across Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito in May and June. Alongside this competition, the Boomerang microsite will also offer the opportunity for one lucky kid to win an amazing PLAY-DOH Town prize bundle giveaway.

Finally, to further support the campaign and raise awareness for PLAY-DOH Town, Turner will run bespoke online PLAY-DOH Town banners across, and as well as social media support via the Cartoonito Parents UK Facebook and Official Boomerang UK Instagram accounts.

Cartoon Network Australia And Moose Toys Team Up For Little Live Pets Digital Campaign

Cartoon Network Australia And Moose Toys Team Up For Little Live Pets Digital Campaign

Cartoon Network Australia And Moose Toys Team Up For Little Live Pets Digital Campaign

Moose Toys has partnered up with Cartoon Network Australia for a content driven campaign in Australia which includes a new app for the toy brand Little Live Pets. The Little Live Pets app was created in partnership with Turner Asia-Pacific as part of the advertising campaign and is now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The app allows children adopt and nurture their own virtual pet.

Phil Nelson the managing director at Turner Asia-Pacific explained how a digital campaign by Cartoon Network and Boomerang can help advertisers:

“Cartoon Network is the No. 1 kids’ brand across Asia Pacific. We continue to leverage on our deep understanding of kids and families, to create engaging content that they love, and turn our audience from consumers into huge fans. This campaign showcases the true potential to combine fantastic brands like Moose’s Little Live Pets, with experienced multi-platform brands like Cartoon Network and Boomerang that truly understand the power of fandom.”

Khia Pledger, brand manager at Moose Toys explained how using Cartoon Network Australia to promote Little Live Pets could engage fans and attract new customers:

“We’re very excited to be working with Turner to promote our Little Live Pets range in a truly novel approach that combines the power of a new app with the immense reach and popularity of Cartoon Network and Boomerang to engage our existing fans and win new customers. We are relatively new to the app space, so it was comforting to work with Turner, who are amongst the most successful content creators and really understand how to engage children.”

Download the app now at Google Play:

Download the app now at the Apple App Store: