Cartoon Network’s And Dove Self-Esteem Project’s New Ad Campaign “I’m Fine”

Cartoon Network's And Dove Self-Esteem Project's New Ad Campaign

Cartoon Network And Dove Self Esteem Project Announces New Ad Campaign “I’m Fine”

Building on the current Steven Universe themed self-esteem and body confidence campaign from Cartoon Network and the Dove Self-Esteem Project, both Cartoon Network and Dove have teamed up again for another advertising campaign called “I’m Fine”. The new campaign explores the issues of beauty and self-esteem and how teenage girls really feel in the inside, but on the outside they just say “I’m fine” or simply shrug it off because they struggle to express their feelings, this means the people who are closest to them don’t know how they really feel. The purpose of the campaign is to let parents be aware of the self-esteem issues their children may be facing on a daily basis.

The new series of adverts are part live-action and part animated and are produced by advertising and marketing agency – Ogilvy UK, directed by Andrew Lang from production house – Sweetshop and animated by Frankie Swan at Picasso Pictures, all three are based in London, UK.

Each of the four ad spots tells the inner thoughts and feelings of four girls from the United States, Brazil, Mexico and France. The four girls were specifically chosen because of their own personal stories and insights in life.

In the United States (English) ad, Nesida, who lives in New York arrived back home from school and her parents ask how her day was, this is followed by an animated sequence expressing her inner troublesome thoughts of not fitting in at school, but she doesn’t say her inner thoughts and just says “I’m fine” to her mother.

The Mexico ad (Latin American Spanish), features a young girl named Karla from Mexico City she uses gymnastics and mathematics to express herself. The French and Brazilian Portuguese language ads will be released in the following weeks.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project, associated with Unilever’s personal care brand – Dove, exists in 140 countries around the world and is committed to reaching 40 million young people by 2020. The project is the biggest self-esteem education programme of its kind in the world, so far, Dove and Cartoon Network have already committed to help 20 million kids build their self-esteem.

Cartoon Network UK Weetabuddies 2017 Competition Winners Announced

Cartoon Network UK Weetabuddies 2017 Competition Winners Announced

Cartoon Network UK Weetabuddies 2017 Competition Winners Announced

Today (01/09/2017), Cartoon Network UK and Weetabix has announced the winners of their Weetabuddies create a character competition. Weetabix’s Weetabuddies sponsorship campaign encourages kids not only to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast but to also to get creative by making characters out of the popular wheat breakfast cereal using various toppings such as fruit and nuts.

The UK-wide competition had over 4,300 entries, and two lucky grand prize winners were handpicked by Cartoon Network UK and Weetabix. Winners, five-year-old Luca from Walthamstow and Emily from Leicester were brought to a recording studio in London to direct voiceover artists for sponsorship spots on the Cartoon Network UK television channel featuring their winning Weetabuddies character creations.

Luca’s Weetabuddy, named Joey has a Welsh accent and was made with kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and nut toppings. Emily’s Weetabuddy creation, Weetabelle the Fairy has a Leeds accent and was made of blueberries, strawberries, bananas and kiwis. From today, Cartoon Network UK are now airing Weetabix sponsorship spots featuring the winners’ characters during primetime breakfast schedule slots before school. The renewed Weetabix Weetabuddies campaign will run throughout September and November on Cartoon Network UK.

Follow the link below for more information about the Weetabuddies campaign and competition:

For more information about Weetabuddies, visit the Weetabuddies microsite on the Cartoon Network UK website (, there’s character bios of various character creations in the “Meet the Weetabuddies” section, games and there’s also a competition to win an iPad and Weetabuddies soft toys.

From The Turner UK Press Release: Lights, Camera, Breakfast! Two lucky kids have their dreams come true thanks to Cartoon Network and Weetabix

Starting today, 5-year-old Luca P. from Walthamstow and 10-year-old Emily P. from Leicester will see their Weetabix breakfast creations brought to life on-air in starring roles on Cartoon Network.

The grand prize win comes as part of a UK-wide competition run by Cartoon Network and Weetabix to celebrate their newly renewed Weetabuddies campaign, which inspires kids to get creative and enjoy a healthy breakfast. To enter, kids were asked to upload a photo of their Weetabuddy creation, with the most creative being selected by Cartoon Network and Weetabix to star in TV spots.

With over 4,300 competition entries, Both Luca P. and Emily P. were handpicked by Cartoon Network and Weetabix and brought to a London recording studio to direct voiceover artists for their Weetabuddies characters.

Luca’s Weetabuddy, called “Joey” has a Welsh accent and was made from a mixture of kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and nuts. While Emily’s Weetabuddy creation, “Weetabelle the Fairy” has a Leeds accent and was made of blueberries, strawberries, bananas and kiwis. Both nutritious creations will go live on-air today in TV spots for all the UK to see.

This year’s partnership sees Weetabix continue its successful sponsorship of Breakfasts on Cartoon Network. Furthermore, Weetabuddies sponsorship will feature in peak breakfast time slots on Cartoon Network throughout September and November, encouraging families to get creative and enjoy a fun and nutritious breakfast.

Kids and their families can find out more, “Meet the Weetabuddies”, play exclusive Weetabuddy-themed mini-games and enter competitions for a chance to win some very cool prizes by visiting:

Cartoon Network And Warner Bros UK Licensing Awards 2017 Nominations

Cartoon Network And Warner Bros UK Licensing Awards 2017 Nominations

Cartoon Network And Warner Bros UK Licensing Awards 2017 Nominations

Last Friday (28/07/2017), the UK Licensing Awards have released their list of nominations for this year’s awards and two of Cartoon Network’s shows have been nominated in the best property categories. Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls was nominated in the “Best Children’s or Tween Licensed Property (age group 5-12)” and Adventure Time has been nominated in the “Best Teen or Adult Licensed Property” category. The UK Licensing Awards celebrates the best of licensed merchandise, entertainment properties, marketing campaigns and product innovation during the last twelve months.

Cartoonito UK’s recently acquired show – Thomas and Friends has also been nominated in the “Best Preschool Licensed Property (age group 0-5)” category. Cartoon Network’s sister companies – Warner Bros. and HBO have also been given nominations too in different categories. HBO’s Game of Thrones is competing for “Best Teen or Adult Licensed Property” with Adventure Time. Warner Bros’ The LEGO Batman Movie has also been nominated in the “Best Film Licensed Property” category and HBO’s/Cartoonito UK’s Sesame Street has been nominated in “The Classic Licensed Property Award” category, alongside Cartoonito’s Fireman Sam.

In the product categories, The LEGO Batman Movie Range has been nominated in the “Best Licensed Toys or Games Range” category, with DC Super Hero Girls and LEGO Batman costumes being nominated in the “Best Licensed Dress-Up or Partyware Range” category. DC Comics’ Be A Superhero This Summer at Intu shopping centres has also been nominated for Best Retail Execution and Warner Bros’ advertising collaboration with Halifax Bank featuring classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters (such as Fred Flintstone, Top Cat and Scooby-Doo who are also closely associated with Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel) has been nominated in the “Best Licensed Marketing Communications Award” category.

The winners in all categories will be revealed at the UK Licensing Awards 2017 ceremony on Tuesday 12th September, which will be held in The Great Room of The Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Nomination lists of all the 2017 UK Licensing Awards nominees can be found on the link below:

Special thanks to The Daily Nick for the information: