Vinicius & Tom Animated Shorts Series Premieres Tonight On Cartoon Network Brazil At 8pm

Vinicius & Tom Animated Shorts Series Premieres Tonight On Cartoon Network Brazil At 8pm

Vinicius & Tom Animated Shorts Series Premieres Tonight On Cartoon Network Brazil At 8pm: Olympic Mascots Make Their Animated Debut

It’s 12 months to the day until the opening of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and tonight Cartoon Network Brazil will air the first Vinicius & Tom – Divertidos por Natureza (Natural Entertainers) short at 8pm Brasilia time. The two minute 32 animated shorts will feature Vinicius & Tom, the mascots of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games, in the Brazilian rainforest and cities.

Vinicius, the Olympic mascot, is named after musician Vinicius de Moraes. The Olympic mascot represents the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest with several traits of mammals that inhabit the Amazon including: the agility of cats, sway of monkeys and grace of birds and has the ability to stretch his arms and legs as much as he wants.

The Paralympic mascot is called Tom, named after the musician Tom Jobim. Tom represents the plants of Brazilian rainforests and can pull any object from his head of leaves and is always growing and overcoming obstacles. These animated shorts were developed by Brazilian based animation studio, Birdo, also known for animating the upcoming Cartoon Network series, Oswaldo.

The intro to Vinicius & Tom – Divertidos por Natureza:

2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics Mascots To Have Their Very Own Animated Shorts On Cartoon Network

Vinicius And Tom

Vinicius and Tom, mascots for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, will have their very own animated series produced and broadcast by Cartoon Network. The partnership between the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and Cartoon Network was announced yesterday (21/06/2015).

The animated series will be called “Vinicius and Tom – Natural Entertainers” and will air from 5th August, exactly one year before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. The series will contain 32 short episodes of two minutes each. The story setting for the Olympic mascot Vinicius and Paralympic counterpart Tom will be the Brazilian forests and cities.

Sylmara Multini, director of Licensing and Retail at the Rio 2016 Committee made this statement in regards of the new animated series to promote the Summer Olympic Games.

“Cartoons are part of children’s daily life and we believe that the series Vinicius and Tom – Natural Entertainers is going to attract not only children, but also adults, and will be one of the key pieces so that the mascots, ambassadors of the Rio 2016 Games, remain forever in our memories”

Barry Koch, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America also made this statement about the animated show deal with the Rio Olympic Committee.

“It is very exciting and an honour to have been selected to collaborate in the co-production of the animated series for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The characters have a great affinity with Cartoon Network’s DNA and we are confident that kids and fans will have fun and enjoy the series.”

Cartoon Network won the competition held by the Rio 2016 Committee to decide the producer for the series. Turner Broadcasting System has invested $750,000 USD in the production of the animated shorts.