Boomerang UK New Show Mighty Mike Premieres 1st May

Boomerang UK New Show Mighty Mike Premieres 1st May

Boomerang UK New Show Mighty Mike Premieres 1st May

On Wednesday 1st May, Boomerang UK will be premiering a brand new show – Mighty Mike, with new episodes airing on weekdays at 5.30pm. The show was previously known as “Take It Easy Mike” and “Mighty Mike and the Wild Bunch” during its development. The new show features hyper-realistic 3D CGI visuals and non-dialogue humour, a total of 78 episodes, each with a runtime of seven minutes have been produced.

The new show follows the life of a pug named Mike, a dog with sophisticated tastes filled with limitless energy, he wants to seduce his crush, Cindy – the neighbour’s dog, but unluckily, a bunch of trouble-makers always ruin his plans, whether its the raccoons – Freddy and Mercury (named after the famous singer from the band – Queen), a cute kitten named Fluffy or three turtles (named after the three musketeers – Athos, Portos and Aramis) that always appear at the worst possible moment.

Mighty Mike is produced by French animation studio – TeamTO, known for animating Cartoon Network’s Angelo Rules and Boomerang’s My Knight and Me and is also produced by Canadian animation studio – Digital Dimension. CAKE handles the worldwide distribution for Take It Easy Mike excluding France, Germany and China. In addition to Boomerang UK, the brand new show will premiere on Boomerang feeds around the world and also on Cartoon Network, Boing and Pogo in some countries.

Promo for Mighty Mike now airing on Boomerang UK:

Mighty Mike trailer from TeamTO’s YouTube channel:

The Boomerang UK website has a brand new section for Mighty Mike, including character introduction videos and a new spot-the-difference game.

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