Villainous Black Hat Organization Q&A Orientation Video Now On Cartoon Network Latin America’s YouTube Channel

Villainous Black Hat Organization Q&A Orientation Video Now On Cartoon Network Latin America's YouTube Channel

Villainous Black Hat Organisation Q&A Orientation Video

Today (9th February), Cartoon Network Latin America uploaded the final Villainous Black Hat Organization villain orientation video*. The specially produced video series from the Black Hat Organization serves as an introduction to villainy and teaches viewers on how to become a great villain. The video series also analyses the flaws of various villains from many Cartoon Network shows. The orientation videos are a side-series to the actual minisode main series.

The final orientation video is a Q&A presented by Dr. Flug, 5.0.5. and Demencia (and angrily moderated by Black Hat himself), this was an opportunity for fans (i.e. trainees) to ask questions about the Black Hat Organization, its leadership and to ask further questions regarding their training. Quite a bit of information was revealed in the Q&A video, especially regarding the stone Black Hat cameo in the OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Crossover Nexus special, also there’s a big musical number about Demencia’s crush on Black Hat.

At the very end, there’s a news report about a city under attack by a dark shadowy figure, followed by a black screen that says Próximamente (which means coming soon in Spanish) and the word April in various languages, could this be referring to the premiere date of the Villainous full-series pilot and is that news report a clip from the pilot?

* This video is a Q&A, the Codename: Kids Next Door episode was the final true training episode.

The final villain orientation video (In Spanish):

In addition to the new and final orientation video, the show’s composer – Kevin Manthei has uploaded the soundtrack to phase two of the Villainous minisodes onto his SoundCloud account.

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