Cartoon Network USA Teams Up With Christian Cowan For A Powerpuff Girls Fashion Collection

Christian Cowan The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network USA Teams Up With Christian Cowan For A Powerpuff Girls Fashion Collection

During New York Fashion Week which was held this week (Friday 8th to Saturday 16th February), Cartoon Network USA has teamed up with New York designer Christian Cowan on a Powerpuff Girls special-edition collection, with three suits inspired by Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup featuring their signature colours, a Powerpuff tricolour minidress and also a purple-coloured dress inspired by Mojo Jojo’s purple cape costume. The special collection is set to launch on International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March) and is expected to sell out quick. The Powerpuff Girls, one of Cartoon Network’s most successful shows is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and Cartoon Network has collaborated with several fashion designers and clothing brands such as Moschino, Maria Escoté, Fyodor Golan, Champion, Bizuu, Saucette and Raisa and Vanessa to help promote the show’s birthday.

The clothing collection also represents femininity and fearlessness which is conveyed in the animated series, in a statement by Christian Cowan regarding his new Powerpuff clothing collection, he said:

“I am thrilled to be partnering with such an iconic brand whose message is about supporting one another and kicking butt no matter your age, size, or gender. I grew up watching The Powerpuff Girls, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to create a collection inspired by characters that advocate for sisterhood and positivity.”

The special collaboration will be used to raise money for She’s the First (STF), a nonprofit organisation that works to fight gender inequality through education.

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