Monica’s Gang And Cartoon Network Characters Comic Strip Crossover

Monica's Gang And Cartoon Network Characters Comic Strip Crossover

Monica’s Gang And Cartoon Network Characters Crossover

Cartoon Network characters are making guest appearances alongside Brazil’s most popular cartoon characters in a series of special online-only comic strips. Ben 10, Clarence, The Powerpuff Girls and more will be appearing alongside the characters of Monica’s Gang (Turma da Mônica as it’s known in Brazil) such as Jimmy Five (Cebolinha), Smudge (Cascão) and Maggy (Magali). Both Mauricio de Sousa Productions (the producers of Monica’s Gang’s comics and TV series, owned by Monica’s Gang creator – Mauricio de Sousa) and Cartoon Network Brazil will be sharing the comic strips on social media.

The comic strip crossover forms part of a long-lasting partnership with Mauricio de Sousa Productions and Cartoon Network Brazil. CN Brazil has been airing episodes from the Monica’s Gang animated series since 2004.

In December 2017, the creator of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Ian Jones-Quartey met up with Mauricio de Sousa and exchanged artwork, while his time in Brazil, Ian attended the Comic Con Experience convention in São Paulo.

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